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Ignore the cigarette because I don’t smoke. Just wanted to share this #throwback photo in 2013! Can’t believe it has already been 5 years. Can the time go by slower please?😅 #tbt #throwbackthursday
Who needs a nature forest when we can build one that is equally impressive! 😍😄 Nothing is impossible, right?
Spent day 1 of 2018 in this enchanting garden with my dear friend from Vietnam @kchi1903vn who is a divorcee and lost her 5 years old son to cancer 6 months ago. As much as I wanted to say I knew how painful she felt, I couldn’t. Over Delia’s 5 days in Singapore, we did yoga, went shopping, ate healthy, and spent lots of girly time together. I couldn’t change what happened to her past, but I can help to change how she looks at the future. The big smile on her face said it all. 😍 How did you spend your first day of 2018? #lifewithCrystal #newyearsresolution
Wish you be calm, be formless, be soft, and be powerful like water. May 2018 bring us more opportunities to to stretch, to get out of our comfort zone, and to grow! Happy New Year! 🎊✨🥂💐#crystalphuongarts
Always love being a tourguide in my own country although I must say I’m terrible at it especially the direction 🤣 (I got lost in my own city sometimes). You can tell how excited my friends were! 😄🤣- #HoChiMinh June 2017! #bestof2017 #travelwithCrystal #throwback
Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain. But you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain my friend!🌈⛈ Embrace it, endure it, and enjoy it. That’s a part of life! #Siemreap calmed and quieted my soul when I needed most- June 2017! ✨❤️#bestof2017 #travelwithCrystal #throwback
Walking in a 400 meter dark, muddy, and slippery cave in #Yogyakarta wasn’t the most fun experience I must say. But it reminded me that sometimes, it’s ok to have no idea of where you are going. As long as we don’t lose faith and we keep walking, the end-result is surprising! In my case, it was this mind-blowing view and it was all worth it! #travelwithCrystal #throwback #bestof2017
Sometimes the cave we fear to enter holds all the treasures we’ve been looking for. I’ve been to #Phuket many times and I didn’t quite like it so much. Until the last trip I took in March, I was introduced to many hidden gems of Phuket. I changed my mind since then! #12daysofgratitude #throwback #travelwithCrystal #travel
Good friends don’t let you do silly things alone. This photo was taken during our girls’ trip in Bangkok in January! @becxbecx and I were like two octopuses lying in bed, letting @jmonstagram being our hairstylist and creative director. 🤣😂 Too much fun! Love traveling with these two! #travelwithCrystal #bffs #travel
So many things to be thankful for this year. I’ll be throwing back 12 great moments of 2017 that I’d like to call “12 days of gratefulness!”. This is the first one! This photo was taken when I went to Bali to celebrate Christmas & New Year’s Eve. We were dancing to the music, counting down with everyone and watching the beautiful firework by the beach. It was by far the best New Year’s Eve celebration I’ve ever had in my life. What will you be doing this year to celebrate? #travelwithCrystal #throwback #12daysofgratefulness
This is what I really mean when I say “I’d love staying in bed all weekends” 😍😂👍🏻 🍮☕️🥛🍩🥟 #iknowwhatyouarethinking
Don’t you miss me...in blonde? 👩🏼 📸 @navianphotography
Took a quick down memory lane, summing up my 5 years in Malaysia in one post. Part 2 of 33 years in the making is now up on the blog if you haven’t seen. http://www.crystalphuong.net/2017/11/33-years-in-making-part-2.html (click the link on my bio) #throwback P.s I didn’t look like that in 2006. just saying! 😄😅 #lifewithCrystal
I’m not very good with words, so I’ll usually let my body do the talking!😄😜
If the woman doesn’t like to cook, she should at least make the kitchen a fun place for the boyfriend or husband to be in. True? 🤣😝 #Problemsolved 👌🏼
Im so offended when my body decides to fall sick. Like, I just gave you fruit juices, vegetables, and exercises last week, how dare you? 🤧🤯💊😷
Good girls are at every corner of the earth. Unfortunately, the earth is round. #reality 😂😄 So boys, stop trying to look for a perfect girl. Instead, learn to love an imperfect girl in a perfect way! 👌🏼 Btw, have you read my latest blog post? 📸 @zoey.bui
Was looking for that angel who could turn my darkness into light, but then realized no angel, but myself should be responsible for my own happiness. Happy Friday! ❤️
Hello there, November. Are you calling my name?
Missing moments like these...so badly! 💖💗😔 #travelwithCrystal