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Self-proclaimed beauty addict who is also in love with outdoor adventures, yoga, animals, cars & being a geek.
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Self-proclaimed beauty addict who is also in love with outdoor adventures, yoga, animals, cars & being a geek.
These on rotation! Palette for days ❤️
Sharing loots from Etude House Wisma Atria Flagship store opening! LOVE the colorful tray of goodies guys! 🍬🍭💜❤️
[NEW] Innisfree launches their renewed Green Tea🍃 Line, featuring a comprehensive range of moisturising products formulated with 100% extracts from Beauty Green Tea.... 🚩With over 10 years of research, Beauty Green Tea contains a higher level of amino acid as compared to the previous batches... 💓The best selling of the lot, Green Tea Seed Serum now contains 100% Fresh Green Tea Water 2.0 extracted from Beauty Green Tea - Set to heighten the hydration level of dry skin... ❗️There are special gift with purchase instore promotion for every purchase of a Green Tea Seed Serum & are while stock last!... 📍Check out Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum New Hydration Pop Up Store at Bugis Junction from 11 to 15th April! There are interactive activites so join in the fun!.... ❤️Can’t wait to try out the line!
Visit the FIRST Colour Factory out of South Korea, #EtudeHouseSg Flagship store is now open at Wisma Atria!.. 💋With 1 to 1 lip consultation, get to customize your very own lipstick from the whopping collection of 240 colors! 😍... ❗️Also, find a suitable foundation through 1 to 1 skin diagnosis... There are various packages the Flagship store offer.. Also, tons of Etude House goodies! 👭Time to bring your girlfriends!
[NEW] I LOVE the smell of Lavender after a long day at the office... 💜Needless to say, the newest Lavender range from Botanical Fresh Care by L'oréal Paris won me over with its refreshing scent & soothing properties... 👉🏻As with other ranges from the Botanical Fresh Care range, all products are formulated without silicones, parabens & colorants... 💜With Organic Lavender Essential Oil sourced exclusively from France, the new Lavender Range features a unique Pre-Shampoo Oil treatment that aids in soothing sensitive scalp while moisturizing hair.. This is used on dry hair & massaged into the scalp while spreading on lengths & leaving it for 5-15mins.. After that, rinse hair & wash with the Lavender Shampoo... 💜The Lavender Pre Shampoo Oil is retailing at SGD23.90 while the Sulfate-feee Creamy Lavender Shampoo is retailing for SGD17.90 & the Lavender Soothing Therapy Conditioning Balm is retailing for SGD15.90... 💜Now, I shall have some me-time to a pampering session at home 🧖🏻‍♀️! Thank you #LorealParisSg for making bath time so relaxing 💆🏻‍♀️ with #BotanicalsFreshCare Lavender range 💜💜..
[NEW] The Number 1 Best Selling Body Lotion from Korea is finally in Singapore!... 🚩JSOOP Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body Lotion is specially formulated to target the acnes on our body.... 📍Containing ECO CERT certified antiseptic cypress oil extract, the body lotion aids in soothing sensitive skin by providing relief for the overactive sebum glands.... 📍Also, Ceramide & Hyaluronic Acid aids in protecting the skin from irritants while maintaining moisture levels in the skin.... ☀️Since it’s summer all year round here & the fact that I LOVE my low-back tank tops, I find this lightweight lotion useful to prevent any occasional acne on my back. It absorbs quickly & doesn't feel sticky during the day.. It also smells relaxing... 💓JSOOP Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body Lotion is retailing for SGD$59.90 for 400ml at selected SaSa stores & online at www.beautycarousel.com...
In recent years, I discovered the cause of my random episodes of experiencing blotchy, itchy & swollen skin around my eyes isn't so random after all... 🚩Usually triggered in a clothing store after trying several pieces on, or after standing out too long in the wind, my sensitive skin will start to react - which is why I'd always have antihistamine tablets in my bag.... ❗️After switching my moisturizer to La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Intense Soothing Fluid for about 6 months now, I notice my skin is more resilient, less proned to redness & best of all, the itchiness doesn't come back even at a clothing store sale. It has become my lifesaver! 💓With proven clinical efficacy & tolerance on Asian Patients, LA Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra aids in reducing skin sensitivity using Neurosensine that neutralizes irritation mediators such as histamine... 👉🏻Toleriane Ultra is the FIRST cosmetic recommended by the French Allergy Prevention Association... 📍Available in two textures, Toleriane Ultra for Normal to Dry Skin & Toleriane Ultra Light for Combi to Oily skin.. ❗️Get a trial Toleriane Ultra Light worth $8 at http://bit.ly/tolerianetrialkit. Try it to know for yourself ❤️
A short getaway down under 🇦🇺 with the family ❤️. Back to basic with these.. Tap for deets!
❤️Japanese skincare brand, Suisai uses the gift of fermentation to aid in every women’s achieving porcelain skin.. ❗️& FINALLY, Suisai full range of products is now made available in our🏝 sunny island... 📍Featuring... 1️⃣Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover - Removes heavy makeup & impurities in pores while moisturizing the skin... 2️⃣Creamy Cleansing Gel - Removes makeup in pores without being too harsh on the skin... 3️⃣Creamy Soap Facial Wash - With its fine-textured foam, the soap absorbes impurities while keeping skin hydrated..... 4️⃣Beauty Clear Powder Wash - an Enzyme-Based Face Wash Powder that I highly recommend... 5️⃣Skin Tightening Cool Lotions - With 3 variations, I for those who prefer the skin to be less oily & sticky, II for skin to be moist & not stick & III for skin to be completely hydrated & plump... 6️⃣3D Serum Sheet Masks - Intensively moisturizes skin with its fermented properties... 7️⃣Emulsions - Also with the 3 variations (mentioned in Lotions) to match different skin needs... 🚩 Available now at Welcia BHG Bugis & Northpoint City & Don Quijote.. Can't wait to try them out myself!
March is the month to celebrate International Women's Day & I'd like to dedicate this post to my mom ❤️... 💓 With a heart of gold, my mother is my role model. She inspires me daily with her acts of kindess, her grace, and her generosity towards all people... ❤️No matter the adversity, she keeps her head up and keeps going. It shows me that I can keep my head up too, every single day... 🚩I’ve always looked up to her when I was young and even more so now, as an adult... 💓Here’s some #Canmakesg goodies I used today... ❗️Share with me of the women who inspires you here! 👇🏻
[NEW] THEFACESHOP introduces a new skincare range, Dr. Belmeur - 100% Natural Fragrance & Dermatologically tested. With its Advanced Cica Range, is targets damaged skin & boost skin barrier... ❗️ Only till tomorrow, THEFACESHOP is having a Dr. Belmeur Pop-Up Store Event at Orchard Central, Level 1, Atrium.... ⭐️Get yourself a free sample kit and exclusive deals at the pop-up store... ✳️Spend SGD$25 & above to get a chance to play the claw machine to win fabulous prizes from Dr. Belmeur and THEFACESHOP! 💓Have a good time this weekend! 😊
Thank you all for being so supportive, IG fam.. I'm extremely moved ❤️.. Sharing some goodies today.. 🇯🇵Japan NO. 1 Must Buy drugstore brand, Suisai, is finally available in Singapore! 📍Produced by leading Japanese brand Kanebo, Suisai Beauty Clear Powder made waves in the beauty industry since its launch... ❗️I discovered this brand when I was in Japan & am so glad I can finally get my supplies here in Singapore.. I can't tell you enough how highly I'd recommend this... 👍🏼PERFECT for traveling or gym, each capsule contains a good amount of cleansing powder that produces a foamy lather when mixed with some water.. 🚩With its unique fermentation formula, the cleansing powder leaves the skin moist, smooth & bright.. It aids in smoothing rough skin, removing impurities & unclogging pores without being too harsh to the surface... ♥️Available now at Welcia BHG Bugis & Northpoint City & Don Quijote at SGD$27 for a pack of 32 or SGD$14 for a pack of 15...
My Glow spot on with @111skin Rose Gold Brightening Treatment Mask!.. Still loving the effects from the 111Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask @ Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask.. How did your Valentine Day go? ❤️
Hello Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3! Thanks sis for helping me with this ❤️
[REVIEW] Tonight's choice of pampering - 111Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask... ❗️Benefits of the mask - reduce appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, brightening & evening out skintone, protecting skin barrier function & nourishing the skin... ❗️Fiber of this mask is 500 times thinner than tissue mask, allowing moisture to be locked in, & deeper penetration of ingredients into the skin. ⭐️The mask has a protective film on both sides & fitted my face really well. It also had a reasonable amount of essence, enough for my neck & décolleté.. Upon removal, my skin looked brightened & well hydrated, showing a glowy radiance. The remaining essence wasn't sticky & felt comfortable to the skin, almost like a serum... 👉🏻Great for a tri-weekly treatment for optimizing the skin's moisture level!... ❤️@111SkinSg Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask is retailing for 5 pieces at SGD170 & can be found at Robinsons, the Heeren.
[Review] Down to my last bit of Sothys Wrinkle Targeting Youth Cream & a definite repurchase on my list! ⭐️With active ingredients such as Liposome Complex that visibly smooths wrinkles, Yeast Extract that boosts skin cohesion & Citric & Pyruvic acids that enhance the radiance of the skin, this cream aids in prolonging skins youth.. 👉🏻The first month of using the cream, I notice my skin tone more even & fine lines on my forehead less defined - Especially when paired with my layered Sothys Youth Serums.. ❗️I've been using Unifying Youth Serum + Detoxifying Anti-Free Radicals Youth Serum for DAY. 🌙Reconstructive Youth Serum + Firming-Specific Youth Serum for night.. 👌🏻Sothys can be found at all Sothys salons nationwide. You can check out the salon list from their website www.sothys.com.sg
Still admiring these beauty goodies from @GuerlainSg Holiday collection 2017. ❤️
❗️On the 24th of January, 2018, outside of the United Nations Headquarters in New York, a group of 8 dogs of different breeds & sizes held the world’s first animal protest. A joint campaign held by The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International, these dogs held protest signs, bandanas and miniature banners to show their support.... ⭐️This protest was to bring up the insane fact that 80% of countries worldwide still have no laws against cosmetic animal testing and to promote a global petition at http://www.foreveragainstanimaltesting.com.... ❗️In the last 6 months, 4.1million signatures were gathered and once it reaches 8 million signatures, The Body Shop & Cruelty Free International will present this to the UN, in an effort to ban cosmetics animal testing..... *There were professional dog training and veterinary support & the dogs were not in any distress when this photo was taken. 📃I’ve signed my petition, will you too?
🎁[Giveaway] Introducing NEWEST from L'oréal Paris Haircare, ColoRista - Featuring 3 technologies for different levels of commitments & 26 combinations! 1️⃣ColoRista 1 Day Spray - Instant hair color that washes off in 1 shampoo! Great for all hair types/colors. No bleaching required... Retailing for SGD$15.90 each..... 2️⃣ColoRista Temporary Washouts - Conditioning Hair Color that faded in 1-2 weeks. Non damaging to the hair with its no ammonia formula. Simply apply like a conditioner for 15-30minutes & voila! Meant for pre-lightened/highlighted hair & retailing for SGD$16.90 each.... 3️⃣ColoRista Permanent Paints - Permanent Color in jelly-cream formula, including a customizing brush that is shaped for smooth glide & blending.. Retailing for SGD$18.90 each... ⭐️Available at all Watsons, Guardians, Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant & Sasa stores! ‼️Want to try a box of 2 X ColoRista Sprays & Washouts each? Courtesy from Loreal Paris Singapore, I'm giving away 2 boxes! Simply. 1️⃣Tag 3 friends in the comments below... 2️⃣Random winner will be selected.... 3️⃣Contest ends 31st January 2359.. DON'T JUST DIY... #DOITYOURWAY
[NEW + GIVEAWAY] L'oréal Paris ColoRista Hair Color Range features a whole lot of fun!... ⭐️L'oréal ColoRista Range features 3 technologies to suit each hair commitment needs!... 1️⃣ONE Day Spray for instant color & washes out in 1 shampoo (retailing for SGD$15.90)... 2️⃣Washouts are temporary hair color that gradually fade in 1-2 weeks (retailing for SGD$16.90)... 3️⃣Paints are permanent brush on colors (retailing for SGD$18.90)... ❗️This new range is AWESOME for working adults like myself (who cannot simply show up at work with a pink hair suddenly)... ❤️With One Day Sprays & Washouts especially, it's great to experiment & play with new hair colors minus the damage (NO ammonia on Washouts)... Why didn't this come out earlier when I was in school!! 😂... Now I wish I had blonde hair to try out lighter colors. (*Note that brighter colors like Lilac & Blue are visible when done on lighter hair colors)... 🎁All thanks to L'oréal Paris Singapore, I have TWO sets of ColoRista Range consisting of 2 Washouts & 2 Sprays to giveaway!! 👉🏻SIMPLY 1️⃣Tag 3 friends below... 2️⃣Random winner selected & given random colors... 3️⃣Contest ends 31st Jan 2359..... ⭐️#DoItYourWay this coming CNY!