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Also known as "MyRomana". Makeup and all things beautiful interest me. Romantic elegance and luxurious living inspire me. I photograph to document how far I've come. Instagram:MyRomana(formerly MyMakeupOrganizer)
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Also known as "MyRomana".
Makeup and all things beautiful interest me.
Romantic elegance and luxurious living inspire me.
I photograph to document how far I've come.
Instagram:MyRomana(formerly MyMakeupOrganizer)
Thursday's bag of tricks contained these items. Result: natural looking & dewy but not overdone. • • #MyRomana #clozette
Order of the day: all things blue & 🦋🐠🐬💙💎 • • #MyRomana #clozette #makeupbrushes
❤️GIVEAWAY ❤️ MyRomanaSharingIsCaring Up next is my ❤️SECOND GIVEAWAY❤️ Prize: 1x @purehoneyseries Rich Moist Facial Serum This product is something I've tried, tested and purchased as I love it. If you recall I mentioned that my makeup goes on so well over this honey serum. Regular use will hydrate & even out your skin tone for beautiful radiant complexion. I have one(1) bottle to giveaway to one lucky winner. ❤️ 1 winner ❤️ Tell me what skincare advise did your mom share with you. [I'm just nosey cos I wanna learn something new] ❤️ One(1) entry per person ❤️ Malaysia residents only ❤️ No giveaway IG please ❤️ Giveaway ends 26th September ❤️ Winner will be announced no later than 30th September ❤️ Good luck & have fun! • • Thank you @purehoneyseries for sponsoring this giveaway😘 #MyRomana #clozette #purehoneyserum #skincare #serum
Shopped my stash and played with these today for my #motd @guerlain Aqua Nude is a godsend! Gives me enough coverage and feels so comfortable on my dry skin. It lasted over 6 hours without any flakiness. IMHO it didn't feel or look like I had any foundation on...just naturally perfect skin! But this could also be the @byterryofficial Compact-Expert Dual Powder which I used to lightly set the foundation and highlight my face. Perfect! So happy with my #fotd that it pained me to remove my makeup 🤣 Have you had one of those days? • • #MyRomana #clozette
Me, basically.💁🏼 #MyRomana #clozette
@diormakeup LE Rouge Dior "City Of Love" no.520 Clearly a must for a #makeupcollector like myself. Waiting to add the blusher to my #makeupcollection soon. • • #Dior #DiorCityOfLove #DiorMy #DiorBeauty #MyRomana #clozette
Better late than never. Link in bio in case you wanna watch this. Soundtrack: Joakim Karud • • #myromanalondon2017 #MyRomana #clozette #travel #summer
My picks for a lovely Sunday of brunch & makeup shopping. • • #MyRomana #clozette
[Left]: Before #HIFU #ultraformer #noninvasivefacelift at @1stluxeclinic You can clearly see loss of volume on my cheeks making me look gaunt. [Right]: After 2 days/48 hours my cheeks look lifted albeit very subtle. Side effects: I feel a bit sore on my jawline but it is bearable do not require any painkillers etc • • If you're interested please refer to my previous post for more info esp the 10% discount they are offering my instafriends. • • No filter for my "after" photo except I am using @byterryofficial Light Expert Click Brush in shade 01 and Compact Expert Dual Powder in Shade 2. Tried these products when I dropped by @kensapothecary at The Gardens Mall. Shout out to Ms Jenna who did an excellent job! #MyRomana #clozette #fabulousatfifty #fabat50
No matter how good your skincare products are, you can't stop the ageing process.🤷🏼‍♀️ As much as I like to believe I look young for my age, signs of ageing(coupled with the effects of menopause) is beginning to take its toll on me physically & emotionally.👵🏼 • • Today I had a non-invasive facelift with Dr.Nur at @1stluxeclinic in Bukit Jelutong.👩🏻‍⚕️ • • WHY I DID IT:- One of the signs of ageing for me is loss of volume on my cheeks. I look gaunt, tired and poorly(and that's with a full face of makeup!). No matter how many cupcakes I ate, I would lose volume on my cheeks(but not anywhere else). People would ask me if I was ill just by looking at my face. Tbh I got worried and went for a checkup but the doctor told me it is early signs of ageing & menopause. • • TREATMENT: Prior to the procedure I had a consultation and spoke of my concerns. No surgery, no needles(phew!) just via ultrasound. Dr Nur answered all my questions and explained the process before I decided to proceed. No pressure at all. No pain, just mild stinging. The whole process took about 45 minutes. No down time, no redness, no swollen face etc so you can apply your regular skincare and/or makeup right afterwards. • • • BEFORE:- Look at how tired I look despite a full face of makeup! AFTER:- No base products apart from moisturiser and blusher. I feel that I look fresh & well rested, my complexion is brighter, my face is more plump(I usually look so gaunt). • • • MORE INFO:- Best for those with early signs of ageing, maybe late 30s upwards. Pls note that if you're 55+ you might require an alternative treatment. You only need to do this ONCE A YEAR! The rest of the time all we need to do is continue with good skincare routine. Oh and sunscreen IS A MUST! • • I'm so VERY happy with the results that I asked for a discount for those interested. Contact @1stluxeclinic and mention you're my friend(I'm Romana, btw in case you're new here) and get 10% off this treatment(limited to 10 pax) Fyi it's not as expensive as you think! Please do give them a call an take advantage of this 10% off • • #MyRomana #clozette #ultraformer #noninvasivefacelift #HIFU
Spent an afternoon with a room full of makeup artists. Wore more makeup than usual but then it was a special occasion. Went for my version of subtle smokey eyes. The theme was "black & gold" so I opted for an all black outfit and hoping that my hair would count for the gold bit🤷🏼‍♀️ • • The star product of this #motd is @narsissist #powermattelippigment in American Woman. Not 100% transfer proof but surprisingly long lasting(photo was taken AFTER the event when I was home) • • #MyRomana #clozette #makeupoftheday #wiwt #ootd
Friday face. • • #MyRomana #clozette
#DND #BRB #WIDN • • • Spending the long holidays dusting, wiping, decluttering & reorganising my #makeupcollection • • • #MyRomana #clozette #makeuphoarder
"I have too many foundations!" said no #foundation junkie ever😎 • • #MyRomana #clozette
I do love powders esp if they're pretty! A song that comes to mind.... "How could I live without you..."🎤🎼🎤🎼 • • • Organising my powder collection seemed like a good idea 2 hours ago. Now I just wanna sleep. Take a peek at my mess on #snapchat if you dare. But you gotta promise not to judge ok? • • #MyRomana #clozette
@itcosmetics Your Skin But Better™ is my favourite CC Cream.💘 It's full coverage without feeling heavy. Suitable for my dry skin as it does need to be set with powder. Looks better as the day goes on. Perfect colour match👌🏻 Have you tried this? What are your thoughts? • • • #MyRomana #clozette
How to cut 10 years off my real age. ✔️ The softer the colour palette, the more forgiving and aesthetically pleasing it is. ✔️ I like smokey eyes but keep it very light & soft. ✔️ On "lazy days" I will swipe some bronzer and a shimmery eye shadow on my lids. ✔️ I may skip eye liner but will make sure I have lashings of mascara. This opens up my eyes. ✔️ Red or darker lipsticks ages me. I gravitate towards pinks and rosey nudes. ✔️ Lighter colour choices doesn't necessarily mean less makeup. It takes A LOT of makeup to look effortless! • • • Share with me what your "makeup secrets" are. • • • #MyRomana #clozette #fabulousatfifty
I usually store my makeup by *products* as that is more practical. But as my #makeupcollection grew, I started misplacing my makeup and sometimes end up buying duplicates as I'm so forgetful.😱🤷🏼‍♀️ For some brands I like to place them all in one drawer. Easy for me to reach for them and also keep track of what I already own. Not all brands, just some that I have a lot of. • • • I love my @hourglasscosmetics collection. My first #hourglasscosmetics product is the Ethereal Light powder I posted earlier. I use that as a setting powder as it helps neutralise redness & gives me a lovely natural finish without looking cakey. My favourite is EVERYTHING! Can't decide. Love them all.💘 • • • Are you a fan of @hourglasscosmetics? What was your 1st Hourglass product? Do you have a favourite product? • • #MyRomana #clozette
Storing & reorganising my @hourglasscosmetics #makeupcollection to make room for something new I'm excited to add my little #hourglasscosmetics family😉 • • • Tell me, do you organise by brands or products? • • • #MyRomana #clozette
Effortlessly sexy smokey eyes with the help of @polkacosmetics_my Eye & Brow Lacquer in Rockabilly. Literally one swipe for eyes AND brows. Available from: @polkacosmetics @polkacosmetics_my @polkacosmetics_sg @polkacosmetics_us @polkacosmetics_hk • • #MyRomana #showmustBROWon #clozette