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I hate going out on a Sunday unless it's public holiday the next day. I love weekends afternoon with acoustic music and DIY-ing beauty products. I legit made my own toothpaste! I enjoy... - read more


An unexpected hike! Feels good breathing in the fresh green air. #ootdsg #sgig #igdaily #singapore... - read more

[repost so that my feed don’t look messy] My UUUU T-Shirt from @uniqlosg 😍 you know i... - read more

My UUUU T-Shirt from @uniqlosg 😍 you know it’s comfortable when you have them in diffe... - read more

新年快乐!祝大家,狗年旺... - read more

2 more months to a day that I have never imagine before. I am not that kind of girl that would imagi... - read more

HAPPY WORK-SARY TO ME! It felt like yesterday I just joined this company. Grateful for 2 of my colle... - read more

Yay! Yay! It's FRIDAY!! And ermmm... I so skinny back then 😂

This was amazing! I want to stay there forever!!!!!

When in Japan wear everything in different shades of pink! I wonder what am I thinking when this ph... - read more

Haven had full on makeup after so Long and @fidelistoh makes me look like WOW! 我都Š... - read more

I think this dress can wear until I have someone living in my womb! Hahahaha 😂