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fashion creative / singapore
insta: @manda.olivia
You got me me trippin', stumblin'. β€” @faev.co πŸ’•
This is me turning my back on this horribly temperamental weather. 😷 In the wise words of Bruno Mars, "WHATCHA TRYNA DO"? #24kMagic πŸ“·: @avdrvyk
Saturday's best with @samleck and #ilovecoco πŸ’• @chanelofficial
#throwback to curating our own perfumes at @lofficielsingapore's 10th Anniversary. On a side note, I've been looking for a specific scent that smells like Blackberry/peach (or the nostalgic Pink Dolphin drinkπŸ˜‚). Somebody help.
#outtakes from when stylist, Rid, becomes the photographer and I, the stand in model. @lovebonito #wemakedo #fastgame #Ridcanhavecareerchange
Post Bangkok facial regime begins with some of @cliniquesg's #freshpressed daily vitamins ✨ #greatskincanbecreated
#mandastrikesagain Thanks for styling my hair @jeanyipsg ~ Loving the curls. Get a Maxiphlex N.1 + Color @ $68 when you sign up for their promo here : https://goo.gl/inRUFH // video by @requiem84 @collabtivecurates. Thank you @veraveralim for making this possible πŸ’• #JeanYip #JYLovesBloggers #JYhair
innisfree x manda olivia (Director's Cut)
Manda Olivia x Jean Yip / Hair and Nails
I've been really distracted by my nails πŸ’• Gotta love the hand painted marbling nail art by @jeanyipsg Nail Bar. Get a $20 voucher off your nail treatments when you check out https://goo.gl/75JxsB (link in bio) ! #jeanyip #jeanyiplovesbloggers
Yay for Bangkok in 3 days! Hit me up if you have any suggestions on where to go and visit πŸ™† / πŸ“·: @adelia.Lim
TGIF πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Prepared to laze the weekend away. πŸ“·: @danielcly
When you kena judged for pulling out weird poses at the photo booth πŸ™…πŸ» Last one from last night's @lofficielsingapore celebration with @laveenab πŸŽ‰
& in a blink of an eye, @lofficielsingapore is 10 this year πŸŽ‰ ! Had so much fun at last night's #loffsg_ratedX celebration. Thanks @cliniquesg for the invite πŸ’•
It's been a long week β€” me, in the middle on Monday. [photo by @avdrvyk]
Happy International Women's Day ✌🏻There's no limit that we can't accomplish, gals πŸ™ŒπŸ» // πŸ“·: @nurulia
"I like what you're wearing. Must show off more legs tho." - debates I have with my boyfriend πŸ™„πŸ˜‚ β€” in the Olivia Peplum top by @OpulenceLabel / #AmandaxOpulence
Yesterday's oh-so-pleats brunch date with these lovely baes πŸ’• @Nurulia @laveenab // πŸ“·: we asked an Aunty on the street to help us take our ootd squad photo πŸ˜‚ #impressed
ShaiHabon: gorgeous squad
Cue Mulan's theme song "Reflections" β€” in @OpulenceLabel / #AmandaxOpulence
Slightly late to the game but finally visited @singaporeartmuseum for "An Atlas of Mirrors" 😍 πŸ“·: @danielcly