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You can also find me at Instagram/Twitter/Dayre: Paperkitties
A delightful evening spent with @bioessence_sg and my bbgirls ❤️ This is actually my first time trying out their bio-gold series (with 24k gold flakes) and I was impressed by how lightweight the products are despite being an anti-aging skincare range. I surprisingly love the Bio-Gold Gold Water more than the lighter Rose Gold Water version for it leaves my skin supple, deeply hydrated and not at all sticky/heavy! xx . #clozette #bioessencesg #biogold #sgbeauty #ootd #lbootd #sgig #igbeauty #bbloggers #beautychat
Woohoo! I’m stoked to finally add these two @pixibeauty #pixiglow cake highlighter and illuminator palettes to my cheek collection. Get a healthy radiance with this multi-purpose palette.. it’s not too glittery but gives just the right amount of luminous glow. Go give it a try! xx . #clozette #sephorasg #sephora #pixibeauty #pixibeautysg
14 more sleeps to Christmas!! How’s your x’mas shopping going? @TheBodyShopSg is high on my shopping list, as always, cuz there’s so many gift sets to choose from! Choose between a mask or bubbly party with these cuties, and don’t forget the animal headbands while you’re at it 🦊 Do also check out the special seasonal bodycare edition... Hubs and I are totally in love with the Peppermint Candy Cane (you can get the travel sized house of delights for only $15~) x . #clozette #thebodyshopsg #thebodyshop #xmas2018 #xmaswkitty #sgbeauty #igbeauty #sgig
Skincare junkies rejoice for @drunkelephant is finally in town!! Heard sooo much about this clinically efficacious brand and am more than happy to add them into my #cleanbeauty collection. Can’t wait to thoroughly try out the highly raved super potent vitamin C serum and Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil to get my glow game on... shall report on my thoughts soon! xx . #clozette #sephorasg #sephora #sgig #sgbeauty #igbeauty #drunkelephant #drunkelephantsg
Haven’t been out in the sun for so long, I’ve completely forgotten on the importance of after-sun care 🤦🏻‍♀️ Have been reaching out religiously for this botanical blend of goodness from @bjorkandberries. Birch Recovery Face Oil helps boost dried-out skin by hydrating and nourishing while I sleep. It bring a dry oil also means that absorption is much faster without the greasy feeling. Now can I please have my better skin back by tomorrow? xx . #clozette #escentialssg #escentials #bjorkandberries #cleanbeauty #sgbeauty #igbeauty #madeinsweden
I’ve always looked forward to @shuuemura annual holiday collection and was treated to a chocolatey feast this year! In collaboration with French Parisian chocolatier house La Maison du Chocolat, these makeup babies are definitely a delicious treat to my eyes and nose 🍫🍫 They are far from gaudy, super wearable.. do swipe for some lipstick swatches! x . #clozette #shuuemura #shuuemurasg #sgig #lamaisonchocolat #xmaswleney #sgig #sgbeauty #xmas2018
Thank you @rosesonlysg for sending over a dozen of fresh mauve roses that are so huge and thoughtfully dethorned ❤️ Remember to quote “ROSESLOVE” when carting out to enjoy 10% off! x . #clozette
Finally had the chance to finish up my current stash and move on to trying out @luxluminiquesg superfood shampoos and treatments! I love the Acai Straight duo (purple) for its subtly sweet scent, it’s moisturizing but doesn’t weigh my hair down - it’s ideal for those with damaged or fragile hair. If you have dry hair/scalp, then the Goji Berry Moist variant will be ideal for you. No parabens, no silicone nor artificial colorants; you’re definitely getting a bang for your buck with them! x . #clozette #luxluminique #luxluminiquesg #sgbeauty #igbeauty #sgig #haircare #superfoodhairfeast
Perfect for the upcoming festivities, @zoevacosmetics’s Screen Queen collection brings you to Hollywood glamour while still being wearable! The colors are all beautiful, be it the eyeshadows or highlighting palette, and are easy to blend too. Not super pigmented though, so if you’re into an intensive look you may be disappointed. But if you like the natural look like I do, you’ll appreciate this without fearing on being too heavy-handed. Not a must-have for the eyeshadow palette, but I would definitely recommend the highlighters! x . #clozette #sephorasg #sephora #bbloggers #sgig #beautychat #zoeva #zoevasg #zoevascreenqueen #sgbeauty #igbeauty
Achieve natural radiance with @koraorganics Amethyst, Rose and Clear Quartz Luminizers! Each of them actually contains crushed crystals to support balance, love and clarity respectively so that you will be glowing inside out ❤️ They are super versatile and can be used any part of your face/body, easily blendable and gives a luminous healthy sheen. I won’t recommend using them all over as they may be slightly too sticky for our weather, instead, use it on specific spots (like browbones, collarbone, cheeks etc) for an instant glowup! x . #clozette #koraorganics #koraorganicssg #sgig #sephorasg #sephora #luxasia #sgbeauty #igbeauty
A beautiful bouquet of flowers never fail to brighten up my day and make me oh so shutter happy! Thank you @aflowershopsg for sending this lovely blossoms my way xx . #clozette #aflowershopsg #alenebootd #oursecondnature #sgflowers
As I’m about to hit the big 3, it’s inevitable that my skin is slowly steering towards the drier side as we speak. Thankfully, I’ve recently tried out @AHCbeautysg’s Hydra B5 that gives instant hydration to thirsty skin - due to its main ingredient, Vitamin B5! I love the lightweight, watery texture that absorbs super quick into my skin. It adds as an extra boost of hydration before I proceed with my routine, allowing better absorption while leaving my skin glowy. Get yours now at my bio link to find out more! . #Clozette #SP #AHCMySecretYourSecret #sgbeauty #AHCBeauty #kbeauty #AHCKoreanAestheticBeauty
Counting down towards my favorite month and season, let’s kickstart my #Xmas2019 gift recommendations with @crabtreeevelynsg! Instead of the usual traditions, I was surprised to see a total makeover on this year’s theme. Modern minimalist but still retaining the festive vibe, don’t forget to grab the cookies and teas! x . #clozette
Being exposed to air-con and blue light from my electronics almost 24/7, along with my hormonal acne, it's no surprise that my skin needs some extra TLC as I grow older. I've been using @Aderma_Singapore’s Phys-AC Perfect Fluid to repair and hydrate my skin with anti-inflammatory goodness. Treat and prevent adult acne, all while restoring skin balance. Click on the link in my bio to find out more! x #clozette #aderma #adermasg #SP #skincarejunkie #acnecare #sgbeauty #igbeauty #sgig
Missed the 11.11 deals? No worries, Black Friday is just around the corner! @PHShairscience will be having an online sale from 23-26 Nov and you’ll get to enjoy 25% off + a volumizing hair brush (which is really cute with a mirror behind). My pick is definitely the Purify Shampoo and Tonic if you have oily scalp like mine. All you got to do is check out with my promo code to enjoy the special deal! #clozette #goodthingsmustshare #phshairscience #sgbeauty #igbeauty #haircare #sgig #blackfriday
An apple a day keeps the doctor away... now what if I consume 20? 🤔 Tbh, I was quite skeptical when @renovatiobio was first introduced to me; what could a serving of 20 Australian apples actually do, other than having super potent antioxidants? Having tried both the Activated Phenolics Powder (taste just like diluted apple juice) and Tablets for a month, I’m now a full convert. Not only do I feel energized throughout the day, my constant migraine disappears whenever I consume a tablet a day! Yes, I did tried going a day w/o one and my migraine came back~ If you have a hectic and stressful lifestyle like I do, I’ll recommend picking the Activated Phenolics Tablets so that you can always consume it on the go, even when you’re rushing for time x #clozette #sgbeauty #igbeauty #renovatio #sgig #anappleaday #activatedphenolics
If you stare really hard, you’ll spot a really cute reflection of two guys trying to make this #ootd happen. Swipe to see my test models in action 😂 x #clozette #alenebootd #kedssg #alenebtravels #大阪 #纸猫咪去日本 #visitjapanjp #andwelldressed #osaka
For someone like me who crunch numbers on a daily basis, having a loud Casio Colorful Calculator like this sure brightens up my work desk! I've deliberately picked this eye-catching fuschia (but @casiocalculatorssingapore term it as red, fyi) piece just so that it won't get lost in my sea of mess 😝. Not forgetting the flat keys and large supple font to ensure the right figures are calculated.. anyone needs one too?! #sp #BEYourself #MYColor #WhatsYourColor #clozette #sgig #casiosg
Today’s fragrance pick that best describe my mood ❤️ Lazy Sunday Morning by @maisonmargiela is a classic floral scent with a touch of woody musk that smells of soft yet freshly laundered clothes. Wear it alone or layered, it’s an everyday clean scent that’s subtly beautiful. x . #clozette #sephorasg #sephora #maisonmargiela #fragrance #sgbeauty #igbeauty
Of concealers and mattifying powders. These are my basic essentials when it comes to touching up after a long day; @thebodyshopsg now have them in four different shades and they are made of 100% vegan Matte Clay. How cool is that?! x . #clozette #thebodyshopsg #thebodyshop #cleanbeauty #sgig #sgbeauty #igbeauty