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My love for beauty started at a very early age & I decided to pursue that love in 2005. I embarked on a career in the beauty industry after graduating with a Diploma in Advanced Bridal Makeup & Hairstyling. Since then, I worked... Read more →
About MelissaTowpich
My love for beauty started at a very early age & I decided to pursue that love in 2005. I embarked on a career in the beauty industry after graduating with a Diploma in Advanced Bridal Makeup & Hairstyling. Since then, I worked on countless of photo shoots, events & special occasions. These experiences further enhanced my techniques as an artist & have given me the necessary skills to succeed in this competitive industry.

An inspired artist, I have a distinct talent in accentuating the unique beauty that lies within each client. With my warm personality & collaborative spirit, I can be counted on to deliver quality beauty services!

Recently, Beauty by Melissa (Instagram) was founded as I wanted to share my love & knowledge to all beauty lovers, so do drop by & say hi! :)

XOXO, Melissa
“The most beautiful Christmases are those your children will cherish forever.” - Robinsons Christmas 2018 . Hair & Makeup: Melissa Towpich Photography: Studio DAYDREAM . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
Revlon’s new lightweight foundation with full coverage is certainly a current favourite of mine! It lasts up to 24 hours & it stays matte on the skin without me constantly reaching out for a piece of blotting paper. #MatteNoMatterWhat #RevlonSG . Thank you so much Revlon @revlonsg & nplusc for sending me your fabulous foundation. It’s a must have for me at home & at work! 😍 . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
Robinsons Black Friday . Hair & Makeup: Melissa Towpich Photography: Studio DAYDREAM @studiodaydream . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
Beauty tip! . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
Feeling confident & oh so sexy with my highly pigmented, long-lasting, halal eyeshadow & lip colour from @lovefromzahara Zahara! Have a fabulous Friday night, honey peeps! 😘 #lovefromzahara #zaharawarrior #halalcosmetics . As shown in photo * Matte Liquid Lipstick (Boss) - SGD$22 * Eyeshadow Palette (Smoke) - SGD$24 . Do check out Zahara & use my code “MELISSA10” to get a 10% discount during checkout. - Limited to one redemption per customer - Expiry: ‪10 NOVEMBER 2018‬ - The discount code is not applicable to gift sets . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
Just lazing around in bed with Miss Milk on this beautiful, Sunday afternoon. Plus, I’m absolutely loving my red, wudhu friendly nail polish call “War Paint” from Zahara! Very sexy, don’t you think? 😘 #lovefromzahara #zaharawarrior #halalcosmetics . Do check out @lovefromzahara & use my code “MELISSA10” to get a 10% discount during checkout. - Limited to one redemption per customer - Expiry: ‪10 NOVEMBER 2018‬ - The discount code is not applicable to gift sets . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
It’s without a doubt that “Beauty starts from within”. Regardless how expensive/amazing our skincare creams can be, it’s certainly beneficial to consume oral skincare supplements to build “a stronger foundation”. In my case, I have acne scars & unfortunately, a recent burn wound (no thanks to a hot curling iron) on my wrist to deal with. . Thankfully, I’ve been consuming @euyansang_singapore Eu Yan Sang Premium Concentrated Bird's Nest for more than a year now & it has proven in healing my previous wounds. It comprises of 3 sugar levels - rock sugar, reduced sugar & sugar free. 1 tablespoon (daily) before bedtime is all I need & now with my recent burn wound, 1 more in the morning for that additional boost! Just remember to consume it on an empty stomach to allow the body to better absorb its nutrients. . Some of you may know that Bird’s Nest has been a favourite of many ancient & contemporary beauties as it’s reputed to maintain youthfulness & enhances the complexion. It's rich in epidermal growth factor which is responsible for skin & tissue repair. Something that I seriously will need help with especially now that I got a burn wound. . Happy 139th Anniversary, Eu Yan Sang! 😍 Thank you so much for producing so many wonderful supplements that are well loved & trusted by me & my family! . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
Thank you so much Zahara @lovefromzahara for your cruelty free, high performance, European produced Halal cosmetics! I can’t wait to play with them, even Miss Milk here is intrigued #lovefromzahara #zaharawarrior . Do use my code “MELISSA10” to get 10% discount code during checkout. - Limited to one redemption per customer - Expiry: ‪10 NOVEMBER 2018‬ - The discount code is not applicable to gift sets . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
I can’t live without honey, maybe it has something to do with my name (Melissa means Honey Bee). 😉 One thing is for sure, honey is a must have in my kitchen pantry as I love it with my tea & my lemon water. Plus, it’s my go to remedy when I’m feeling under the weather especially if my throat starts acting up. . Truth to be told, sometimes I don’t get to eat when I’m working so I make sure that I consume my @euyansang_singapore Eu Yan Sang Honey with Royal Jelly. 2 teaspoons + my flask of warm water gives me that boost of energy & most importantly, helps to soothe my tummy discomfort. I did some researching & I found out that royal jelly has many health & beauty benefits such as anti-aging properties & boosting the immune system. No wonder it’s been widely used for beauty & health support. Also, it’s consumed by the queen bee her entire life while the ordinary bees only get to eat it for the first 3 days of theirs. So, imagine how highly prized royal jelly is! . Thanks to Eu Yan Sang, my Honey with Royal Jelly certainly helps me with my general wellness & puts that additional HEALTHY sweetness in mine & Mr Towpich’s life! . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
Beauty tip! . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
Two reasons that I really like about b.liv @bliv products are its affordability & that it delivers what it promises. My work schedule has been crazy (which is good!) but of course that means long working hours & lesser sleep time. Thankfully, just like 2 of their facial masks that I tried, b.liv Collagen Indulgence essence helped to hydrate, boost radiance & plump up my skin. In fact, no one can tell that I looked tired! . Similar to my favourite facial mask “b.liv - Kick Spots Out”, Collagen Indulgence contains German Chamomile which exhibits anti-bacterial & antioxidant properties that can calm damaged skin & provide suppleness. Costing less than SGD$25, it absorbs quickly into my skin & doesn’t leave any sticky residue. I do wish that it comes in a glass bottle rather than a plastic one though. Nonetheless, it didn’t cause any issues to my sensitive, acne-prone skin & as mentioned, their products are really easy on the wallet. Thank you so much b.liv for the love! ❤️ . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
To my one & only, Happy Wedding Anniversary! ❤️ #mrandmrstowpich . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
I wore braces a long time ago & even till now I still wear my retainer before I go to bed at night. In a nutshell, dental care is as important to me as my beauty care. We use our teeth every day hence shouldn’t we be ensuring that we’re using the right products for them? With @himalayaherbsg Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste (Simply Mint), I don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals that will damage my pearly whites over time. It’s made with 100% organic certified ingredients like Neem, Pomegranate & Mint & most importantly, it’s free from 9 types of nasty chemicals. It helps to remove plaque, supports healthy-looking gums & it also gives me brighter looking teeth! . In the past, I do experience gum bleeding but after a month & a half of using this with their bamboo toothbrush, the bleeding actually stopped. And that nasty morning dragon’s breath that most of us get? Not so nasty after I started using the toothpaste! So thank you so much Himalaya Botanique for sending me your products, both me & Mr Towpich certainly benefitted from them. 😍 I know I’m going to go shopping at Watsons @watsonssg & stock up on the other flavours! #ItsTimeTo #HimalayaBotaniqueSG . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
As some of my loyal followers will know, my family & I have been long-time fans of Eu Yan Sang @euyansang_singapore especially their bird’s nest soup. Growing up in a Chinese household, bird’s nest soup was something that we will consume when someone is unwell or simply needed the additional nourishment. Gone are those days where my mum or grandmother would spend hours to ensure the bird’s nest is free of impurities. Now we are able to enjoy Eu Yan Sang ready-to-drink bird’s nest soup, with no fuss or stress! . For this review, I was able to try out their Bird’s Nest Mini Treats Selection. It comprises of 3 sugar levels for Premium & Imperial Concentrated Bird's Nest, with rock sugar, reduced sugar & sugar free. I love the variety with this selection & thanks to its small packaging, it was convenient for me to bring them along to my vacations. One of the reasons why I love consuming bird’s nest soup, is because I found that it helped with my acne scars & my skin has more of a “bounce” to it! . Here’s a fact for you – Bird’s Nest actually contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which is known to stimulate cell regeneration & growth. This process helps the skin to be supple, while combating the ageing effects of wrinkles & sagging skin. Thus, making it popular as a skin care ingredient in the cosmetics industry. I’ve used skincare products containing bird’s nest but of course, my favourite is still consuming a bowl/bottle of bird’s nest soup. After all, you are what you eat. 😊 . PS. I consume 1 bottle before my bedtime, at least 3 hours after dinner. . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
As a freelance makeup & hair stylist, my schedule can get pretty hectic with days where I can spend long hours on set & get very little sleep. It’s like a rollercoaster ride & there were times where my health suffered. Personally, I’ve a good regular menstrual cycle though I do get bad cramps on the 1st day & because of that, I had to rely on painkillers. It’s certainly unpleasant when I’m in pain & still have to soldier on at work. . Fortunately, I was introduced to Eu Yan Sang - Gold Label Bak Foong Pill (small pills) that has been known for generations in boosting & maintaining good female health. It contains 19 of the best natural ingredients, one of which is ginseng. I consumed 1 bottle weekly with a cup of warm water, only avoiding consumption during my menstruation period. And to my surprise when my period came, I did not suffer from any cramps, pain nor did I turn into a cranky witch! . In the past, I’ve tried other supplements for menstrual ailments & I must say, Bak Foong pill did not disappoint me at all. In addition, I also felt more energized at work! So do give it a try ladies as I highly recommend this. Thank you so much once again Eu Yan Sang for sending me the love! . PS. This product contains animal parts. . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
Another b.liv @bliv mask that is really worth mentioning is “Repair & Rescue”. It’s a calming, soothing salvation mask that is great for sensitive, acne-prone skin. If you’re like me who uses acne cream, you will know about the dry patches that can happen sometimes. So, when that arises, all I need to do is to slap on my “Repair & Rescue” facial mask. It provides hydration & soothes the skin of any irritation, redness or burning sensations. . Personally, I really like incorporating “Kick Spots Out” & “Repair & Rescue” in my skincare regime. True to their names, “Kick Spots Out” is like an “attacker” where it swoops in & literally kicks my blemishes in the butt. While “Repair & Rescue” is like a “defender” as it strengthens my skin barrier & gives the skin immunity a boost! . Here are some of the key ingredients: Vitamin E (moisturizing) Quinoa Extract (repairing) Algae Extract (nutrient supply) Vitamin b3 (soothing) . Do give them a try & I hope you will like them as much as I did! . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
Beauty tip! . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
This, my friends, has to be my favourite facial mask. . “b.liv - Kick Spots Out” @bliv really helped me with my skin as weirdly enough, I have a tendency of breaking out whenever I’m on vacation (God knows why!) So I was glad that I had these anti-blemish treatment masks by my side. Unlike other anti-acne mask that I’ve tried, “b.liv - Kick Spots Out” not only helped me with my breakouts, it also eliminates irritation-causing factors. It’s gentle on my sensitive skin & helped to reduce my facial redness. . Here are some of the key ingredients: German Chamomile (soothing) Papaya Extract (whitening) Mango Extract (exfoliating) Witch Hazel (acne treatment) Burdock Root Extract (anti-inflammatory) . Oh! Did I mention that it is affordable too? Only USD$19 for 10 pieces. Easy on the wallet & to me, effective. So much so that I’ve finished all 10 & I know that I’ll be purchasing more for myself! Thank you so much b.liv for sending me your facial masks, I’m glad that my sensitive acne-prone skin found some comfort in them. . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
My must haves for my 3 days of F1 adventures! Looking & feeling great baby! 😍 . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger
MY FAVOURITE! . #paddockclub #singaporegp #ferrari #gelishnails . XOXO, Melissa #makeupartist #sgbeautyblogger