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Searching all the way just for you #makeawish✨

So true ... life is not just Black & White, it should be colourful💗💜🧡㈏... - read more

In full white attire today💓 #tgifridays

In casual jumpsuit, and the weather is so scorching 🥵 hot now. (I miss the cooling weather... - read more

My guy friend commented that I look like some German bar attire during oktoberfest 🤣 but I s... - read more

That’s probably the most magical backdrops 🎆 #JustImagine

Weekend Delights 🌈

@rextanym is asking why my dressing seems younger than my age. Guess he’s trying to imply that... - read more

Happy Birthday Singapore 🇸🇬 Jewel is definitely one of the iconic places in SG! #Be... - read more

🩸 Accomplishment🩹#donatebloodsavelives

My trend in my 30s 😅 #BatikStyleForNow #LongSkirt