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HAPPY INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY ! Last year we got our belly pierced and this year we decided to... - read more

Feeling good ~ like I should 🎶

Inhale. Exhale.

Coffee ☕️ #yesplease Can you spot my little penguin 🐧🤣

Make someone smile everyday but never forget that you’re someone too 🌈. Thank you @swe... - read more

Never met a sunset that I don’t like 🌅 #throwback

You don‘t want to miss out the Free Strap campaign from @danielwellington as you will receive... - read more

It’s been a long day 😴 So I decided to share this post today to laugh at myself ԍ... - read more

One punch at a time 🥊 Twins sponsor maybe ?🤣

Peace within ⛅️

Craving #taufoofah 😩

Eyelash extensions by @luminous_90s 🤎

The overall that stain my bag and manicure 🙄

Make it F U N 🌈 . I love @luminous_90s and I appreciate them even more now after lockdown. I... - read more

Girls who can spend hours in a cafe 🙈 😬

Think I should buy more pants like this 🙈 influence by ma bb @rachellsmay 💕 Shopping... - read more

😭😭😭 I wanna thank my baby cousin @cynderellyy and her friend @edmondvenge fo... - read more

Happy International Flight Attendant Day 💜 . . . Realise there’s actually 2 different... - read more

Sunny vibes 😎 but indoor 😅 . . . Every corner of your house is #instaworthy @brendan... - read more

Happy 5️⃣2️⃣0️⃣from us 💖

Dress up for a car park shots 📸

The better days are here. I can see it! Finally, I can enjoy some sunlight🌞 As a person who... - read more

@rachellsmay cut my hair! 💇🏻‍♀️🙈 . . . Surprisingly fast !... - read more

Geng standby no call up ?🤣 #onlyhappensduringmco #crewknowsbest #cabincrew #AK #MH #unitedby... - read more