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Real estate agent, lifestyle blogger. The finer things in life. Twitter & Instagram: @ena_teo www.enabalista.com
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Real estate agent, lifestyle blogger. The finer things in life.

Twitter & Instagram: @ena_teo

You don’t need everyone to love you, just a few good people. // Found the time to experiment with new makeup today, @ftvcosmeticssg wasn’t joking about their Perfect Selfie Liquid Foundation, had to take a double take how good my skin looked in the selfie, no kidding. It applies really smooth and still looks good at the end of day, despite the humid weather. Also got to try out @esprique_official’s (thx @rachelxooo 😘) new mono eyeshadows (so pigmented!) & liquid eyeshadows (they dry powdery) these also performed well and lasted the day with shine still on. @cliosingapore’s new rouge heel lipstick in 16 Pink Shake is a lovely pink shade for daily wear. Swipe right for the said selfie! 💖
4th day back to the daily grind of life in SG... realizing it’s so easy to get into the stresses of reality / city life as we call it. That comparison really is a joy stealer. So imma gonna be counting my blessings tonight. Sending my love x 💖
Thought I should put this in for good measure: I’m back in Singapore guys! 😛🤗 Back since Thursday morning (if you follow my stories, you’d know) so it’s funny how I get emails asking if I’m still in London and when I see my friends shocked faces when they see me, lol. Have been busy errday since getting back and also struggling with jet lag (I guess 2 weeks in EU isn’t that easy to revert) but very excited to share about this @esteticabeautysg est.lab VitaLift A+ Brillage Mask which I put on the flight back because it’s soo good?! 😳 Like my face was so hydrated and felt extra cooling (almost icy) after. 💦❄️It’s also has that very thick bio-cellulose like material which is super shiok. 😌If you’re planning to get these awesome masks, you’ll be thrilled to know that together with Make-A-Wish Foundation® Singapore, Estetica will be helping to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. From 18 Dec 2017 to 28 Feb 2018, Estetica has pledged all retail proceeds of the exclusive ést.lab VitaLift A+ Brillage Mask box set to grant these magical wishes, and to make these children's dreams come true. Feel, look & do good with these est.lab masks! 😊✨. . . . #enasbeautytalk #esteticabeautysg #estlab #sheetmask #skincare #bblogger #clozette
When it rains, look for rainbows. 🌈 When it’s dark, look for the stars. 🌌 // Still here in London for a while more, and dreamt of being back home unboxing my PR parcels. 😳😀🙈Featuring #EtudehouseSG’s Galaxy makeup collection + my Cherry Pink eyeshadow palette from 11/11 sales! 🌸My favorites from the Galaxy collection 🌌 are the pink eyeshadow palette in Pinky Galaxy (one of my current go to now!), Shimmery Plum lipstick in RD305 & Curl Fix mascara in Brown! ☺️💖
Spending New Year’s day staying in after breakfast, catching up on new year’s greetings & KDramas. What about you? ☺️💓✨
Having a great Sat back in London today~ ☺️Got dressed in my lovely @leesle black lace dress to visit the pretty Christmas lights 🎄✨before walking down to Piccadilly Circus and heading to Chinatown Four Seasons for really good roast duck for dinner! 😋 More over on my stories~😀. . . . #stylewithena #enaxlondon #teosisterseu2017 #leesle #leeslehanbok #clozette
Reimagining how Jackson Pollack created this masterpiece at Centre Pompidou. 😛 Super stoked to have seen the artworks that defined contemporary art at the museum today, the likes of Picasso, Kandinsky & R.Mutt to name a few! 😍 Special thanks to my sis @jiahui2289 for being such a great sport in indulging an #artgeek sister. ☺️😘. . . . #stylewithena #enaxparis #teosisterseu2017 #jacksonpollock #centrepompidou #clozette
Rainy weather in Paris calls for checking out modern art exhibitions indoors! 🎨 Swipe next to see my #MOTD featuring #RomandYou eyeshadow, #Sum37sg cushion Foundation & #EtudeHouseSG lipstick. ☺️. . . . #enasbeautytalk #enaxparis #travelwithena #clozette
Started the day bright and early to capture moments at the base of Eiffel Tower. ☺️. 📸: @jiahui2289 . . . #enaxparis #stylewithena #teosisterseu2017 #eiffeltower #clozette
All prepped, pampered and perfumed this festive season with these goodies from @esteelauder, @origins.sg, @aerin & @tomford!. . . . #enasbeautytalk #enaxchristmas2017 #christmasgifts #esteelaudersg #originssg #aerinsg #tomfordsg #clozette
“The best gifts are not material objects but the memories we make with people we love.” 😌🎁💖. . . . #enasbeautytalk #enaxchristmas2017 #thebodyshop #thebodyshopsg #clozette #christmasgifts
Just blogged about the benefits of Tumeric for the skin, have you read it? 🧐#LinkInBio! If you want to incorporate the goodness of Tumeric & Neem in your skincare, I’ve partnered with @himalayaherbsg via @righthookcommunications to giveaway 2 Himalaya Tumeric & Neem infused skincare product hamper bags worth $100 each! 🤗🎁🛍💕All you have to do is to: 💗Follow @ena_teo & @himalayaherbsg 💗Answer what’s the key ingredient used in this skincare hamper set 💗Tag 3 skincare & beauty loving friends Giveaway will end 15th Dec & 2 winners will be randomly chosen. Good luck!🍀 . . . #enasbeautytalk #himalayasg #tumeric #skincare #bblogger #giveaway #sgcontest #clozette
It’s not what’s under the tree that matters, but who’s gathered around it. 🎄👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤️ // Am currently using @sum37_singapore’s secret essence as a first treatment essence, I love how lightweight it is, leaving my skin refreshed with no strong scent. 👌🏻Here’s a limited edition Christmas bottle, I love those Piet Mondrian vibes designed by Korean artist Park Je Seong! 🎉❤️✨. . . . #enasbeautytalk #enaxchristmas2017 #christmasgifts #sum37 #sum37sg #kbeauty #secretessence #clozette #bblogger
Had a blast at party specially prepared by the sweetest team #EsteeLauderSG! 🤗🎄🎉 We were welcomed by balloons and an exhibition of print outs of IG photos that we’ve posted over 2017 & festive good food.🎈🥧🍰😋I love the personalized perfume layering experience with Aerin new perfumes (available at MBS, ION to launch in Jan!), swatching Tom Ford makeup and checking out Origins gift sets!😍💄🎁💝‘Twas a great cosy party and it feels so good to be appreciated! ☺️❤️....#enasbeautytalk #enaxchristmas2017 #christmas #christmasgifts #esteelauder #tomford #tomfordsg #origins #originssg #bblogger #clozette
Too old to be a baby in a cot, but hey, maybe I can get baby smooth skin after using Kose Cosmeport facial masks! 👶🏻 Thx @theprpeople for having me at the launch of @kosecosmeportsg, now we have more awesome Japanese beauty goodies in Singapore!🤗 P.S. more over on my stories tonight! pc: @vinvola . . . . #enasbeautytalk #kosecosmeportsg #kosecosmeport #skincare #bblogger #clozette
Here today to learn all about the science of facial beauty in terms of proportion and symmetry - from Merz, an established aesthetics company hailing from Germany and the maker of Ulthera skin lifting and tightening ultra sound device - has now published a new medical guideline to help aesthetic doctors achieve well proportion faces for Asians. 📋Check out my stories for more of what’s going on at the event. ☺️. . . . #stylewithena #enasbeautytalk #medicalaesthetics #merzaesthetics #clozette
You don’t owe anyone a reason for anything you do in your life. But if someone asks politely, it’s good to be able to give an answer for what you believe in, and why you do what you do. Some people have the impression that social media platforms (and the followings) are merely outlets for self validation, likes collection and attracting attention. I beg to differ. 🙅🏻Your vibes attract your tribe. If you sow love and positivity, surely you will reap love and positivity - online or offline. ❤️ Your very life and presence is an influence to the people around you - no matter how good or bad, no matter how big or small. 👌🏻This is a fact, whether you acknowledge it, like it or not. Pause, take a moment and think about all the people you will meet and come across in your life time until your death bed - what will your influence be? 💡🤔If you have a 1M following today, what message will you share? 📝 I think the integrity of a person is actualized when the message remains the same, no matter how big the following. If you believe in what you do and why you do it, I’d encourage you to step up and be unafraid to continue, don’t simply don’t mind what people say, tell them the reason and question their (non)believes. You never know what your simple answer may change. Walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you give your two cents and pass a judgement on who they are and what they do. 👣 #justsaying #whatsyourinfluence. . Entering a @3ina store is much like entering a candy store, for makeup! 🍬🍭🍡Hailing from Spain (hola amigos!🇪🇸), 3ina is like the sister that took a school exchange in Korea (hence the 3CE packaging vibes) but retaining her modern European aesthetics - hence the brand is totally relatable and also pretty affordable! ☺️ Personally am amazed by how fast the growth of the brand has been (multiple outlets in 10 countries and counting in under 2 years, like what?! Talk about global domination) 😳 and me thinks it’s a Spanish sister that’s here to stay. 💁🏻 They have two outlets in SG, ION linkway and Tampines! ✌🏻. . . . #enasbeautytalk #3ina #3inasg #makeup #highlighter #eyeliner #lipstick #bblogger #clozette
Every good and perfect gift comes from above. ✨ // Visit the Great Christmas Village (right in from of Ngee Ann City) for a merry and festive time with your family & friends and stock up on Christmas themed food and gifts! 🎄🍰🍻Opens 25 Nov - 25 Dec. Thanks @saffron.comm for the media preview invite this evening!☺️ pc: @lkzx. . . . #stylewithena #enabites #enaxchristmas2017 #orchardroad #singapore #christmas #clozette