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Also known as "MyRomana". Makeup and all things beautiful interest me. Romantic elegance and luxurious living inspire me. I photograph to document how far I've come. Instagram:MyRomana(formerly MyMakeupOrganizer)
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Also known as "MyRomana".
Makeup and all things beautiful interest me.
Romantic elegance and luxurious living inspire me.
I photograph to document how far I've come.
Instagram:MyRomana(formerly MyMakeupOrganizer)
My @katvondbeauty Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks collection. #katvondludwig has been my go-to lip colour of choice for the past few days. Time to rotate with something else. Am I the only one obsessed with Ludwig? It is such a gorgeous shade. • • #MyRomana #clozette #katvondbeauty #katvondliquidlipstick
You have no idea how happy I feel when I go through my #makeupcollection to pick my #makeupoftheday • • Today's picks was all about giving a healthy "glow from within" look. • • I'm no beauty guru but I stand by what I said about @rimmellondonuk Volume Shake Mascara. It gives me volume, curl, and most importantly does not smudge. • • #MyRomana #clozette
@katvondbeauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in "Ludwig" Described as "a nude fawn". It is wearable nude with a warm pink undertone. I'm not sure if this is a new formula but this feels amazing! Extremely lightweight and hydrating. It is as though I've not got any liquid lipstick on at all. #MyRomanaLipSwatch #RomanaRecommends #MyRomana #Clozette
"Wakeup & Makeup" So glad I managed to grab @katvondbeauty Ludwig. Such a gorgeous wearable nude that doesn't wash me out. P/S it is quite similar to local brand @so.lek Ledang in case you want a budget friendly dupe. • • #MyRomana #clozette
[Tried & Tested] #RomanaRecommends • • @rimmellondonuk "Volume Shake Mascara" • • Claims to give clump-free maximum volume eye lashes. The "shake" formula/packaging is supposed to ensure the mascara stays fresh and not dry up. The applicator wand is not too big and and really picks up and grips my lashes. I like that it goes on a bit wet and doesn't dry down too fast. This means I have time to work with it. • • Results? Voilà! What do you think? • • #RimmelVolumeShake #RimmelMascara #mascara #lashes #lashesonfleek #MyRomana #clozette
@guerlain Terracotta collection • • #MyRomana #clozette #guerlain #guerlainterracotta • •
My highly anticipated haul @chanelofficial #LesBeiges Gel Touch Foundation I mistakenly thought it was going to be a regular cushion foundation like others in my collection. However upon seeing and trying it on yesterday I was pleasantly surprised. The makeup puff/pad alone feels oh-so-luxe.👌🏻 Btw it is washable and you are advised to wash it after every 2 uses. Packaging wise:- Take note that once opened I wouldn't recommend travelling with it(either air travel or even your daily makeup bag). It has a tendency to leak and you are advised to make sure it stays flat to avoid the risk of spillage. So this will stay at home on my vanity table. Texture:- It is gel-like & quite liquidy unlike my other "cushions". Not a bad thing cos I actually love this. Coverage:- To me it is sheer to medium. Suitable also as a touch up over your foundation. It says that it is a refillable compact but when I asked, I was told there aren't any refills for sale(but another Chanel counter told me the refill stocks have yet to arrive). So this is confusing. Do I like this Les Beige cushion? Well, if you're familiar with the Les Beiges line, you'd know the familiar scent. Tbh I don't like the scent. But since I do like the way this foundation felt & looked on me(i showed this on #snapchat), I bought it anyway. • • Not many shades available for now(at least), just 6. • • #MyRomana #clozette #chanel #chanellesbeiges
Glowy radiant skin thanks to @chosungah_22 C&T Blend Fresh Mix Foundation. A must-try if you're a foundation fan. I bought mine from @sasamalaysia Anyone else love this as much as I do? • • #MyRomana #clozette #makeupoftheday
@deciem Booster Series Pink: Low Molecular HA to hydrate and plump my skin. Been using this almost daily for a month Yellow: apply just a bit the night before to wake up with radiant & glowy skin. I don't use this everyday., only on days I feel my skin looks sallow esp due to lack of sleep lately. • • I bought these from @bootsuk • • #MyRomana #clozette #deciem #skincare
Shopped my stash and discovered this untouched @esteelauder Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Palette. Who has this palette? Isn't the embossing so beautiful? I'm especially loving the pink blusher. • • #MyRomana #clozette
Friday calls for some rose gold packaging. Feeling luxe & super feminine getting ready in MyRedRobe in my beauty boudoir today. My lip colour of choice is @ctilburymakeup Pillow Talk lip liner and lipstick. What's yours today? • • #MyRomana #clozette #makeup
Makeup picks for today. And featuring ArganMidas™ Moroccan Argan Oil for my freshly washed hair. • • #MyRomana #clozette
@bywishtrend Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum First on was sent to me by @hermomy Bought one over the weekend cos I (kinda) like it. Check out my honest opinion on my #beautysnapchat and see my HERMO haul. I won't get include this in my list of "RomanaRecommends" for reasons I mentioned on #snapchat Fyi I placed my order on Sunday and received my parcel this morning. My 1st time shopping with Hermo. • • What did you get from the Hermo sale? What should I check out? Suggestions please. • • #MyRomana #clozette #hermomy
Shopped my (sample) stash: @guerlain Orchidée Impériale UV Protector with SPF50+++ Lightweight and lovely texture. Tinted sun screen. Great if your skin is behaving, not much to conceal & you want a quick #motd • • Doubt I will ever buy though as I'm not a fan of tinted sunscreen. Plus am pretty sure the Orchidée line is pricey. • • What's your fav sunscreen? I'm currently using La Roche Posay Anthelios XL. It has SPF50 and is non-perfume. It doesn't leave me with a white cast. #MyRomana #clozette #Guerlain
Be happy with what you have, that when others look at your photos, they become happy too. xoxoRomana💞 • • #MyRomana #clozette
@guerlain Terra Magnifica(top) Sun Destination(bottom) • • #MyRomana #clozette #Guerlain
Easy peasy #motd #MyRomana #clozette #makeup
This appeared on my camera roll so I just had to include it on my #instagram feed. Some of the photos were from my previous account which I lost in 2015. How many of you remember @mymakeuporganizer ? • • #MyRomana #clozette
Blusher of the day: @narsissist NARS Orgasm Liquid blusher. @alancjw wasn't joking when he told me "a little goes a long way". You need just a tiny drop. • • I was told the other 2 shades Dolce Vita and Torrid are exclusive to @sephora atm but I'm hoping we will get them here soon. I love the non-sticky, non-heavy and easy to blend formula. There's no obvious shimmer. It gives me enough sheen to forgo applying any highlighter altogether. Long lasting? I removed my makeup after about 6 hours. It was still as lovely as when I applied it in the morning. If at all, it looked better. • • How did I use it? (1) Shake bottle well. (2) One small squirt onto my hand. (3) Blend to kinda warm it up. (4) Dab lightly onto my cheeks. (5) To blend on cheeks, you can use your fingers, a beauty sponge or a stippling brush. I used my finger and then a sponge. • • #MyRomana #clozette #nars #narsmalaysia #whatmakesyoublush
Quick & Easy #motd to take mom for her appointment with the ophthalmologist. Mum & I need new glasses.👓👓 And to think I had perfect vision till I was in my early 40s. This is so frustrating. I blame #instagram 👵🏻 • • #MyRomana #Clozette