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Getting ready to shower 🚿 in style! Thanks to @philipssg Aquatunes wireless shower speaker, I can now blast my favourite songs in the toilet and sing along damn loud without feeling awkward. On top of that, lather myself with the refreshing @neutrogena rainbath shower. Ahhh, what a luxury~ Thanks to @clozetteco for arranging this! . #clozette
Going casuals with @melissashoessg A/W18 collection. Melissa Ulitsa, a super versatile open toe sneaker, specially tailored for unconventional Comon, lace me up right away. #melissashoessg #dblchinootd #clozette
Slaying it forward, with highlights #dblchinfotd #clozette #catricecosmetics
Saturday is meant to have fun.Looking sweet and cute with a photoshopped face #FatLiaoWhatToDo.👗 @lovemakersmart #dblchinootd#clozette
Fresh coat of paint from @johair_studio , thanks @ethan_pon_hs for bringing my hair back to life! . #dblchinhotd #clozette
With one of my favourite brushes from @13rushes X @larryyeo The Universal Do-it-all Face brush. I’ve tried using it for bases, face setting, contouring as well as blush and I have to say my favouritest technique is using it to apply my foundation! This brush is dense yet soft enough glide onto my skin effortlessly. Best part? It doesn’t leave streaks! Thanks for sending them over guys, TGIF! *Brush available exclusively on 13rushes website only #dblchinfotd #13rushes #clozette
Had an enjoyable evening at @lushsingapore opening (Raffles City) Lush carries an extensive range from Hair to body as well as skin! I’m specially in love with their Oatifix mask because it not only gives me a boost of moisture everytime I use it, is also suitable for daily usage! Thanks lush for the welcoming invite, it was truly an enjoyable evening out! . 📷 @lkzx . . . . . . . . #lushsingapore #lushrafflescity #dblchinootd #clozette
Hipster for the gram, auntie at heart. 👚 @airspacetaiwan 👖 @lovemakersmart 📷 @nchychen #dblchinootd #clozette
Last week at Bobii frutii X Say Chiizu Grand Opening! Thank you everyone for coming down, so sorry didn’t manage to grab pictures with some of you but thank you thank you thank you for the support! . Do drop by @saychiizutoast sometime to try out our yummy delights!!! . #saychiizusg #bobiifrutiisg . #dblchinootd #clozette
Looking fresh to start the day. In love with this drop shoulder top from @airspacetaiwan #dblchinootd#clozette
For many years Eczema has been a hindrance in my day to day activities, my face and especially my neck gets affected the most when allergies flare up. This is really a struggle because I have to keep my skin free from makeup which is near impossible for me.
There are times when I’m meeting important clients and people, I really need to look presentable at the very least. And when eczema strikes, my self-esteem gets dampen making me feel down the pits. After using Aveeno Dermexa Moisturising Cream and Aveeno Dermexa Body Wash, it progressively change the condition of my skin. Even though Eczema is chronic, Aveeno helps to relief a significant amount of redness and itchiness. I no longer need to suffer in silence nor feel the need to ‘reschedule’ another date with someone important. I love how Aveeno is moisturising yet non sticky to my skin with itch-relieving properties.
Thank you Aveeno! To read more about how I overcome eczema, visit @clozette Battling Eczema (Link in bio)
 #aveenosg #clozette #dblchinblogs
Honoured to be invited to @guardiansg Vivocity Beauty Dupe Exchange event where I carry out express makeup for keen beauty dupers and a 30minute makeup demo on my beautiful model to achieve flawless Korean makeup look. Guardian has brought in Masstige products that are comparable to other high-end beauty products in terms of quality and colour payoff.
Take a tour around Guardian and rediscover these awesome brands; @barrymcosmetics , @catrice.cosmetics , @palladiosg at pocket friendly affordable pricing.
Thanks Guardian and @purpleplanes for the warm invite! Shoutout to @airmeli @justjaslin for the photos and videos❤️ #clarasongmakeup #clozette #sp
Using a stash of products from @shopee_sg Beauty Bonanza media box kit! This year’s Beauty Bonaza is going up to 80% off for Skincare, health & wellness from various participating Brand’s! For new users, Use code “SBBX584” during checkout at for a $7 off site wide with a min spending of $15 . Product details from media box, those with asterisk* are the products I’ve used for this look . Base @lrpsg #LRPSG La Roche-Posay Egfaclar* #lorealparissg infallible pro-matt Conceal #maybellinesg Age rewind concealer* Brows @rimmellondonsg Brow shake Filling powder Eyes #katetokyosg smoky round eye eyeshadow* @laycysg Wet and wild proline eyeliner * Cheeks @canmakesg Tokyo glow Fleur cheeks* Lips @bourjoissg rough edition velvet lipstick Remover @garniersg micellear cleansing water #shopeebeautybonanza #dblchinfotd #clozette
wow, I didn’t know lipsticks can feel so matte yet non-drying at the same time. 
@cliosingapore Latest Rouge Heel Velvet has gotten me obsessed with shades of red, it blends out so soft and velvety. 
The only downside is, this lipstick is way shorter than other average lipsticks so you’ll probably paying more to get less product. But seriously, this is not going to get me down in checking out all other colours (6shades), at the end of the day is the quality that matters. Incase you need to know, this is 03 Muse City. 
Face@3ina the nude skin foundation 306@heroinemakesg clear press powderBrowsNOVO waterproof eyebrow gel eye brow dye cream*Use At your Own Risk* Packaging says ‘Made in China’ but is really pigmented and awesome and so far no allergies for me. However, I won’t guarantee the authenticity of this product, so if you are interested in where to get this drop me a DM@etudehousesingapore Brow mascaraContour-nose#katecosmetics Tokyo designing eyebrow set Eyes
@j.lashes camellia@katvondbeauty tattoo linerCheeks
#lorealsg cushion glow blush (pink Fantasia)
#Kanebo Lavshuca Symphony Elf RD-1Lips
#cliosingapore Rouge Heel Velve 03 Muse City#dblchinfotd#clozette
Yesterdays. Products Base @coverfx moonlight @rimmellondonsg lasting finish breathable foundation Brows @cliosingapore kill brow conte powder kit @etudehousesingapore Brow mascara Eyes @katvondbeauty tattoo liner Cheeks #lorealsg cushion glow blush (pink Fantasia) @jillstuartbeauty 07 sweet primrose (top left quad) Highlight @maybelline face studio metallic highlighter Lips @revlonsg ultra HD gel 730 HD tropical #dblchinfotd #clozette
Secretly craving for #coachella Deets: Face @rimmellondonsg lasting finish 25Hr (010light porcelain + 100ivory) Rimmel London #instafixandgo Brows @cliosingapore kill brow conte powder kit Eyes #bobbibrown nude on nude palette @heroinemakesg smooth liquid liner (black) @makeupforeversg professional 12 flashcolour case (silver) Cheeks #lorealsg cushion glow blush (pink Fantasia) Lips @revlonsg ultra HD Matt lip metallic (720 HD lister) #dblchinfotd #clozette
Getting my comic book face game-on for @Clara songmakeup Thanks to the hubs @itsjustchong for getting someone to draw me prettay! #clozette
Get your canvas ready cuz I’m coming!💄 @clarasongmakeup #dblchinootd #clozette
Last evening was a blast at with L’Oréal lash paradise mascara launch . This product has been highly raved by many top beauty youtubers and is finally finally finally, coming to Singapore! However, it will only be available at the end of the month in physical stores. For those who are eager to try, L’Oréal has specially teamed up with @shopee_sg on an exclusive pre-order from 7-18 April. Enjoy 20% off retail price ($22.99) when you purchase on Shopee! . Thanks #Lorealsg for the warm invite! . #lorealsingapore #clozette
Sometimes I feel like I’ve fail as a parent. But is ok, we all struggle to get by somedays. Afterall parenting is about taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. At least we are still 1 step ahead of where we once were. Thankful for the strong people in my life who brings me up when life gets rough. #dblchinootd #travislimyw #15monthsold #clozette