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觉得自己真的太放肆了… Blog一直不update,Facebook和Instagram也不活跃,现在又只能po#丢回 照,怎么撑得起Blogger这个status🤦🏻‍♀️ 丢回版本的长腿照Credits to @zjuneee 😂
Was trying to make the bear says Hi but boyfie said it looks like flip hair pose 💁🏻💃🏻
💅🏻My rainbow pastel nails dream came true, thanks to @enchantedsiblings2 ! The @swarovski Crystals and the gold dreamcatcher are bae! ❤️ Honestly @enchantedsiblings is basically my dream! The pastel colours, the nail designs and the blings... I kid you not, my close friends would say "this is so Nicole!". 😂😍 And yes I will go back to them again soon! #enchantedsiblings #enchantedsiblings2
New blog post! 👉🏻www.NicoleYie.com (🔗direct link in bio) 🎒Bag: @mizzuemy 📷: @edwinchuah #mizzuemy #mizzuemylove
New mask review! Tried out the @bliv Oxygenating Mask and check out what I like and dislike about it in my latest blog post now! 🔗Link in bio Use my code to get extra discount when you make your purchase of #bliv products at their website!
#NicoleYieOOTD on my second day to Malacca. Love @kanyawei's long leg photography skill 😍❤️
First day of #NicoleYieOOTD to our first #sixthsensegirls trip to Malacca (yesterday)! I swear I did not elongate or edit my legs here! Thanks to @kanyawei's pro long-legs-photography-technique 😂😍💃🏻
[Repost] Smoother hair again before my long weekend! And yes it's my to-go Korean Hair Spa Treatment at @jeffleethc again! 😂 Watch that video to see before and after! If you still haven't try it out, make sure to mention my name to get 10% off total bill on your first visit!! // #jeffleethc #kerastasemy #nicoleyiehair
Smoother hair again before my long weekend! Yes, no doubt, it's Korean Hair Spa Treatment at @jeffleethc again! 😂 Watch that video for before and after! If you still haven't try it out, make sure to mention my name to get 10% off total bill on your first visit!! #jeffleethc #kerastasemy #nicoleyiehair #clozette #butterflymsia
Today's #NicoleYieMOTD using a local brand @omorosecosmetics! Full review of all of these products are in my latest blog post! ❤️ // #flatlay #omorosecosmetics #omorose #clozette #butterflymsia #beauty
Ngawwww look at these! Aren't the packagings super cute?? 😂🐻 Anyway, these are the 2 products from #naturemedics that I have been using to control my acne for the past month! Does it work? Check out my honest review in my blog now, direct link in bio! ❤️ #NicoleYieReview #flatlay #rappol #bbzz #kbeauty #clozette #butterflymsia
❤️💋 📷: @edwinchuah
#NicoleYieOOTD for last Saturday. Honestly I'm out of outfit to wear for #ootd now 😂 // 📷: @snowman_1314 / @travellover23 ❤️ // #clozette #ootdmagazinemy #ootdmalaysia
Last year took a shot at this spot, and now I'm back for another #NicoleYieOOTD shot again! My usual simple outfit for a hot day at UTAR Convocation! ;)
#tbt and my weekend starts today! 🙌🏻 // #nicoleyieootd #ootd #clozette #mizzuemy #mizzuemylove
Baby good night ❤️Watch our dance cover #Dreamcatcher - #Goodnight here: https://youtu.be/fXW4oPl0En4.📷: @mac_yap photography//#sixthsensegirls #kpopdancecover #clozette
Belated #tbt 😂 Posting this cause wanna complete my row of green posts! Go and check out my profile to see what's green! 😉 // #clozette #butterflymsia #selfie #NicoleYieMOTD
#Instaception! 😂 If you haven't know about @altheakorea this platform for Korean beauty products, you've been missing out A LOT!! They have celebrated their 2nd birthday last month, and this month they have just launched their very first own product - the Althea Petal Velvet Powder! 😍 I've been trying it for a few days, and so far no negative comments yet! It's almost perfect cause it's different from other face powders out there. Stay tuned to my blog post for a complete review! ❤️ // #NicoleYieReview #altheakorea #altheapetalvelvetpowder #flatlay #beautyreview #butterflymsia #clozette
mycathy: 🎉📷 💋 so pretty🎉📷 💋
[#NicoleYieReview] Ay yo! Back to my #beauty products mini review after so long! . Not sure about you but I've seen quite a lot of influencers have been sharing how much they loved the @dear_klairs Mochi BB Cushion Pact and the Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion. Personally have been loving a few of #klairs products and finally it's my turn to try out these 2 famous one! . So far after using them for a week, I'm really loving the cute BB Cushion Pact very much! Aside from the super-duper adorable packaging, it has quite a great coverage and moisture level as well! . What I love about the blue sun lotion is it's in pastel blue colour! Which helps to neutralise & correct my yellow skin tone! Besides, it's really lightweight! . And see all those samples there? Tried most of them and I really love that Klairs' skincares doesn't have stron fragrance smell, and they absorbed into my skin very fast! Feels nice to use all of them. . Will continue to use these products for a few more weeks and will complete my full review on what I like and dislike about them in my blog, so stay tuned! // #klairs #hermomy #hermo #flatlay #clozette #kbeauty
Haunting you with this shoot early in the morning cause darling imma nightmare dress like a daydream 😂❤️ #ariesofficial #clozette #dancecover #sixthsensesoulnique