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Hello from The Skinny Scout! I blog over at www.theskinnyscout.com, on all things beauty, style and travel for the savvy jet-setting babe in you. Like almost everyone else, I love fancy hotel stays and I miss Europe and... Read more →
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Hello from The Skinny Scout! I blog over at www.theskinnyscout.com, on all things beauty, style and travel for the savvy jet-setting babe in you.

Like almost everyone else, I love fancy hotel stays and I miss Europe and California a whole lot. My guilty pleasure is a good fondant moelleux with a generous serving of vanilla bean ice cream by the side. Oh, lazy pool days are the best!

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Brrrrreaking the monotony to give you sneaks on an eyeliner-only tutorial. Wearing this out right now for a morning coffee date! Watch this space my loves. #TGIF www.theskinnyscout.com
Still in holiday mode!
Windswept indoors. My life is crazy and I love the way it is now. Away from the predictability, away from the norm, just no longer how it used to be. I feel free, I feel empowered to make my own decisions - to be who I want to be, to go where I desire, to meet who I want to meet, to help who I can, who ask for it. With each passing day, I feel like I'm getting closer to the person whom I'm meant to be and to the life I'm meant to lead. Very thankful today to everybody in my life who has made it the way it is today and I can't wait to meet so many more of you. Thank you for trusting in me, for your advice and for sharing all of your stories with me. 💋 www.theskinnyscout.com
Hi, have you heard? I've a new video up and I show you how to create your eye makeup in less than 5 minutes! Let's just get all the difficult, unnecessary shading, contour and highlighting out of the way. It's back to basics, my dear. 💋 www.theskinnyscout.com
Which hat do you wear, ma'am?
Being a woman is tough, whether you're part of the daily grind in the workplace or a stay-at-home mum. No matter what you do, it always seems like you're being judged for it - and many times by other women. I wish we could all be kinder to one another. You can feel lost, like how I do now. I don't know where exactly I'm headed and it drives me nuts. It seems so easy to do, just pick a direction and head towards it. And that's always been the way I viewed life till now. The fickle in me doesn't know anymore which direction to go in, because so many of them are tempting and possible. And the ambitious part in me wants them all. I wish things can be easier, I could lead a simple life. But I would be so bored that I'd choose to come back to this crazy, uncertain one. So many times we compare our now to someone's success, someone's 20-years-later, and we get beaten down because we're nowhere near. I want to meet people who are still at their now, trying to get there to other people's 20-years-later. Let's grow together. #internationalwomensday 📸: @aletheajane www.theskinnyscout.com
In a few moments, it will be #InternationalWomensDay. In appreciation of all the strong women in the world, @trouvee.co is having 20% off all rings from midnight till midnight (8th March). Just use the code INTLWD20 upon checkout. Shop: https://trouvee.co
Mgrazielle: ❤️❤️❤️
One of the most fun things to do on a girlfriend staycation is ogle at each other's makeup.
Finally on a staycation with @corinne_liying, and loving my resort outfit! Tap for deets, loves. Hope you're having a great Monday. www.theskinnyscout.com
A quick throwback to when it was time for the cruise... 🚢 www.theskinnyscout.com
juliaantoinette: 💕😍💕
Three different lighting conditions and filters, which one do you like best?Have a good Tuesday, my dears!www.theskinnyscout.com
Mondays are just like any other weekday. Just because it's the start doesn't mean it's got to be the most difficult. Treat yourself to a good meal today and see how it changes everything. Come on! You can do this! 💪🏻 www.theskinnyscout.com 📸: @ruyu_
Adding a couple of new blushes from @lorealmakeup and @diormakeup to my ever-expanding collection. Hope your weekend is going well! 💋 www.theskinnyscout.com
Reflections. 📸: @ruyu_ www.theskinnyscout.com
If you have more than one piece of jewellery - and that's quite common - you should try to layer them. In the blog's latest post, I share some tips on how you can do just that. Loving these pieces from @thomassabo and @trouvee.co because they're simple and dainty, and they go well with one another. www.theskinnyscout.com
It's the final day of the week, let's go! #hustleon #youcandothis #girlbossmoment
A little sneak at something exciting to come next month. Can you guess what I'll be doing? 😊
I had SUCH a great time tonight at the launch of @skjewellery's new XiFu Collection of 999 gold wedding jewellery. The pieces, not yet launched in Singapore (and therefore have no price tags attached as of now), are truly gorgeous, especially the ones with rubies! 😍 It was nice to have brought my mum as my plus-one, because I love it when I can share a slice of my life with her outside of home. Seems like she knows how to take a good #wiwt shot too! 😂👏🏻 As usual, my earrings, rings and necklace from @trouvee.co served me well by putting the subtle finishing touches to my overall outfit. You know what you should do? You should watch all the action now on my Insta Stories and see sneaks of @nathanhartono singing my current favourite @jamesarthurinsta23 song. www.theskinnyscout.com
Buying your first leather jacket can be daunting and off-putting, especially since leather jackets can be quite expensive. But I share some shopping tips today on the blog on how you should go about doing it, so that you get your money's worth and look great in this staple piece. Don't work for style - make style work for you. Also giving photog credit to my wonderful little sister, one of the few people in the world who can put a smile this big to my face. 📸: @ruyu_
I find it so refreshing to discover new products to add to my beauty routines on my own, instead of having companies send me products and then expect me to share about them. Bought this aqua gel from @narsissist just yesterday (will share my story on the blog of how I came to get it) and I've tried it twice so far. Can't wait to see how my skin will improve after a week or so. Happy Sunday!