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Hello from The Skinny Scout! I blog over at www.theskinnyscout.com, on all things beauty, style and travel for the savvy jet-setting babe in you. Like almost everyone else, I love fancy hotel stays and I miss Europe and... Read more →
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Hello from The Skinny Scout! I blog over at www.theskinnyscout.com, on all things beauty, style and travel for the savvy jet-setting babe in you.

Like almost everyone else, I love fancy hotel stays and I miss Europe and California a whole lot. My guilty pleasure is a good fondant moelleux with a generous serving of vanilla bean ice cream by the side. Oh, lazy pool days are the best!

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Finally made my rounds at this gorgeous place. Waterfront living never felt so good until I saw it for myself! The environment is peaceful and quiet. The location is so near the CBD area and the development is within walking distance to the largest shopping mall in Singapore (and yet, look ma, no crowds in here!). If you get one of the 4-bedroom units, you get the best: Single-loaded units means the breeze flows in through one end of your house and out through the other; you are also right in front of the turquoise sea water. If you have pets, there is TONS of space to take Roger out for a walk by the sea! I cannot gush more about this place but there is still so much more I haven’t told you. If you are interested to have a look around, just PM me for more details! (The apartment seen in this post is an actual renovated 2-bedroom unit for sale; there are others of different numbers of bedrooms which have not been renovated and are also for sale.) #luxurylisting #luxuryliving #singaporeexpat #waterfronthomes
Such a lazy Saturday. While waiting for the BF to get his haircut done, I went and bought an organic essential oil diffuser for my home office desk. Can’t wait to show it to you! In the latest blog post, I share a couple of shots of my current makeup loves, like this @diorparfums Souffle de Soie. I know a lot of people go crazy over Jo Malone but honestly I haven’t found a scent from JM that suits me - they smell too linen-ish for me, if you know what I mean. So I guess I’ll be sticking to my Dior and Chanel fragrances. I’m sure I’m not alone in this! Wishing you a relaxing weekend.
New year, new me! I decided to re-introduce myself on the blog today (link in bio), because I’m not the person I used to be and some of you are also new in this space we share. So many amazing things are happening in my life all the time; it’s a bit overwhelming but at the same time I know all I need to do is just go with the flow and take care of my body. Leave me a comment at the end of my blog post, telling me more about who you are as well. Perhaps you can start by telling me in here what your favourite city in the world is. I can’t decide between Lyon, Paris and London!
My new year resolution was to workout 3 times a week this year. Being on track is such fun! Also wearing the citrine ear studs from @trouvee.co - staying stylish while sweating it out has never been easier. Eye liner from @marcbeauty and lip colour from a @kikomilano lip pencil. 💖 #everydayibt #clozette #workoutday
This is part of what my current vision board looks like. None of these photos are mine, all grabbed from the internet, and when put together makes up the kind of life I want for myself this year. Created this using Diptic, paid $1.48 for the expendable layouts so I could get the right dimensions for my phone’s wallpaper. I find it quite difficult to manifest money, and one tip I learnt was to manifest and feel what that money can help you achieve - this was so much easier! What does your vision board look like? #manifesting #manifestation #travelinspo
Merci à @marcbeauty de Singapour pour ce cadeau! Thank you Marc Jacobs for this present! I’m currently in Lyon, so everyone check out my Insta Stories, to see what life here is like. For one, our current place has this view of the city from all parts of the house! 😍
Today I returned a couple of dresses that I’d bought online, because I’ve gone up a dress size. This means 2 things: 1) I need to exercise more. 2) I hadn’t even realised it was a whole dress size, which just tells you how effing long I haven’t shopped. In any case, I don’t know what I feel about my abs because it means my waist isn’t as tiny as it used to be (therefore I am bigger) but they also tell me that I’m strong. I guess I rather be strong! 💪🏻 And because I returned the new clothes, I went to buy some work pants (not online). You won’t believe it, before this I had NO work pants. Now I have 2 pairs. Project “Update/Curate Work Wardrobe” has begun!
New yoga mat for my Pilates sessions! SO IN LOVE. I’ve been busy since the last update in here - but there is a new blog entry from a couple of days ago! Go read that while I try to shape up! Finally feeling better, throat is no longer sore and I’m super thanking the stall that sells red bamboo leaf sugar cane drinks at Takashimaya’s basement. 😂 The perfect drink to cool down from all that heat!
It’s been a while since I did a #selfiepic. But today this is how I look, having done my own makeup for a corporate photoshoot (swipe to see it), and feeling quite under the weather at the same time. How I turned 10 years older and several shades more tanned in the photoshoot is beyond me but I’d already expected it. 🤣 Anyone wanna share your professional corporate photos with me? 😍
Fourth wedding in 4 weeks. What a month! Today’s makeup was simple without any contour along the nose. Swipe to see the luxurious interior I had the luck to experience this afternoon at @fssingapore! The coming weeks will be much more relaxing than the past 4 months, and I’m starting to wind down for the holiday break. How about you?
Did you catch my latest unboxing video? It’s up on Facebook! I reveal these hand creams from @thefaceshop_sg @thefaceshop.official that are a part of their holiday collection. It’s December. I’m allowed to talk about #Christmas. 🤪
Between this and Peggy Porschen Cakes, which would you pick? Oh I am so so so excited for London this Dec! I’ve never really thought of visiting London before - the closest I ever got to touching English soil was almost selecting University of York years ago for a semester of studies (and oh how my life now would be SO different!). But it seems the time is right, this is a period of change for me. So London it is after Lyon. Any recommendations (best shops, restaurants, activities...) are welcome! Amazing photo by @nikkitibbleswildatheart.
Fun thing to do on a weekday night: Cut the tags off your new activewear.
The truest smiles I give are when I’m with those whom I trust with my life.
So... I’ve changed my Instagram handle again. Why not? The previous one was boring me. If we can change who we are in real life, why shouldn’t we also change who we are online? Nothing is ever constant; this new nick signals new things to come in my life and I can’t wait! Gorgeous home by @charlotteluxuryhomes.
Happy happy forever-lasting marriage to @ruyu_ and Yu Rong! Awesome photography (this photo is still unedited by him!) by @ashleymakphotography, without whom my polaroid would be just another white elephant in the room, and without whom the magic of this day would never have been captured. #weddingshoot #bridesmaidstyle #natureinthecity #happymoments❤
I still can’t get over my gorgeous glitter #gelishnails! 😍 #bridesmaidstyle #bridesmaidduties
First glitter #gelish ever and I’m in love with it! #weddingprep #bridesmaidnails #bridesmaidstyle
I love a good white space but going all-white can make it feel very medicinal and sterile. That’s why a couch makes for a warm centerpiece and adds luxury to the area. Scandinavian people really do have beautiful homes (that don’t cost an arm and leg)! This lovely space is by @bolagetfastighetsformedling.