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Real estate agent, lifestyle blogger. The finer things in life. Twitter & Instagram: @ena_teo
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Real estate agent, lifestyle blogger. The finer things in life.

Twitter & Instagram: @ena_teo
If you’re facing body/ back/ chest acne, I highly recommend @biopiel_sg! 👌🏻One of the best creams I’ve tried, when I apply it on my back right after shower it really prevents acne. My skin has definitely cleared up after using it for 2 weeks consistently.☺️✨ You can get your 400ml BioPiel for $59.90 at Sasa outlets or @beautycarousel online!.🤗 . . . #enasbeautytalk #biopielsg #goodbyebodyacne #skincare #acnetreatment #bblogger #clozette
Sometimes having no expectations can yield some beautiful surprises. 😌💖 // Learnt about @cezannecosmeticssg from Japan, high quality yet affordable makeup brand for everyday wear at the event held! You can find them @watsonssg~ ☺️💖. . . . #enasbeautytalk #bblogger #cezanne #cezannesg #clozette
If you know me, you’d know that I’m a fan of green tea, its detox and calming effects... Which is why I also like Innisfree’s renewed green tea line - effectively hydrating while being gentle and has a great scent. So far I’m really liking the refreshing mist and green tea seed deep cream! 😌🍵💦. . . . #enasbeautytalk #innisfreesingapore #innisfree #beautygreentea #greenteaseedserum #innisfriends #kbeauty #skincare #clozette
TGIF🎉 My hair has grown out but I haven’t posted this selfie featuring @thefaceshop_sg’s Velvet Stick in RD02 Dazzling Red! ☺️😜💋. . . . #enasbeautytalk #thefaceshop #thefaceshopsg #kbeauty #lipstickswatches #lipstick #clozette
Before I head to bed... Sharing my review of @bliv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask - it combines oxygen bubble and rice power to purify and exfoliate skin for a brighter complexion. Simply scoop a small amount of mask on face and massage, watch as Mask bubbles up, leave on for 5-10 Min, massage for deeper cleansing and then rinse off with Lukewarm water. I like the soft texture of the mask and how the bubbly effect brightens up the complexion, definitely will be using this regularly in the shower (only 5-10min to complete and take effect!). You can get yours on! 😊💆🏻‍♀️💦✨Happy Vesak Day holidays to everyone in advance!☺️💖. . . . #enasbeautytalk #bliv #O2Bubbly Bright #OxygenatingMask #skincare #clozette
“Inner beauty is great, but a little lipstick never hurts.” 💄💋😉. . Thanks #lorealparissg for sending over this box of L’Oreal Color Riche Matte Addiction lipsticks! Here are my top 3 Colour picks; 247 Hinted Blush, 249 Dress up Pink & 250 Rich Merlot. Me thinks they’re trendy yet wearable colours in matte finishing but comfy in the lips! 💖 Grab them in stores @watsonssg or online on @shopee_sg. . . . #enasbeautytalk #loreal #lorealmakeup #lipstick #lipstickswatches #clozette
Attended the launch of @irenskin’s Skin Vaporizer which vaporizes skincare serums / toners and turns them into fine mist for quicker absorption into the skin and can also turn liquid foundation and highlighters for an airbrushed makeup look! 💦We’ve seen first hand how @roseannetangrs created an airbrushed flawless look on model @paperkitties and I’m impressed! 💆🏻‍♀️✨. . The makeup look you see here features @thefaceshop_sg’s new Ink Lasting foundation & @lorealmakeup Color Riche Matte Addiction.💁🏻‍♀️💖. . More about #TheFaceShopSg foundations; the slim fit to go compact is air tight and foundation comes out only when pressed - this keeping the foundation fresh for longer. 👌🏻The liquid foundation came out top in Korea’s Glowpick Consumer Beauty Award 2017 for the Foundation category - with its high coverage, long lasting, comfortable and dewy formulation I can see why!😊. . On the lips are #LorealParisSg’s Color Riche Matte Addiction in 247 Hinted Blush & 249 Dress Up Pink, two very wearable colours for a natural daily look. Stay tuned for their online sales promotions on the 24-25th May! 🤗 . . These days I’ve been going makeup free a lot for work, thanks to the eyebrow embroidery done @chrysalis_spa_singapore. Will be sharing my experience in a blog post soon! ☺️. . Makeup to me is about enhancing your natural look, so maintaining a healthy skin is important. I’m thankful for @aestheticscentralclinic that keeps my skin health in check with regular laser treatments! ⚡️💆🏻‍♀️💖. . Last but not the least, shoutout to for selecting me as one of the top beauty bloggers in SG!Humbled and grateful. ☺️🙏💖. . . . #enasbeautytalk #irenskin #thefaceshop #kbeauty #lorealmakeup #aestheticscentralclinic #clozette
I’ve been using Medicube Red Erasing Cream for a few weeks now, especially for my bacne after shower and it’s helped to reduce my bacne significantly! 🤗 It’s a thick moisture barrier cream that keeps skin hydrated so acne skin is kept at bay. I also like the Spot Patches from pimples that comes with the Red Spot Cream in a Red Solution Kit, that hides and reduce those pesky pimples when they pop up. 💖 I’ve been seeing their Red Body Bar online a lot and want to give it a try too, let me know if you’ve tried it! Medicube products are available in stores and online @guardiansg, thanks @insidercommunications for sending these products over for review. ☺️. . . . #enasbeautytalk #medicube #medicubesg #acnetreatment #clozette
Had a blast at @thebodyshopsg’s Summer Experience Media launch! Be sure to check out their new Body Yogurt & Face Mist in floral and fruity flavors! 🍊🍋🍓🥥🌹Thanks @wom_sgpr for having me! ☺️🤗💖. . . . #enasbeautytalk #thebodyshop #thebodyshopsg #15secondsto #clozette
As you can tell from this photo, I’ve been using and enjoying @irenskin products! 😄💖 The Iren Skin Clear Lotion works hand in hand with their serums and I really like their Clearing Serum with pumpkin extract that effective clear pores without irritating the skin. ✨ Whitening serum uses vitamin C from Yuzu extract that fight off free radicals that makes skin dull and pigmented. 🍋I like that the serums are lightweight in texture, has a smart casing that doubles up as a dropper and in small bottles that are easy for travel! 👌🏻They also have hydrating, anti-acne, soothing, anti-aging & anti-wrinkle serums. Which ones are you most interested to try? 😀 You can restock or get your @irenskin serums from use promocode and get your 3rd bottle of serum free with any purchase of 2! 🤗P.S. They are launching a new skincare product aka Skin Vaporizer, can’t wait to try that next!✨. . . . #enasbeautytalk #irenskin #skinclearlotion #clearingserum #whiteningserum #skincare #clozette
Here are my new makeup picks for this weekend and been loving them so far! 😍💖Featuring:- #EtudeHouseSg’s Mini Two Match Lipsticks - simply attach your 2 picks / colours of the day to a magnetic holder. Great idea for lipstick lovers like me. This Dry Flower collection has a concealer base + 4 trendy blush + red tea colours! Shimmer / glitter lipstick toppers are also on trend, have you tried them yet? 🤗 The eyeshadow quad in Dried Rose 02 matches the lipsticks and is also a palette that’s suitable for daily natural look if applied lightly~ 🌹☺️. . #LaneigeSg’s Concealer & Foundation cushion has been all the rage on social media, likewise I’m in love with the rose gold packaging and innovative duo function & tear drop applicator. (Swipe right for a close up pic!)😍It’s coverage is heavier than the Pore Control formula that I’m used to, so be sure to hydrate your skin beforehand and apply lightly for a natural finish. 💫✨ Thx @tebisha for this sweet gift!😘. . #BioreSg’s upgraded their popular Biore makeup wipes with Smooth Cleansing Oil that leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh, this pink formula smells floral and powdery (really good) while the blue (not pictured) leaves skin hydrated and smells fresh. It’s hard to pick a favourite, if you’re a makeup wipes fan, I’d recommend you to pick up both types in travel pack (as pictured) as they’re having a 50% promotion @watsonssg! 😉. . . . #enasbeautytalk #bblogger #etudehouse #laneige #biore #kbeauty #motd #clozette
Eclat has various meaning in french; of brightness, splendour or to roar with laughter... 💎Now, to me it also means a beautiful symphony scents of florals like lavender & orange flower and fruits like lemon peel, fuji apple & vanilla. 💐Get this scent in stores exclusively for now at @tangssg Orchard or online via😌. . . . #enasbeautytalk #scentbysix #mymiraclemyeclat #clozette #fragrance #perfume #edt
Guys! I’m attending @lrpsg’s Derm Class this evening and the first three of you who respond with a question for either of the topics (see below) will receive a Effaclar Duo+ 15ml (with $16)!. . Topics: 1) Getting to know Acne (questions about symptoms, causes & types of acne) 2) Beating Acne (questions about solutions, care & treatment options) 3) Busting Acne Myths (True or False? Acne myths I commonly hear are...) . Fastest fingers wins! 🤞🏻. . . . #enasbeautytalk #lrpsg #larocheposay #acnetreatment #clozette
No Sat brunch date pictures to update, so a #throwback picture from @jillstuartbeauty’s media preview will have to do. 😛. . . . #stylewithena #jillstuartbeauty #clozette
Thought of the day: Be a breath of fresh air... 🌬😌🍃// Looking for new kicks? Why not check out @skecherssg’s DLTA collection at their concept stores located @sunteccity & @vivocitysingapore? 👟🤗. . . . #stylewithena #skecherssg #dlta #clozette #newkicks
Tried the new @lorealmakeup’s Voluminous Lash Paradise and I can see what’s the hype! 👀(Apparently was sold out when they launched in US) I have short & straight lashes, yet this mascara applies on easily, my lashes didn’t clump together and the mascara didn’t smudge too. 👌🏻 As far as mascara goes, this is a pretty good one, plus it comes in a super chio metallic pink tube! Available online at @shopee_sg and in Watsons stores from 30th April onwards! 🤗. . . . #enasbeautytalk #lorealparissg #lorealmakeup #takeyourlashestoparadise #clozette
Shoot for the moon and if you miss you’ll still be among the stars. 🌙✨// Was at @thomassabo’s SS 2018 & Generation Charm Club media preview a while back, gotta love the super cute cactus & parrot charms - swipe right to see! 🌵🌈🕊(no parrot emoji, rainbow + dove will have to do). . . . #stylewithena #clozette #thomassabo #thomassabosg #GenerationCC #VintageRebel
Here at @innisfreesingapore’s super innovative and cute #GreenTeaSeedSerum Pop Up Station @bugisjunctionxbugisplus! Tried the green tea serum, it’s lightweight, easily absorbed & smells great! 👌🏻Swipe right to check out what to expect when you come down, it’s here until this Sunday 15th April! ☺️🍃💖. . . . #enasbeautytalk #innisfreesingapore #beautygreentea #kbeauty #clozette
Sweetest congratulations to @etudehousesingapore for the opening of the newly revamped flagship store @wismaatria! ☺️😀🤗💖🍭🍬 Here’s featuring the makeup from their recent Colorful Drawing Collection, I’m loving the Magenta eyeshadow palette, the beige nail polish & Long Lasting liquid foundation (petal shade for me!). Head over to my stories to check out my #MOTD & videos of the store tour! ☺️✌🏻. . . . #enasbeautytalk #etudehousesg #etudehousewisma #kbeauty #makeup #clozette
“Jesus didn’t come down to make bad people, good. He came to make dead people, live.” Thankful to commemorate Jesus’s resurrection today - because He has overcame death, we can experience a victorious life. ❤️. . . . #stylewithena #clozette