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Don’t wait until when you’re sick only realise how wonderful the moments when you’re not in pain is. 😢 This is the nice pic of me before the ugly me right now. 😭🤮 . 📷假高度 感谢OOTD照高手 @snowmansharing 😂❤️ . #NicoleYieOOTD #favesofficial #faveskl #ballerskl #clozette #ootd
A little bit late to share this but here is what I got from @canmake_malaysia’s Fun Fair event 2 weekends ago! Check out my story highlights! Got myself a new friend - Can-Chan from the 夹娃娃机 as well! She’s so cute 😍 So excited to try out these newly launched products from @canmaketokyo! Especially their new compact powder and lipsticks 🤩 Anyone wants a blog or instastory review on these products?? 🙋🏻‍♀️
-“Nice romper” -“Thanks! It has pockets!” Anyone can relate? 😂 #NicoleYieOOTD #canmakefunfair
Fun fair is always my favourite and I had sooo much fun at the #CanmakeFunFair last Saturday with @snowmansharing , thanks for bringing me along 😍 . Swipe ➡️ for more images and some videos of me playing with the machines! We also managed to see a makeup demo using their new products. Can’t wait to share what’s new from @canmake_malaysia with you guys! . #canmake #canmakemalaysia
It’s very hard to pick one favourite out of these 3 😅 Which one do you prefer? 1️⃣/2️⃣/3️⃣? . 📷: @snowmansharing 📍: @bstory_cafe . #SwaggersInBKK #bstorycafe #clozette #butterflymsia
September first review! My favourite face scrub brand @stivesskin has launched 6 new face scrubs for to turn up your glow!! Which type attracts you the most? 😍 Find out more about this scrub and my review in my latest blog post (link in bio) #TurnUpTheGlow #StIveMalaysia @stivesmalaysia
Guess my height 🤣 Pro photography by pro photographer @snowmansharing 😍
Walking into my long weekend 😍 📷: @snowmansharing #ootd #NicoleYieOOTD #butterflymsia #clozette #favfulsquad #ootd #butterflymsia
🌬Messy hair collection. My fine hair loves to be carefree like me. 💁🏻‍♀️ 📷: @snowmansharing . #swaggersinbkk #clozette #potraits
A belated #Bangkok trip Day 4 outfit cause I forgot I have more images in another folder 🙈. Bought this outfit in Bangkok and I told @snowmansharing that I already know what and where to pose with this outfit - Staircase, Fold leg and Bitch face. 😂.🧢 & 👟: @hm 👚: @choosedress 👖: Chatuchak Market📍: @bstory_cafe .#swaggersinbkk #clozette #ootd #NicoleYieOOTD
I’m trying to get my dark spots lighten with the new @elleskincaretw Advanced Light series of products! . These products are yet to launch but you can pre-order now before it launches on the 13th of August! . Use the code to enjoy 30% off on your purchase at @allyoung_my (Valid until 12 Aug, only on Elle products) . #allyoungmy #elleskincare #clozette #butterflymsia #skincare
Didn’t get to show you guys what I got from the @etudehousemalaysia X @flamingobloommy event the other day cause I really wanna take nice photos to show you guys this cute product! . This is the #MiniTwoMatch Lipstick from @etudehouseofficial! It comes with a magnet holder to place your mini lipsticks, and you get to pick 2 lipsticks from their range (got lip colour / lip topper / colour mix)! . Big fat thanks to #etudehouse, I’ve received the Lip Color in Red Vinegar & Lip Topper in Mermaid Lady (so dreamy! Super recommended!) 😍 And I couldn’t resist the Juicy Yellow Color Mix so I used my 10% discount to purchase that additionally!! 💛 . Did not regret getting it cause I can use it alone or mix it with all of my other lip colours to make MORE lip colours!! 😱 Can’t wait to play it with my other lip colours already! 😍 . . #etudehousemalaysia #flamingobloommy #flatlay #lipsticks #clozette #butterflymsia
Gonna get more of my 10% discount opportunities in @etudehousemalaysia before 30 Sept after buying my favourite matcha latte at @flamingobloommy! 😍 Anyone interested to see what I got with my 10% off the other day?? 💄💋 . And in case you wonder where you can get authentic Etude House products, their official stores are only in Sunway Pyramid & Sunway Velocity, and you can also get their genuine products online from @hermomy & @lazadamy! . #flamingobloommy #etudehousemalaysia #clozette #etudehouse
When you know there’s a healthier choice of tasty bubble milk tea at the same affordable price as the usual bubble milk tea brands out there! 😱 . You can now enjoy beverages from Floral Crafted Teas to non-caffeine fresh fruit juices at @flamingobloommy ‘s first store in Malaysia at📍Sunway Pyramid! . Trust me, they are able to provide you that kind of guilty pleasure just like when you drink your favourite bubble milk tea, except it’s without the guilty feeling because all of their beverages ingredients are 💯 NATURAL, FRESH & HEALTHY! . 1️⃣ NATURAL - e.g all their teas ingredients are from real flower petals and leaves instead of using powders [3rd pic] 2️⃣ FRESH - e.g super fresh fruits! And all their tea, pearls and salted milk cap will be replaced after 4 hours [4th pic] 3️⃣ HEALTHY - e.g they use cane sugar instead of white sugar, black pearls with transparent golden pearl which only made by flour and cooked with caramel (the black one contains black sugar in it), and the Salted Milk Cap is 💥 ! . I would recommend you guys to try out their Highland Oolong Latte topped with Boba Pearls and Salted Milk Cap if you’re a tea person because with their recipe, you can still taste the authentic Chinese Oolong tea in the milk tea! 😍 . 🌟Good news to all beauty lovers!! Get your healthy drink from #flamingobloom and enjoy 10% discount on @etudehousemalaysia items (they are just opposite with each other)!! Promotion only valid from 1 Aug - 30 Sept 2018 so make sure you do it soon! // #flamingobloommy #etudehousemalaysia #clozette
In case you have no idea what to eat for dinner, go for Yong Tau Fu. You’re welcome. 😎 Got this cute top for only 100 baht at Chatuchak market 😍 Skirts from @choosedress ❤️ #NicoleYieOOTD #swaggersinbkk #clozette #terminal21
Only if I can enjoy life like this everyday.... Unicorn 🦄 soul as my beverage and mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️ hair as my meal 😂🙊 #NotSerious #JustKidding #swaggersinbkk #clozette #chuanpisamai
Visited one of the prettiest cafe with prettiest food in #Bangkok! Can’t get over with the colours 😍🌈 And the drink was actually strawberry milkshake! #swaggersinbkk #chuanpisamai #foodporn #clozette
I got my boarding pass to California!.... only if @stivesmalaysia picked me to go after I’ve #TurnUpTheGlow with their Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub (that’s a long name 🙈😂) Have been a fan of @stivesskin facial scrubs cause it’s very effective and affordable! Maybe I’ll do a full blog post review about their scrubs soon? 🤔 Stay tuned! . #stivesmalaysia #clozette #butterflymsia
Flamingo vs Pokai-doh💸 😂 . #SwaggersInBKK #matchbox #matchboxpinkplanter #apommy #clozette #butterflymsia
The face when I know it’s only Tuesday... 😦 Want to give a guess on where is this place? (Hint: refer to my previous post) 👕: 📷: @snowmansharing