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Daydreaming Ryan Gosling's yelling "Get in the water, woman. Get in the water. No, I'm sorry baby, please just get in" at me 😂 | Tap photo for details 💕 #EunoiaTribe #clozette
See you in a few weeks again, love ❤️ #clozette
Merry Christmas, ya filty animals! 😂🎄🎁 Sending love and nothing but good vibes to everyone! ❤️#clozette
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The past 2 weeks I've been MIA have been so tough 😭 I'm just glad the worst is over!! I've missed y'all!!!!!! I am so baaaaack! 🙏🏻💕 skrr skrr to the holidays, weehoo!! 💪🏻 | SO to @skinstationph for keeping me hairless and taking care of my skin! And for simply just being there throughout my tough days in Palawan!! #SkinstationPH #SummerReadyWithSkinstation #clozette
Currently in Palawan with my @skinstationph fam 🤗 I'm abusing these skin treats from @harusoaperie because I'm doing nothing but bask in the sun in the next 4 days! 💕☀️ #SkinstationPh #HariSoaperie #SummerReadyWithSkinstation #clozette
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After having tried RF Cavitation from different clinics, the one in @skinoveau is my favorite 💕 New blog coming up tonight! 😊 #Skinoveau #Clozette
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Morroccan vibes 👒🍃🍂 Wearing @saltylemonph #SaltyLemonPh #clozette
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An Eminem song was probably playing in the background 😏😅 #clozette
mariatheresaso: someone's too hot bb!
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The only photo I have with Goofy and Pluto happens to be a very unflattering one 🙃🙃😑😑 Ddnt wanna post this, but I really think it's cool these guys look like they're gossiping (they really were). They knew I was just right there beside them, right? It's obvious I was just right there, right? 😑😂 #clozette
Do you not think so far ahead? #clozette 📸: @pauliinemrsl
mariatheresaso: glowing!