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My tabby cat, BB cushions, a beauty blog, and my many candid reviews!
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My tabby cat, BB cushions, a beauty blog, and my many candid reviews!
🦁🦁🦁 You guys know how much I love masking and here are 3 from a Taiwanese brand that I thought would be neat to introduce to you all. It has a cult following in its home country and achieved similar welcomes in Asia, like Singapore! . Sister brand to the one of the top cosmeceutical (and premium) brand - For Beloved One, For Beloved Girl was created to bridge the gap between extremely high quality products and at a more affordable price tag. At SGD$16 for a box of 3pcs, stocks were constantly running low at the shelves of Sephora. I have personally tried the Skin Renewal variant (yellow box) and at about $5.40/pc I think it’s a worthy bargain buy! . From 25 Oct onwards, when you purchase 2 boxes of Cloud-Silk mask at any Sephora stores, you will receive 1pc of Flawless Brightening mask free! — @forbelovedone @forbelovedgirl @sephorasg @theprpeople
🦁🦁🦁 On Mondays, we start the week fresh and dynamic! In mood, in fashion, and in look. And by look, I really mean a healthy complexion. . Marketed as “The Cleanser That Gives Back”, the new updated formulas of these 5 foam cleansers from Neutrogena does just that - giving back a cleansed, hydrated complexion - without compromising the various core functions. . The R&D people knew that traditional (and I mean really traditional) foaming wash is typically drying to the skin as it cleanse, stripping the skin not only the impurities but the skin’s moisture as well. But what can the R&D do? I don’t know, but they do. They tweaked the original formula and instead of water as a base, they swap it out for pure Glycerin. An ingredient that is usually overlooked and deemed as a second fiddle or just a complementary ingredient, Neutrogena decided to put their focus on this humectant that had the innate ability to attract moisture and potentially prevent moisture loss. . Hence, with this new Glycerin first formula, you can easily choose the appropriate one for you that can tackle either sensitivity, dryness, dullness, acne, or even one that helps exfoliate and refreshes! — PS. I am giving out 2 pairs of cleansers in the next #theLIONgiveaway so look out for that!
🦁🦁🦁 I had a full day running errands all around on Saturday and the sun wasn’t the kindest to me despite the sunscreen I put on. So tonight I’m putting aside my home peel and clay mask for a soothing, hydrating creamy mask. --------------------------------- Declaré Hydrobalance Ocean’s Best Mask - Creamy, wash-off mask with brand developed SRC-Complex™, a blend of sensitive skin-friendly ingredients. The complex improves skin barrier function, prevent moisture loss, and overall improvement of the look and feel of skin. Notable ingredients include Squalane, Cupuaçu Butter, Algae, Seawater, Hyaluronic Acid, Bisabolol, Ectoin, and more to revitalize skin, replenish moisture, plump and keep skin smooth and supple. --------------------------------- Now, the brand says that the perfume that is used is compatible with sensitive skin, I do find the mask to be really fragrant. . The texture is creamy and spreads out pretty easily. Because of its texture, it doesn’t dry up completely during the 10 min duration. . About it’s effect? It feels nice when freshly applied on, and it rinses off just as easily too. Although I couldn’t see my inflamed skin normalizing, I will keep trying it to have a clear picture of it.
🦁🦁🦁 A week ago, I celebrated my birthday. In less than two weeks time, we will all be dressed up for the Halloween parties. Immediately after that we have Deepavali, the festival of light, in November, Christmas in December and finally NYE just a few days after. So you see, I am really, really excited and looking forward to all that lies ahead ❤️ . Halloween > Deepavali > Christmas > New Year’s Eve — #Kbeauty #asianbeauty #rasianbeauty #Beauty #ProductReview #Bblogger #bbloggersg #bloggersg #sgblogger #Beautybloggers #maleblogger #Bloglovin #Clozette #Skincare
🦁🦁🦁 We have come to the last #theLIONtryit post of my IRÉN skincare, and in this post, I will be demo-ing more than I will show pictures because it is better to see it! --------------------------------- Skin Vaporizer - Powerful misting device with the ability to compress and disperse liquid content into nano-sized particles to allow skin to absorb the liquid way more efficiently and effectively. --------------------------------- The beauty of this device is that you can pair it with a toner, an essence, or even watery foundation to achieve maximum coverage and fitting results. The only con to this is that they do not have a refill Serum Mixer bottle yet so if you decide to go with the airbrushed foundation effect, you’d be restricted to using it only for said foundation. That, or unless you completely washed out the foundation, soak the container with alcohol to be sure that it is 100% sanitized for repurposing. . About it’s technical bits - this Skin Vaporizer disperses its nano-sized particles at 80,000nm (same as the diameter of a hair) thanks to an “ultra-high yet gentle pressure of 85kPa to push the actives in the serums into the deep epidermis layer”. . In my case, as you can see from my video, I am repurposing my Skin Vaporizer into a powerful FTE misting device. Since it is said to be able to nano-size the content, I want my FTE to amp up the efficacy of it. Also, don’t really need to pour and slap my face anymore! I can just vaporize it and gently tap~ tap~ tap~. . To be very, very, very honest, the @irenskin Skin Vaporizer is a tad expensive but as an investment, i can see myself saving to buy one! Nano-sizing actives to the size of a hair shaft diameter? Okay!
🦁🦁🦁 IRÉN, very interestingly, uses a patented “Ziplock Encapsulation Technology” to maintain the purity and freshness of the serum’s actives. The cap is also designed in such a way that it dispenses the right amount with each press of the top button. Neat! --------------------------------- Soothing Serum - Avocado - Supercharged with Avocado, this Millennial-associated superfood contains omega-3 fatty acids and multiple vitamins to nourish, soothe and relieve inflammation commonly experienced by atopic skin conditions. Further amped up with Witch Hazel, Niacinamide, Chamomile, Allantoin, Aloe Vera, and D-Panthenol. --------------------------------- This serum has a viscous texture which takes a while to get completely absorbed into the skin. However, due to its formulation, once it gets nicely absorbed into the skin, it does feel more supple and smooth. . Commonly associated with expensive brunch and the downfall of millennials’ dream of owning a property, Avocado is most certainly more beneficial than what it is known for in this era. Avocado is high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, D, and E, all of which had been proven effective in moisturizing, speeding up wound healing, relieving inflammation, and reduce signs of aging. Together with the other ingredients, especially Allantoin, it is a powerhouse formula to heal, soothe and calm the skin as it brings it back to the pink of health. . In my routine, I apply this soothing serum on my whole face right after both the anti-acne and whitening serum, followed by a moisturizer of my choice.
🦁🦁🦁 IRÉN is also a neat brand that is vegan, cruelty-free, and do not use paraben, alcohol, nor silicone in their formulations. And about their formulations? Their unique patented formulations have gone through 10,000 hours of clinical research and testing to ensure efficacy --------------------------------- Anti-Acne Serum - Mangosteen - Supercharged with Mangosteen, this queen of fruits targets acne skin with its antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Further amped up with Rosehip, Meadowsweet, Aloe Vera, Oat, D-Panthenol and Alpine Willowherb. --------------------------------- This serum has a viscous texture which takes a while to get completely absorbed into the skin. However, due to its formulation, once it gets nicely absorbed into the skin, it does feel more supple and smooth. . Known as the Queen of fruits, the Mangosteen has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial compounds. It also helps speed up the healing process of wounds, repair cells, and regulate sebum production. . In my routine, I apply this anti-acne serum on my whole face right after my FTE, followed by the whitening serum and soothing serum.
🦁🦁🦁 IRÉN is a proud Singapore brand who that specializes in modular skincare products. Its hero product is their skin treatment serums with different key ingredient(s) that address various concerns. These serums are made in Japan and contains up to 5% of supercharged actives. --------------------------------- Whitening Serum - Yuzu - Supercharged with Yuzu, this intensive yet gentle whitening serum penetrate deep down the skin layers to brighten complexion and lighten pigmentations. Further amped up with Red Alga, Phytic Acid, Niacinamide, Alpha Abutin, Oat, and D-Panthenol. --------------------------------- This serum has a viscous texture which takes a while to get completely absorbed into the skin. However, due to its formulation, once it gets nicely absorbed into the skin, it does feel more supple and smooth. . Higher in Vitamin C than lemon, the Yuzu extract together with the rest of the proven whitening ingredients can help fight pigmentations, lighten acne scars, even complexion, and give user an all-rounded radiance. . In my routine, I apply this whitening serum on pigmented areas after the acne serum but before the soothing one.
🦁🦁🦁 The best kind of birthday present is one from the heart, or one that you simply really wanted. Therefore, I am really beyond happy, ecstatic even, when I opened up a simple, nondescript parcel this morning. Delivered all the way from the U.S., this parcel contains all the newness from Dr Dennis Gross skincare! . Remember that little poll I did on which anti-acne UV light treatment device I should get? I (we) had decided on the DRx SpotLite™ Acne Treatment Device from DDG but I have been waiting for a birthday coupon code before ordering it online. So imagine my surprise when I opened the parcel to see the device in it! *gasp* thank you Dr Dennis Gross & team for this surprise! . Best birthday present for me, yayyy! Well, it’s technically not a birthday parcel but whatever, the big day is tomorrow so it is a birthday parcel now. 😝
🦁🦁🦁 Ever since I’ve gotten my hands on this nifty little chubby pen device, I have been using it at non-stop, everywhere, anywhere, anytime, at home. Of course. --------------------------------- Sunmay Sonic Eye Massager - a rechargeable palm-sized eye massager with ion-electrode sonic vibration, heat, and dual color treatment light waves. Ideal for lines, bags, dark circles, tiredness etc --------------------------------- I love everything this device is equipped to do. I love that it has this heated sonic vibration that really helps relieve some of the eye pressure and tiredness. In fact, sometimes when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do while still lying in bed, is to use the eye massager to massage the eye area. For this, I do it without the heated function. Leaving the device expose in an aircon room overnight will help cool the tip hence delivering a depuffing kinda effect. Also, it is rather enjoyable to be lying down and doing this vibration thing around the eyes. . Now, it does come with 2 treatment light waves in Yellow and Blue, each with its own benefits. Yellow light is said to improve fine lines while the Blue light is said to tighten skin and relieve dark circles. The heat function, together with the yellow light wave, is supposed to promote blood circulation and other cool effects. But whatever it is, make sure your eye area is moist enough so the massaging head does not pull or tug the skin. We don’t want anymore lines to show up now won’t we? . Sunmay is a new brand in town and they aim to serve up effective treatment devices without the hefty price tag. You can find their products at selected Popular bookstores.
🦁🦁🦁 For the absolutely most LUSH Halloween and Christmas this year, be sure to add on a couple of seasonal exclusives from everyone’s fav fresh batch cosmetic brand, LUSH. . Happy to be invited to their media preview yesterday and even happier to be one of the few to see the assortment of bubbly bath bombs, essential oil soap bar, moisturizing body bars, multi-use play-doughy dough, sugar scrubs, this year’s Charity Pot in the form of solid, tub-shaped Naked Body Lotion. . The Charity Pot is their CSR project and has been ongoing for years now. This project has helped many charities, human rights group, and other animal and environmental related campaigns. Shopping for a worthy cause is always a good idea! . Look out for all these innovative, creative, and delicious smelling products in stores now! Christmas exclusives will be available at a much later date (TBA).
🦁🦁🦁 Face prepped. Issues treated. Now let’s move on to the eye area and pamper it with a little probiotic magic with L’Oréal’s secret sauce - Ferment Essence Complex! --------------------------------- Youth Code Skin Activating Ferment Eye Essence - enriched with the same Ferment Essence Complex (Lysate + Papain), Caffeine, Sodium Hyaluronate, Peptides, Pineapple, Adenosine and more to help alleviate dark and tired looking eyes, fine lines and elasticity too. --------------------------------- The selling point of this, aside from the key Ferment Essence Complex, its 3-roller massaging mini ball applicator. It’s cooling quality aids in the depuffing and absorption. The serum-like texture is also a good one as I can use it one its own in the morning and then apply under-eye brightened over it since it is not over rich (lightweight) and it keeps the eye area supple (hydrated). At night, I like to layer a teeny dot of eye cream over this eye essence as it function as a “booster” too, “activating the skin” and maximizing the effect of the secondary product I apply over. . For the night, I chose the L’oreal Men Expert Vita Lift Anti-Ageing Eye Serum with antioxidant-rich French Vine Extract to further correct various signs of aging. Now, Rome wasn’t built in a day, dark circles and fine lines won’t be resolved in one application, so consistent usage is key. — PS. Also, staying up till breakfast time binging on the latest drama about the Emperor & his many competing wives probably isn’t going to help your dark circles either.
🦁🦁🦁 Right, right, right. So after you’ve properly prepped your skin with the Centella FTE, the next step calls for a treatment product. If your skin is dry, opt for hydration. If your skin is dry and crinkly, opt for anti-aging. And if your skin is littered with marks (not the good kinds your teacher gives you at school), you can, like me, opt for a whitening treatment. --------------------------------- White Perfect Clinical Derm White Essence - an anti-spot whitening treatment essence with Derm White Technology (a complex made up of Actyl C, Adenosine, Fibrelastyl), Niacinamide, and Sodium Hyaluronate to fade spots, illuminate complexion, and refine skin texture. --------------------------------- This could be the perfect whitening treatment essence if they could reduce the fragrance (even though it is already at the last placement in the formula). The smell of this essence is just a tad strong. I personally wouldn’t mind fragrance in my products just as long as it delivers results as promised and so far this essence has given me a nice, even glow. It is just too early to comment on its effectiveness on pigmentations but for the rest of the areas, yup, it maintained its clarity and extended the radiance. . A complain tho, can’t they jumbo sized this whitening essence and the Youth Code Ferment Pre-Essence too? With every drop, i feel my heart getting pinched a little. I feel like I am going through both products so fast!
🦁🦁🦁 Maybe you have heard, or maybe not, but I am going to share with you the tale again. Once upon a time, in an unspecified location far far away where my friends, the tigers, were roaming and playing freely and fiercely. Often coming home with bruises and scratches, the mummy tigers would often asked them to roll around in the lush green patch because mummy know best. And voila, the wounds were observed to have healed up in no time. That is when the humans discovered the innate healing power of Centella Asiatica, or as the native tigers call it, the Tiger Grass. . Realizing the potential of Centella when used topically, offering anti-inflammatory, healing, anti-aging and antioxidant properties, brands started to incorporate the extract into products marketed to treat, heal, improve fine lines and elasticity, and also reduce inflammation and scarring. --------------------------------- Revitalift Micronized Centella Essence Water - as I fondly calls it, the L’oreal FTE, this essence water contains a whopping 92% Centella Asiatica to repair and firm skin. The micronized particles are 5x smaller, making it more effective in penetrating the skin to treat an assortment of skin issues. --------------------------------- This is actually my 2nd bottle and I am always happy to see how well it hydrate the skin and keeping it supple. With the layering of the Youth Code Ferment Pre-Essence underneath, I find the Essence water sinking into the skin much faster and cheeks do not feel as dry halfway through the day as I normally do especially when layers of makeup is worn. . One other thing to note is the viscosity of the essence water. Despite it being called water, it has a somewhat thicker texture than water. It is like a water-charged gel and because of this, it dispenses out of the hole drop by drop, making application amount very precise. Regular water (toner) just gush out and dispensing more than necessary for one application. . Ok ok, since we know that such a product helps absorption of the subsequent skincare products, you guys would wanna hang around to see what I am applying next after this essence water. I will be talking about it in tomorrow featured post! x
🦁🦁🦁 This week is all about L’Oréal Paris and I will be featuring and talk about the products that I have been and still am currently testing. . If you’ve been following the skincare trend for awhile now, you’d probably learnt the powerful effects of probiotics when used in skincare. L’Oréal Paris Youth Code line harnesses the power of fermentation and produced the ‘Ferment Essence Complex’ - a combination of lysate and papain. --------------------------------- Youth Code Skin Activating Ferment Pre-Essence - a quick-absorbing serum-like product that helps renew skin, strengthen skin barrier and improving overall skin’s health. --------------------------------- Now, the wonder of this pre-essence is that it is modular. This means that you can easily introduce it into your existing routine consisting with or without other L’Oréal skincare products. . One obvious thing I have noticed while using this product is how serum-like the texture is, and also how quickly it absorbs into the skin. This dual quality of it helps plump up the skin in a “just-drank-enough-water” without the greasy/shiny look. I also like how well it layers under the L’oreal FTE which I will be sharing more of tomorrow, so stay tuned!
🦁🦁🦁 This is such a bubbly mask to have on! Self-bubbling sheet mask isn’t something new, but every brand has its own unique selling point and this is no different. --------------------------------- Skin Republic Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Face Mask Sheet - a self-bubbling oxygenating mask that clean pores, exfoliate, refine pores, and detoxify skin for a radiant, youthful complexion. Enriched with Centella Asiatica, Peony Root, Tomato, Apple, Pomegranate, Ginseng Root, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree, Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit and more. --------------------------------- This is really a fun mask to have on. As the bubbles start forming and bursting, you’d feel a slight tickle as if the bubbles are massaging your face. The charcoal sheet mask also does a great job at balancing the skin and contributed towards a clear looking skin. . Once the 20 mins is up and it is time to remove the mask, I like to massage the “oxygen-, fruits acid-rich foam” left on my face all over the skin for a couple of seconds before rinsing it away. I feel that it helps in keeping the skin bright and radiant. That way, I will definitely wake up to a bright and plump skin!
🦁🦁🦁 I am always on the lookout for a good setting spray. I have tried a couple “best selling” and “cult favorites” but I am still not satisfied until I find one that I like personally. Through a random encounter, I saw a product demo of this fixer and I decided to buy one and try it. --------------------------------- Missha Fix Me Make-Up Fixer - a setting spray in an aerosol can, thus delivering a much finer, uniformed mist particles than traditional pump spray. This spray has a formula that forms a thin protective film over makeup to help wear time. It also contains Bamboo Water, Centella Asiatica and Aloe Vera to soothe and keep skin hydrated. --------------------------------- So about the product demo that I’ve seen, a spray of this and a few minutes of waiting time, eye shadow and other color makeup did not move and shift about even when smudged across. There were minimal transfer and smudging hence my intrigue. . First impression? Good! The mist was indeed fine. The stream was consistent and continuous so you can just move the can around to coat every part of the face effortlessly. It had a light, refreshing scent but I wouldn’t say it is an obvious scent because it smells and feels just like water. There was no obvious shine on my face after setting so I am going to go ahead and classify this as a natural setting spray (not matte-matte, and no dewiness). . I am gonna give this a few more tests before coming back with a more detailed insta-review!
🦁🦁🦁 I have always wanted to try this particular clay mask that has a re-texturizing effect from Origins but never really got around to trying it. Then just last month, through an event, I received a mini sample of the mask and I can finally try it! --------------------------------- Origins Original Skin™ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay - a deep cleansing, glow boosting, pore and texture refining clay & scrub mask with Mediterranean Rose Clay, Canadian Willowherb, Algae, Sodium Hyaluronate, and other botanical extracts and a couple essential oils. --------------------------------- The mask paste is a light pink color and its texture is smooth and creamy. It is really so easy to apply! Another thing that needs highlighting here is the pretty nice rosy scent that you will be able to detect once the mask is applied. As far as first first impression goes, this is pretty neat.
🦁🦁🦁 Come discover the powerful soothing, calming and healing power of Calendula Flower with AprilSkin’s full 3-step Real Calendula routine. . The Real Calendula Peel-off Pack had received overwhelming love and repurchase in Singapore and Korea alike. It provides a deep exfoliation and upon peeling-off, reveals a radiant, clearer complexion. . New to the fold and introduced tonight was the Real Calendula Deep Moisture Essence ($32.90/100g) and Real Calendula Peel Pad ($29.90/60pcs) Testers are already up at various Guardian stores so go try the products’ texture, especially the essence. I will do another featured post where I will touch on each of the products another day. . PS. The Real Calendula Peel-Off Pack is currently having a promo where you get 2 pcs of mini peel-off packs that is good for traveling use. The set retails for $23. — #AprilSkinSG #RealCalendula #GuardianSG @aprilskin_global @insidercommunications @guardiansg
🦁🦁🦁 So what were in the little parcel I showed a few days ago? Well, if you know the brand, you’d know that whatever is inside is a good companion for sensitive skin users in mind. After all, the brand was founded back in the late 70s to help anyone and everyone with sensitive, irritable skin types. . Check out the full unboxing video on my IGTV now! I will attach a direct url link on my bio for easy access too. — @declare_official @declaresingapore