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I love everything beautiful - makeup, dresses, bags, you name it! Follow my blog at
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I love everything beautiful - makeup, dresses, bags, you name it!
Follow my blog at
Swipe to see the Enchanted Forest by @thebodyshopmalaysia ! ❤❤ So pretty right? However, the beauty of our real forests is disappearing. . Join me in an effort to protect what makes this world beautiful! This Christmas, every purchase at The Body Shop will help protect and re-wild over 10 million square meters of forest to ensure our children will see these enchanted forests too. #EnchantedByNatureMY
Thank you @thebodyshopmalaysia for these beautiful personalised Body Butters! Absolutely love the seasonal stickers! Mine is Berry Bon Bon while @sugoidays chose Peppermint Candy Cane ❤❤ TBH I couldn't really decide between these 2 because they both smell so good~ . Don't jelly because you can get your own personalised body butter sticker too! I'm sure they will make wonderful presents as well 🎁💕
Hello December! It's time to start Christmas shopping already! Check out the 80 gift ideas at @guardianmalaysia and don't be shy to ask a Personal Guardian for gift recommendations! 🎄🎁🎁🎁
Kuala Lumpur ✈️ Fukuoka Japan from RM 199?! YES, it's possible with @airasia X's new direct flights! More details about the new direct flight on my blog~
It's that time of the year again! ❤❤❤ When everything is bright & sparkly ✨ When music is everywhere 🎶 When malls are just filled with happiness! 📷 @sugoidays
Can I have this hanging garden at home too? 📷 @sugoidays
My hair has gone through numerous colours, bleaching, rebonding, and perming. Don't forget to sayang back so you can continue to have beautiful hair! From experience, drugstore brands don't really help with hair fall or stop working after a while. . I was introduced to the Cadeau range and read a few people giving positive reviews so I gave it a try. After 1 month it does seem to reduce hairfall a little and there are baby hair growing. My hair is also super soft after each wash!
The only kind of lines you should have on your wrist ✌
All that glitters is not gold. Worth going up all the floors to find the right height for this shot 😂 so prettyyy 📷 @sugoidays
Friday night drinks, anyone? This spot at @thedeliciousgroup is so pretty 📷 by tripod @sugoidays
All you need is 💕 and superfoods? No, actually normal food's fine with me too! 😂😂 Thanks 📷 @sugoidays for making my legs look so long. Wedges were a good choice
What's your #Moodmojee ? Matching OOTD with my Pom & Grey Twist 😂 Made with Earl Grey Tea, pomegranate syrup, cocoa powder and #AnchorFoodsProfessionals Cream Cheese, Full Cream Milk and Whipping Cream 💕 📷 by @sugoidays
Must visit @lm_laduree_my counter at because everything there is so prettyyyy #CurateYourWonderful
People take, I also want take 😂 📷 by @sugoidays
I found love at VIP Night 💕 4 days of #CurateYourWonderful happy shopping! 📷 by @sugoidays
Life is sweet at @selfiemuseumkl! 🍬🍫🍭🍰🍩🍪 Reality: Almost toppled off a giant macaron for this shot 😂
There are 2 sides to everyone. Only those close to me know how crazy I am 📷 by @sugoidays 👗 @zaloramy Tassel wedges from @schollmy
Somehow managed to buy all black & white items in my #AltheaTurns1 box LOL! Got my party kit too so I can celebrate #AltheaKorea birthday even though I'm in Malaysia kekeke..
Got my #AltheaKorea pink birthday box! Happy Birthday @altheakorea! Celebrating #AltheaTurns1 by shopping and grabbing all the great deals: - 100% rebate on certain products - FREE full-sized products - Chance to win MacBook Air, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS camera and more
One of my favourite skorts! The bright yellow and scallop make it so cheerful ^_^