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Also known as "MyRomana". Makeup and all things beautiful interest me. Romantic elegance and luxurious living inspire me. I photograph to document how far I've come. Instagram:MyRomana(formerly MyMakeupOrganizer)
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Also known as "MyRomana".
Makeup and all things beautiful interest me.
Romantic elegance and luxurious living inspire me.
I photograph to document how far I've come.
Instagram:MyRomana(formerly MyMakeupOrganizer)
It was supposed to be a “just skincare” day. And then one thing lead to another...🤷🏻‍♀️ • • Still loving how beautiful this @catrice.cosmetics foundation is on my skin. Just as good as any other high-end ones I have in my #makeupcollection. • • I bought that @narsissist “All About Cheeks” Palette from an online store years ago. Can’t remember the name, but I think the seller was called Ryan? Sgstore? Something like that. He was one of the few sellers taking pre orders from US. Do you remember him? • • And look at my sad @realtechniques brush. It gets sticky so I usually use #washitape on the rubber bits. • • #MyRomana #clozette #nars #blusher
Forgot how much I love @hourglasscosmetics Hyaluronic Skin Tint. I’m using the shade Light Beige which is a tad dark for me. However I can certainly appreciate the coverage. After a few hours it made me naturally glowy without looking oily. • • #MyRomana #clozette #maturemakeup #over50beauty
La vita é bella ❣️ • • #MyRomana #clozette
Finally had the chance to check out @diormakeup #diorbackstage collection. Had my makeup done by #diormy #makeupartist @zaidi_zain I was matched with #diorbackstagefoundation shade 2N and 2WP but decided to experiment with 2WP today. Swipe left to see the other products he used. If you’re matched correctly this foundation can be very flattering. It certainly feels lightweight and skin-like. Just one drop for my entire face helped colour correct and conceal my blemishes. However if you have dry skin, prep your skin well. Zaidi prepped my skin with a selection of luxurious Dior skincare. • • I didn’t come home with my initial long wishlist though. The entire collection is permanent so there’s no hurry. I think I shall save my 💰 for the upcoming Autumn collection cos I definitely see a few things I like! • • #over50beauty #maturemakeup #MyRomana #MyRomanaDior #clozette #diormakeup
@narsissist haul. (L to R) 💋 Swing(Velvet Lip Glide) 💋 Roseland(Velvet Lip Glide) 💋 Santo Domingo(Full Vinyl Lip Lacquer 💋 Orgasm(Full Vinyl Lip Lacquer) • Swipe left for swatches. • • Which ones do you fancy? • • #MyRomana #MyRomanaNars #clozette
@yslbeauty Tatouage Couture Matte Stain in shade 28 Nude Undercover(limited edition). • • #MyRomanaYSL #MyRomana #clozette #ysltatouagecouture #ysltatouagecouture7
Gee whiz! Thank you @clozetteco for sending me a selection of delicious smelling shampoos to try.🧖🏻‍♀️ • • #MyRomana #clozette #myhairsoulsister #haircare #shampoo #longhair
#FromWhereIstand • • Been almost 24 hours & am still looking for my missing Catrice blushers whilst reorganising my #makeupcollection. • • #MyRomana #clozette #makeuporganizer #RomanaMakeupCube
Adding the latest @maccosmetics #macXaaliyah @aaliyahformac to my collection. • • @macjunkies • • #MyRomana #MyRomanaMAC #clozette #macmalaysia
It takes a lot of effort to look effortless. • • #MyRomana #clozette #maturemakeup #over50beauty
I love using @guerlain Météorites in Dore 04 as a blusher. It is the the perfect warm pink against my skin tone. • • #MyRomana #clozette Royal Pine Flawless Solution Cream 🍃 Made in Korea 🍃 3 in 1: Exfoliation, boosting skin's rejuvenation and blemish care. 🍃 Special Solution for Blemish Prone Sensitive Skin- MSM which controls sebum secretion 🍃 Made with superior Korean technology of Ultra Calming Clean Complex:- Treats dry skin with soothing agents (Sopholiance and Wintergreen leaf extract) when using Blemish Care Active Ingredients. • • Regular use will see 🍃 skin texture improved and smoother 🍃Blemishes & redness minimised 🍃 Skin is more evenly toned 🍃 Healthy glow & radiant appearance • • MAIN INGREDIENTS: 🍃 Willow bark extract for skin calming and clear skin free of blemishes 🍃 Wintergreen leaf extract with exfoliating properties, excellent for reducing sebum production and speeding up healing of scars; 🍃 boosted MSM, an anti-bacterial agent, renowned for correcting skin’s imperfections. • • 🍃 FREE FROM MINERAL OIL, TRIETHANOLAMINE AND SULFATE BASED INGREDIENTS. • • I’ve been using this as a moisturiser 2 or 3 times a day(or each time I cleanse my face). Testing this out as my chin has some minor breakouts. I love the non-sticky, non-greasy gel texture. Absorbs well. Sunscreen and makeup sit well over it. The scent is fresh, sweet and light. • • After using Royal Pine for 2 days, I’m impressed at how my chin area is calmer, under control & looking like it is clearing up. I will use Royal Pine on days when my skin is breaking out but if you hv acne-prone skin, this is worth trying. • • #MyRomana #MyRomanaSkincare #clozette
Bright & early with pink blusher on my cheeks. Because when you can’t find sunshine, be the sunshine ☀️🌸 • • #MyRomana #clozette
This @lmbeautycosmetics brush may have been made to #contour my face., but love using this to gently press in my colour corrector, concealer & brightening powder around my under eyes. • • @ferrarossabeauty Lollipop is currently on repeat. Love the playful fun shade. • • #MyRomana #clozette
Latest @guerlain Météorites Rainbow Pearls joins #MyRomanaGuerlain • • #MyRomana #clozette #guerlain #guerlainmeteorites #guerlainmakeup #guerlaincollection
Current mood: P.I.N.K 🌸 • • #MyRomana #clozette #maturemakeup #over50beauty #fabat50
“There is a fountain of youth. It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” ~ Sophia Loren • • #MyRomana #clozette #maturemakeup #over50andfeelinggreat
New body care series from With the romantic & captivating Italian theme, of course I’m excited to try!🇮🇹 I was sent CAPRI shower gel & body lotion. Made in Malaysia using luxury french perfume which can last up to 6 hours. Paraben free. CAPRI mirrors Dior Blooming Bouquet. With a mix of roses, pink peonies, white musk and mandarin. CAPRI shower gel & body lotion smells sophisticated and feminine. The body lotion is light, absorbs well and is non-sticky. • • #MyRomana #clozette #alylabodycare
Super quick & easy makeup for today. No brows, no problem. • • Have you watched my Instalive today? I spoke about @igtvworld Don’t forget to check out my 2 uploads on my IGTV channel. • • Comment below what you think of this new IGTV? Will you be exploring it too? • • #MyRomana #clozette
Makeup menu for 2nd day of Eid.It was a relaxing day visiting my aunty and cousins.Wanted to cheer them up so I went for a bright & happy theme.••#MyRomana #clozette #maturemakeup #over50beauty