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I blog all things beauty and lifestyle: from makeup, to skincare, all the way to aesthetic procedures! Here’s to beautifying the world, one post at a time.
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I blog all things beauty and lifestyle: from makeup, to skincare, all the way to aesthetic procedures! Here’s to beautifying the world, one post at a time.
Feeling pretty festive this Sunday 🌷. Wearing @hollyhoque Roslyn Neoprene Tube Top out and feeling like I blend in at Gardens By the Bay. Happy Sunday all! #clozette #HHootd #hollyhoque #ootd
What brightens a mood when you've been working 10 hours and just want some TLC πŸ’“. The item I'm most interested in using is the new EIGHT HOUR CREAM ALL-OVER MIRACLE OIL that can be used for face, body and hair! πŸ’πŸ»I wrote a post before on their cream which was really great for my sensitive skin, so I'm pretty excited about this one! 🌝The oil is suitable for all skin types and can lock hydration in for 8-12 hours! It actually comes in a misting spray bottle so you get a nice thin layer for your face. Pretty cool. 😬 I love how there's vitamin E in it along with avocado extract! I'm gonna take a shower now and then apply this goodness all over! Very excited! πŸ’‹ thank you #ElizabethArden for sending these goodies over. Can't wait to dig into all of them. #clozette
πŸ‘„ Shu Uemura X Beautiful People πŸ‘„ This Holiday Season @shuuemura_sg invites us all to celebrate sisterhood and to pay it forward by impacting the lives of other "Little Sisters" who come from less privileged backgrounds. With their Gift a Kiss campaign (from 10 December to 31st December), simply pop by any of Shu Uemura's 10 stores in Singapore and make your special lip imprint πŸ’„πŸ’‹ with their wide array of rouges. FOR EVERY LIP SWATCH COLLECTED, SHU UEMURA SINGAPORE WILL BE DONATING $1 TO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE TO HELP WITH THE TANGIBLE SUPPORT OF VARIOUS ONGOING TRAINING AND MENTORING PROGRAMS FOR THE LITTLE SISTERS. Psst: fronting this campaign is Shu Uemura's iconic ROUGE UNLIMITED SUPREME MATTE LIPSTICKS. color shown above is PK 376 πŸ’—. A supremely matte yet comfortable lipstick with signature hybrid pigments for high fidelity color payoff. Available in 14 shades islandwide at $33 each. #clozette #shuuemurasg
Date night πŸ’“ #clozette
πŸŒΏπŸ› #RBFwhattodo #likethatlor #mosquitoesmakemecry #clozette #ootd #ootdsg #ootdcampaign
πŸ›πŸŒΏ #mosquitoesmakemecry #defaultface #RBF4life #clozette #ootd #ootdsg #ootdcampaign
Shu Uemura X Maison Kitsune is giving you a reason to splurge this Xmas 🌲. This makeup (smokey eye and cheek) palette in Plum will get even the tough hearts swooning πŸ’“. Available in Indigo as well. Both available at @shuuemura_sg counters for $98. #clozette #getklarity
Any lovers of Xmas and Macarons out there? πŸ˜‰ because #loccitanesg has collaborated with the ever famous #pierrehermeparis to create an amazing collection that blooms with the scent of merriment and deliciousness. 🌼 I've been lucky enough to be sent an EDT, hand cream and body lotion (each more scrumptious than the next!). β˜ƒ ALSO! MMCO (Modern Minimalist Co) has worked together with #Loccitane to create a gorgeous limited edition MACARON NECKLACE that's drop dead cute!!! All you need to do is SPOT, SNAP AND UPLOAD A PHOTO of the hidden macaron in their selected Loccitane Stores to FB or IG to win πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰. Thanks for kick starting my XMAS MOOD 🌲. #clozette #getklarity
Was just looking back at my sponsors for this year and feeling very grateful to all of them πŸ™πŸ» for this picture in particular, @august_society and @japaniplexpress come to mind! I remember freaking out about how I would look in the bikinis but one thing I didn't worry about was unwanted body hair. Not kidding! In fact it's been awhile since I've had to worry about shaving ANYWHERE and I really have @japaniplexpress to thank! It's almost been a year and I'm about 90% hairless already πŸ’“πŸ™†πŸ». So much love! Please guys, don't underestimate the awesomeness of IPL for the body. Pay more for service which promises long lasting results and you won't regret it 😁. #clozette #getklarity #swimwear #ootd
It's a Saturday; so I'm kicking back with #loccitane Aromachologie's Rebalancing Line which comes with an exfoliating Rebalancing Shower Gel made with purifying essential oils($33 for 250ml) and a Rebalancing Massage Cream ($69 for 200ml). Both aim to bring well-being and harmony to body and mind - which is what I can really use πŸ™πŸ». #clozette #getklarity #sponsored #loccitanesg
Babysitting is much harder than it looks, but a lot more fulfilling than can be shown. I miss this little peanut all the time. πŸ’ (ps: she's so good at posing πŸ˜‚) #clozette #getklarity
Spending the night in on #TGIF finally getting to dig into these lovely #Clio Tension Lip lipsticks. Thank you for sending these over πŸ’—. #clozette #getklarity
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Lunch with my favorite girls today πŸ‘― #clozette #graintraders
Late breakfasts with @benzo31 β˜•οΈ #clozette #getklarity
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Pre-birthday dinner with beloved for his special day in Jakarta πŸ’“ #clozette #getklarity #lesamis #socieaty
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Spending the whole day wholly covered in #Hollyhoque. Wearing Libby Stripe Blouse and Pavo Tweed Shorts today and loving the casualness πŸƒ #HHootd #clozette #getklarity (credits to my πŸ’“ @becksko )
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Epic lunch with @epicfriedrice 🍴 #clozette #getklarity
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This is as honest as an #ootd goes: a highly unflattering one at that. I've had a few slimming treatments before and the problems with my thigh area have fluctuated up and down. Now, especially after heavy and rich foods often, they've gained more cellulite and became rounder. Luckily, @londonweightmanagement has kindly offered to sponsor me 10 sessions to blog about. Im halfway through but I've decided to post my first one up on the blog! It comes with a promo code for you ladies to check out 😊 #clozette #getklarity #londonwmsg #newbodynewyou
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Missing the weekends with @benzo31 🌼 #clozette #getklarity #pscafe #pscafesg
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What made my early morning 🌼 thank you @beatricesays for the photos! #clozette #getklarity
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