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Behind my instagrammable Korea vacay photos are my instahoe friends 🤣xoxo @felixitie @gayliong
In these deep city lights a girl could get lost 🎼
Baby you'll always have my back🤣
Busan you Blue me away💙
This is Huinnyeoul Culture Village, the Santorini of Busan. Just like Gamcheon Culture Village it also boasts various wall paintings & quirky shops, plus a breathtaking coastal view.
There is a stirring in my soul, a restless wild anticipation. I am staring out into the horizon, as far as I can. I can't see what's beyond but I can feel it.
Life is a slope. It's slow going up but quick going down.
Busan's hipster hood (this place reminds me of #HajiLane in SG)
It is up to you to see the beauty of everyday things
It is up to you to see the beauty of everyday things
Busan's version of #myeongdong . This place is a choke point at rush hour.
Getting down & dirty at Busan's version of #WalkOfFame 🤚🏼
#traintobusan with @felixitie @gayliong
tired but happy feet 👣#seoulsearching
I swear we didn't plan this color coordinated outfits 🤣 #seoulsearching
It sure was a walk to remember. Coming to this place was a long long walk. But that's the beauty of it,exploring a new place is best experienced on foot #seoulsearching #s0angediaries
This place is one of the most visited in Seoul that finding your own lane with no crowd was such a challenge. So for instahoes like me & my friends, it was a matter of luck & intense patience #seoulsearching
This place was not part of our itinerary. We were on our way to another tourist attraction when my friend spotted this place. At that same moment we were also wondering if we missed the right bus stop to our destination so on a whim, we just decided to hop off the bus and check out this place. And boy this place did not disappoint us at all! So just like in real life, sometimes getting lost leads you to even better places😉 #s0angediaries #seoulsearching
cold summer night
my lame attempt at smizing🤣