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Hello from The Skinny Scout! I blog over at www.theskinnyscout.com, on all things beauty, style and travel for the savvy jet-setting babe in you. Like almost everyone else, I love fancy hotel stays and I miss Europe and... Read more →
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Hello from The Skinny Scout! I blog over at www.theskinnyscout.com, on all things beauty, style and travel for the savvy jet-setting babe in you.

Like almost everyone else, I love fancy hotel stays and I miss Europe and California a whole lot. My guilty pleasure is a good fondant moelleux with a generous serving of vanilla bean ice cream by the side. Oh, lazy pool days are the best!

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New moisturiser alert! Find out on my blog of you should invest in this gel moisturiser from @narsissist. • On another note, Royan is so awesome! The games are great, the spirit is awesome and the beach is perfect! This is such a perfect summer, I don't want it to end. • Visited the marché this morning and bought some fresh fruits and produce for today's / tomorrow's dinner. I think I might need to take a short coffee break for now, or a siest - We've got 2 more games this afternoon (against Netherlands and Ukraine) and I wanna be there for both! • Last night was terribly warm and I had to sleep on the couch under the stars for a bit to "profiter" the cool night breeze. No air con, but no traffic noise either. I can never get enough of the quiet. • All the action is live on my Insta Stories, so check that out if you haven't already. • Bisou bisou, à tout à l'heure!!
It feels so good to be back in this city that needs no filters. This summer is actually quite hot and I'm so thankful it isn't humid. 3rd day and I haven't gone shopping! French classes have definitely helped though I still can't code switch as and when necessary. But whatever - croissants right? 😆 Everything is on my Insta Stories if you want to see more of Paris!
I'm leaving for France tonight but am barely packed and ready to go (everything on my Insta Stories). Even so, I've already got a pretty good idea which of my beauty essentials to bring along for this trip. • We'll be in Paris and Royan, which are a beautiful city and beach town, so products that will protect my skin, give me wearable everyday looks 💄 and reduce sun damage are definitely on my list. Check them out in my latest blog entry, on https://theskinnyscout.com • On another note, I cannot be more excited for this trip! I'll be supporting the Singapore Beach Ultimate teams at the international tournament @wcbu2017 (mainly because the boyfriend is playing in there 😅) and I'll get to watch the best teams in the world play live. If you haven't watched an ultimate game, definitely find something on USA or Japan. • I'll get to wear my new bikini from @aerie (my current favourite lingerie and swimwear brand), new sandals from Rubi, gorgeous chic jewellery from @trouvee.co and new clothes from @asos! I didn't manage to get a Panama hat but perhaps I'll find one when I'm there. • Is anyone going to be in France too?
Some new and current beauty favourites (and yes, bringing them all to France next week): @larocheposay Toleriane Ultra Light Moisturiser: a Godsend for my super sensitive skin, contemplating getting the nighttime one @batiste_hair Dry Shampoo: BEST dry shampoo EVER @shiseido Aqua Intensive Mask for hair: need it for my dry tresses after the beach sessions @daiso_official bottle: for storing detergent when on the go L'huile Merveilleuse: beauty oil with a secret recipe (created by a French beautician), gifted by the boyfriend's mum; it works great for my hair too
It was so much fun at the recent Korean Makeup workshop I gave. Taught the girls how to create ombre lips and add a dash of red to their eyes, among some other techniques. • Because their skin was all so good, we skipped foundation completely (unlike me in here 😂). • Our makeup was completely sponsored by @thebodyshopsg, and we got the opportunity to test out some new shimmery eyeshadow shades, which were perfect for anyone looking for something light on the eyes. We ended up with very natural-looking makeup that accentuated the girls' features and showed off their youth. • Tell me: What is your favourite #thebodyshop makeup item?
I've got a new skincare product! So excited about this new Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate from @cliniquesg. • It's fragrance-free and from one of my favourite & trusted skincare brands. Most importantly, it's pastel, peachy pink. 😂 #girlythings • Did you know that this new concentrate should be applied on your skin after moisturiser? More of my thoughts on this concentrate over on the blog today. • I also bought another new moisturiser at the drugstore this afternoon and I cannot wait to use these two together. Oh yes, good skin, here I come! • Tell me: What moisturiser are you using at the moment?
In LOVE with this design! I'm quite into interior designing lately, maybe because owning my place is going to be a reality in the near future. It started with some tiles, and it's going full-blown real soon. What do you think of this space, Me, I find it sexy. 📸: @trendland
My current nighttime moisturiser is something from @narsissist. But what I really want to know is: What is YOUR nighttime moisturiser?
How are you doing today? Me, I'm just trying my best to look at the positive side of things in life, like sunlight, rainy days and the beautiful makeup that I own. Meeting my best friend for dinner tonight and I can't wait to hear her tales of Tuscany and Italian cuisine. Friends really do make the world a rosier place to be in. Sending love to all in Thailand, the UK, the Philippines and Syria during this difficult time.
Do you know that you should cater your skincare products and routine to your skin's age? As we age, our skin takes a longer time for cell turnover. This is why wrinkles form and our skin loses radiance with age. At @lorealskin, you can discover products that will suit you regardless if you're in your 30s or 50s. The Revitalift Laser X3 (first on the left) is meant for you if you're above 25. It's meant to help reduce lines and pores, and smoothen out roughness. The Revitalift Dermalift is best suited for skin that is above 40 and it helps with reducing wrinkles and regaining firmness. Finally, the Age Perfect is aimed at skin that is above 50. It provides intense nourishment and aims to repair all signs of aging. The question is: Which one of the 3 are you? 😘
I'm getting more excited for our France trip with each passing day. Today, I finally booked the hotels we'll be staying at and I just can't wait! Searching for the right hotel can be a pain in the ass, so I've rounded up on the blog 5 mid-range (and still affordable based on the value you get) hotels in #Paris with the best vanity mirrors. After all, you need to look good in all those photos, am I right? 😄 📸: @pinterest
ianstamaria: Wow!! I love this photo!! :D
Pilates is so amazing. Not only do I feel much stronger after each session, it also helps me achieve a leaner, more toned physique without building bulk. On another note, I've finally booked our pretty hotel in Paris and I SOOOOO cannot wait to hop on a plane right now. And of course, Royan is going to be amazing too! The summer is going to be so great, I just know it. You can read what I'm planning to do in France in my latest blog post. https://theskinnyscout.com
I am so excited about our upcoming summer trip that I can't do anything now. In one of those holiday moods! Here's a quick snap from back when we were in the south of France! Don't worry, more pics coming up guaranteed to give you beach envy!
We had so much fun at yesterday's Korean Makeup workshop! Merci beaucoup to @thebodyshopsg for being the official makeup sponsors, and @artplusshanghaigallery for the beautiful space! And if my parents had Instagram, I would tag them to thank them for being my event photographers too. These girls are all gorgeous in their own ways and I really enjoyed my time with them. To the girls from yesterday: I had such a great time and hope to see you all again soon! Your beautiful photos will be on my blog soon. 😘 Last but not least, a very happy birthday to @amandine.wibaux! 🎂
Why hello there! I'm so happy it's Friday, not because it means the weekend is here but because I'm super duper excited about tomorrow! I won't say much about what's happening because I don't want to jinx it but if you're near Tanglin Mall, Singapore, you might find me! 😄👋🏻 *goes off to play with coral eyeshadow*
Throwback to when I wore one of the most comfy pairs of sandals. Hope your Vesak Day went well. Now let's look forward to the weekend!
Passed by this beauty yesterday. Look at those gorgeous columns! I used to think to myself as a kid that I'd like to get married in a place as gorgeous as this and be a princess for a day but now it's all too easy to just have your photo taken with any nice building you see, any time you wish. Oh how times have changed! Anyhow, I am SO GLAD it's holiday tomorrow! Who's with me? 🙋🏼
I can't help feeling that times passes by way too quickly. It's the weekend yet again, and tomorrow will be the first French class for the new semester. I'm a bit nervous because I haven't spoken French in 2 weeks, and honestly I'm also not looking forward to the 7-ish wake-up time. On another topic, does anyone know of a good salon that does permanent hair waves? I don't want a curly wurly perm - I want waves (like how I've done it up here). Anyone? 💁🏼💇🏼💆🏼 📸: @aletheajane
If you like this top, my latest blog entry tells you where you can buy it and how you can style it with class. Stay chic, and happy Thursday mes amours. 💋 https://theskinnyscout.com (LINK IN BIO)
New video is up! Today I show you how you can style and wear cami tops. Oh, I also find out I can't fit into an article of clothing I used to wear, so if you're interested in buying it off me, just let me know! 💋 I also styled my hair specially for this video, so you should watch it and tell me what you think. 💁🏼 https://theskinnyscout.com (LINK IN BIO)