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Fashion + Travel blogger from the Philippines.
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Fashion + Travel blogger from the Philippines.
Have you dropped by katrinlapena.com today?💕 Clickable link in bio.💕 #Clozette
I love this shot of us @francismagos! Thank you ate @naomiorejana, you're the best!! 😍🤗😘 Also for your trendy clothes supply, visit @acs_clothingrack located at the back of Dunkin Donuts (same street btw) 💕 #Clozette
Have you been to the blog lately?💕 Clickable link in bio.💕 📸: @naomiorejana 😍 #Clozette
These light bulbs instantly make a photo look romantic. Don't you think? 😍 #Clozette #travel #themepark
The closest we can get to a school of milkfish. 🐟 #Clozette #travel
Just like the coasters at OP, marriage is indeed full of highs and lows and you're just sitting there and waiting for the ride to be over. And when it's over, you suddenly want to do it over and over again, enjoying each ride more and more with the person sitting next to you. I wouldn't mind waiting long queues with you, as long as you're the person I'm sitting beside with. @francismagos 😘 #Clozette #emotesaOP #marriagefirst aka #jurassicworld 😂🎢 #travel
Home for the weekend. 🖤 #Clozette #travel
Jetsetter dressing hack: tie your plain button-down tees at the bottom to look stylish in an instant. 😉 #Clozette #ootd #travel #traveltips 📸 from the instagram husband: @francismagos 😅
If you zoom in, you'll see different faces. 😉 Take time to appreciate the little things today. 💛 #Clozette
This way to unicorn land. 🦄💕 #Clozette 📸: @mamaeabadiano 💗
After an hour or so inside Art in Island, you'll exit at their lovely cafe. Who loves high ceilings & open spaces?🙋🏻 #Clozette #travel #supportlocal
There's always beauty in diversity. We're opposites in a lot of ways but we go together like peanut butter and jelly. I miss this woman @rachelkoppindeveyra 🤗 Have you been to Art Inn Island with your bff too? 📸: @mamaeabadiano #Clozette #travel
Don't you just love clean spaces & greens?💚 #Clozette
And if you have to be mistaken, always err in the side of love. 💙 #Clozette
It's always summer somewhere. 😎 #Clozette #beach #travel
How about a dip to the pool this weekend?🏊🏼‍♀️ #Clozette #travel
See the line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me.🎵💙🌊 #Clozette #travel
Details matter. Don't you agree? ✨ #clozette #travel
#airbnb booking tip: if you're traveling with kids, you can definitely check out homes that have their own means of play. Here's a peek of Joann's home in Tagaytay. Oh and they have fast internet connection too!😉 Search for: Vacation House Alfonso on airbnb with this link http://abnb.me/e/gyqO0L3NcE to get PHP 1,100 off your first booking! #Clozette #travel #traveltips
Joann's house gave us a fun & restful stay in Tagaytay. Search for her place: Vacation House Alfonso at abnb.me/e/gyqO0L3NcE and get PHP 1,100 off on your first booking! If you're traveling with a group, you can definitely checkout #airbnb and book an entire house of your choice. How convenient is that?💛 #Clozette #travel #traveltips