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A cancer research scientist who loves all things beauty and fashion related as much as I love science! I love sharing professional reviews based on scientific facts while putting my own... - read more

I have to constantly remind myself that it is not the end of the world

So grateful that D is willing and enthusiastic about taking my photos 🥰

Celebrate #probablythebest CNY with @carlsbergmy ‘s #doublecheersdoublewinnings CNY2020 campai... - read more

Contemplating if I should cut my hairrrrrrr

Love a good one shoulder top

Me and kootieee pieeeee

Shitty attitude is not allowed in my territory

Under the shade 😎

Can’t please everyone and that’s okay

向左 向右 向前看 😂

First Friday of 2020 😎; long working day 😪

Swipe right for a year of hairstyles transformation. I dyed my hair much less compared to last mont... - read more