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Hello from The Skinny Scout! I blog over at www.theskinnyscout.com, on all things beauty, style and travel for the savvy jet-setting babe in you. Like almost everyone else, I love fancy hotel stays and I miss Europe and... Read more β†’
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Hello from The Skinny Scout! I blog over at www.theskinnyscout.com, on all things beauty, style and travel for the savvy jet-setting babe in you.

Like almost everyone else, I love fancy hotel stays and I miss Europe and California a whole lot. My guilty pleasure is a good fondant moelleux with a generous serving of vanilla bean ice cream by the side. Oh, lazy pool days are the best!

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Another look at the copper eye makeup I did. You should go get that #3CE palette now. It's called "Up Close." Have a lovely weekend. One more to the end of my suffering over here! #exams #studentagain #coppereyes
Light was shining in the right spot - for me to show you my recent fav eye makeup! All the colours (except eyeliner) are from this @3ce_official eyeshadow palette. Here are the shots of how the colours look under diffused daylight and directly under the evening sun's rays. Also wearing one of my jewellery staples, the Brazilian rose quartz stud earrings from @trouvee.co. 😍 Can you just say #irresistible?! P.S. My lips are still healing from eczema, so all I have on is a thin dab of @bobbibrown gloss somewhere in the middle.
New blog post on why I use 2 eye creams instead of just one! Why aren't you doing that now? #beautyblogger #beautycounter #lorealsg #lorealparis #esteelauder
Cinderella and her bridesmaid. The adventure continues!
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I haven't been updating much in here because I've been busy living my life! 😊 Balancing French classes, giving private lessons (my kids' exams have started/ended so I finally have a breather!!), managing @trouvee.co and studying for my own exam at the end of the month is no joke. Maybe I won't do something crazy like that again. πŸ˜‚ Also, silk dresses. They're my current obsession. Enjoy the weekend! #workoutπŸ’ͺ #healthylivin #healthylifestyle #fitnessislife #fitnessgoal
It has been forever since my last blog post but I finally had some time this afternoon! Sooooo, I'm sharing a couple of my oldies but goldies! Grab the link in bio! πŸ’‹ #TGIF!
New addition to my morning routine! My belly button hole closed up (I think), and I'm thinking of re-piercing it. That, or a small tatt behind the ear. Thoughts?
Feeling like a big boss... but I'm actually chilling on the couch in my shredded denim shorts! πŸ˜‚ Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! β€’ ON STUDYING>> I'm so sick of studying for my exam at the end of October. I feel like it's taking too long for just 5 hours of written stuff, and going through the questions in my revision, I see so many questions that are plain bad. Not in the sense that they are difficult (because there are those), but that they don't make sense: BAD grammar, horrible structuring of the options in MCQs, sometimes even to the point where I can't even make out what the question is trying to ask. Come on, they should totally let a teacher help with the question setting! 😢 β€’ ON BEING ALONE>> So as you know, I'm running my own company and I am UP TILL MY NECK with things to do, considering that I'm also learning French and giving private lessons to my students whose exams are in 2 weeks' time. I think I need a break, or just cut down the number of things I'm doing. It's quite hard to pick which to let go at this moment (already missed French πŸ‡«πŸ‡· class last week) but I think it will be easier once my exams are over and the results are out towards the end of the year. Let's work hard towards our goals together! πŸ’ͺ🏻 β€’ THERE'S ONLY ONE OF ME>> Too many people want too many things from me. And it's gotten to the point where I have to choose who I will disappoint - because it's not going to be me. So, sorry if I don't reply your texts, wants, needs (seriously, you've GOT to have other people in your life for that) etc because there is just one of me. Why should I attend to you when I can't even see to me? Meh! Ta ta, I'll be fine with my choices and you'll be fine on your own road. β€’ NOTHING ELSE MATTERS>> Ok this is turning out to be a looooong post. πŸ˜… But in any case, to EEEEVERYBARDI out there, nothing else matters more in my life right now other than studying for my exam and passing it in end October. I cannot multi-task. I don't care if you have an all-expenses paid trip (inclusive of a 10-star hotel accommodation) for me to New Zealand or Norway - if it's before my exam I WILL NOT ENTERTAIN THE THOUGHT OF IT. #dedication
Isn't this just the prettiest bar counter ever?
Spent the weekend at Desaru watching the fun Ultimate matches at Sand It, getting to know really cool people (and meeting summer-found friends again) and feeling all sorts of fitness vibes oozing into my every cell. The party music on Saturday could have been better - maybe next time I should be the DJ, or we should just play the tournament tunes for the parties. πŸ˜‚ If anything, it was saved by Ed Sheeren and glow sticks. It was way too short, but I'm sure the next tournament shouldn't be too far away! So glad to have been accepted into the Ultimate family as a supporter and I look forward to being there for as many future tournaments as possible! I asked the BF if there were tournaments for beginners and he said there are Hats. I said, "No, I mean complete beginners who are really bad like me," and he went, "... ... Maybe not." πŸ˜‚ OK then, remaining as cheerleader represent. πŸ’ƒπŸΌ
Enjoying the long weekend here and being utterly pampered by @parkhotelgroup. Oh, the joys of a Club Room! 😊
So yesterday Instagram (and Facebook) was down and out and all of us who had Twitter flocked there to find out what's wrong. SO MANY people felt lost, and if Twitter didn't exist, social media would be that patient who died on the operating table before his heart started beating again with electric shock. And a really scary thought came to my mind: If social media really ceased to exist suddenly today, how would we all cope? What would we all do? We'd have to connect with people in real life and to so many of us who are so used to living a life on social media, we would absolutely not know how to handle real life interactions. We wouldn't say hi or strike up a casual conversation with a stranger based on the latest news (and however would we catch wind of that!). We wouldn't hang out just to chill with a bunch of people and forge closer relationships. We wouldn't KNOW what to do. Maybe go shopping? Maybe watch endless soccer matches (eww)? Maybe read a book (yay)? What would happen to all the connections we've made online that didn't translate to real life (ie no phone contact numbers or emails to remember)? It would all be gone. It would go back to the days of Netscape and dialup. We would all feel so, isolated. But not me, at least, I think. I've cut down my activity on social media quite a bit recently because I wanted to focus on my real life (I know I've said "real life too many times) and though I would definitely feel a bit disconnected from the rest of the world, it would be easy for me to continue my lifestyle. You don't need social media to go to the beach, have an ice cream at the cafe or wear something nice to go for dinner with your #squad. You need to learn to let go of the need to show off how the best parts of your life is like, in an attempt to keep your best memories and forget the ones that leave a botter taste in your mouth. Learn to enjoy now. Live in the present. It might be tough but it's so vey rewarding. You'll feel human again. β€’ β€’ β€’ By the way, shopping yesterday for a dress as my sister's bridesmaid (theme is nude). What do you all think of this piece? Twitter peeps were agreeable. πŸ˜„
I reviewed this some weeks back for a @yoyokulala Beauty Club article. This pretty holographic highlighter from @beccacosmetics is quite a real deal! This is the shade Opal Flashes Jade, and has a slight greenish tint to it. So while it may not be for everybody as an all-over face highlighter, it works great for eye makeup (or a themed look). There are several different other shades that are more cheekbone-friendly, and I highly recommend this range. Mostly because I am allergic to liquid products, and this powder one works fine. The shimmer doesn't smudge or fall off my cheeks, and a little bit is enough to get the effect you want. Do check this out the next time you pass by any counter with Becca makeup, and many thanks to the peeps over at @yoyokulala!
The best place in Paris for Portuguese egg tarts! I hope your morning is going well. Did you get a good breakfast?
Some of my current lip favourites. These don't break my lips out (I get eczema very easily), and do what they're supposed to do. Plus, I can wear them to work every day. Ithink I'll need to restock the @marcbeauty one very soon. What's your current favourite lipstick?
I love black shoes. What about you? #fridaymood #parisienne
Where has all the time gone! I can't believe it's already August... My mind still thinks it's early July. πŸ˜… In any case, there's a 5% sale happening on https://trouvee.co (@trouvee.co) and I'm in love with this new lipstick I recently discovered. Details on my FB page! The background in today's post is the skyline of #Singapore I see from the balcony of my apartment. Do you like it? I love it A LOT! The best is when we're dining (alfresco) at home and we get to see the National Day fireworks almost completely unblocked every Saturday from the preview parades. Most romantic thing ever. In any case, I wish you a good day today and an even better one tomorrow!
Summer, don't go away so fast. I'm not done with you yet. I can't be. Let the rain come down and wash away my tears. Let it fill my soul and drown my fears. Let it shatter the walls for a new sun. A new day has come.
In love with this! Wishing you a pleasant week ahead...
Playing with the evening light... β€’ I haven't been updating often because, you may not know this, but I am trying to stay away from social media as much as possible. My life is changing in several ways, and I think it's time I change some things to fit accordingly. β€’ As Einstein once said (debatable if it was really him), it's insane to keep doing the same things and expecting different results. I'm looking to include more meaningful connections in real life - with people, nature and myself - and being stuck on Facebook and Instagram isn't going to help with that. β€’ On top of this, I have embarked on a new adventure/phase in my life, which I will reveal in time to come (mostly because I don't want to jinx it πŸ˜„). β€’ So many possibilities, so exciting. Today, my question to you is this: What are you doing to move towards the life you desire?