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Self-proclaimed beauty addict who is also in love with outdoor adventures, yoga, animals, cars & being a geek.
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Self-proclaimed beauty addict who is also in love with outdoor adventures, yoga, animals, cars & being a geek.
[NEW] Don't we all agree that Japanese hair trends are one of the most followed in the world? I'm always in awed at their picture-perfect maine 💇🏻... ❗️So when L'Oréal's Paris Elseve Extraordinary Non-Foaming Cleansing Cream, NUMBER 1 in Japan, reached our shores, I got excited!! I've used L'Oréal's Extraordinary Oil products before & loved them ❤️.. What's more one that is hailed 1st in Japan & extended from the original range?... 🚩Featuring L'Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Botanical, meant for weak & fragile hair & infused with French Lavender & Sweet Orange essential oils... 🚩This is a 3-in-1 CLEANSER + CONDITIONER + TREATMENT that takes the place of the entire routine of shampoo, conditioner & rinse-off treatment! Because it is a Non-Foaming Cleansing Cream, it cleanses with less friction, causing less damage to the hair... ❗️[Review] My third day trying this out & I'm amazed by how smooth & soft my hair feels straight after drying. My dry hair doesn't tangle as well! However, because of how nourishing this is, my hair tends to weigh down towards the end of the day (I have oily scalp).. So I'll switch to using this on alternate days, rotating with my other shampoos!.. 🚩Botanical Hair Oil treatment also smells as divine & doesn't contain silicone, paraben or colorants. As with the original Extraordinary Oil, this brings protection to weak & fragile hair, moisturizing, repairing, strengthening, nourishing & preventing hair breakage & spilt ends... Much love to this range! ❤️
Currently using these babies to keep the skin happy! .. 1️⃣L'Oréal Revitalift LaserX3 Anti-aging Double Serum - Not only does it smell so nice, it makes the pores look smaller & skin feels softer. The Husband tried it one evening & the next day I found it on his shelf. He loves this too!... 2️⃣Sum37 Secret Essence - Down to my last drops of this bottle & have already stocked up more of this goodness! Head down Saturday to take a sample of this to try. My holy grail right now... 3️⃣Sum37 Waterfull Timeless Water Gel Cream - Great for our crazy humid weather. Keeps the skin nicely hydrated without that sticky feeling, even from perspiration.. Using the second tub currently... 4️⃣Sum37 Sun-Away Perfect Defense SunBlock- I highly recommend this sunblock as it helps prime the skin from makeup too, though it's not designed to be. I notice my makeup going on nicely & smoothly with this sunblock on! It also aids in brightening the skin.. It dispenses a creamy white cream but doesn't feel heavy or leaves a white cast.. Major love! Sunblocks are either a love or a hate for me & this is ❤️❤️!!... 5️⃣Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix - The area around my eyes are sensitive & easily proned to Milia seeds. With EL's Eye Concentrate Matrix however, it didn't give me any Milia seeds. It not only nourishes the eye area well but I love how quickly it is absorbed into the skin.. The skin around the eyes are softer & smooth. The applicator that comes out with the cap applies the product with a cooling effect & I use it to massage my eye area too. One thing though. Since the applicator is placed back into the serum once done, there is a risk of contamination so please use this with a clean face... 6️⃣Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair - My first time trying this after hearing so much about it.. Its non-scented, no-nonsense formula leaves the skin really smooth & problem free. I feel that during the time I started using the serum, my skin stabilized & the texture start to improve... I'm a convert!... 👇🏻Continue Below
Getting out of the house quicker each morning with these multi-taskers.. 1️⃣#Sunplay UV Super Moisture Essence is my most reached sunblock recently. Love how it doesn't give a white cast while being lightweight to the skin! ❤️.. 2️⃣#Sum37sg Waterfull Cushion needs no further introduction but at this rate I'm using it, I'm gonna open my refill soon! ❤️... 3️⃣#LorealParisSg Le Stylo Smoky Duo-Ended Shadow Sticks make adding colors to the eyes so easy & quick. I add these two to the lower lids to open the eyes... 4️⃣#GuerlainSg Lip & Cheek Tint been making quite a regular appearance on my feed & I use mostly for my cheeks.. 5️⃣#Diorsg Brow Chalk - Just outline & smudge!... 6️⃣#CleDePeauBeauteSg Mascara is ❤️❤️❤️... 7️⃣#ThreecosmeticsSg eyeliner with a smudge brush at the other end - For easy eyeliner application & can smudge the edges so the eyeliner won't look so harsh!... 8️⃣#ChanelSg eyelash curler - Love its matte finish & it's functionality!... 9️⃣#Mentholatum Premium Rich Moist Lip Care in Natural Honey is a must everyday! Helps keep my lips hydrated & protected from the sun..
Lippies 💄 on rotation.. & I'm Lovin' all things L'Oréal ❤️.... 👉🏻A color each day from the different range & here are my favorite 5s from the Le Mattes (love them all!), Infallible Le Rouge & Color Riche Moist range ❤️
In need of some pink hues for a tough week ... 📍Tom ford Cheek Color in Disclosure.... 📍Dior 5 Couleurs in 867 Attract... 📍Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in 50 La Romanesque...
[NEW]The next time you step into @WatsonsSg, check out the whole range of Naturals by Watsons! I just got to try out the Rice Bran Body Scrub, Body Cream & Hand Cream & I must say I'll be getting more. Rice Bran is known for its brightening properties, evening out the skin tone....👉🏻Hardly can you find a body scrub at such a great price point of SGD6.90 for 200g, a cream bath for SGD7.90 for 60ml, & only SGD4.90 for 60ml.. 📍What's more, the range contains certified Rice Bran extract & Rice Bran Oil from Japan! The packaging is also on point with its faux cork-like bottle caps....❗️[Short Review] I enjoy the Rice Bran body cream the most as I love how its soap-free formula doesn't leave my skin feeling dry after my shower.. I find the Rice Bran body scrub more suitable for sensitive skin as the exfoliating beads are not as harsh and too concentrated. The Rice Bran Hand Cream is a office must-have!...🚩There are other scents in the Naturals by Watsons range, including Rose, Papaya, Argan Oil, Marula, Aloe Vera & Olive Oil. Gotta try them all! ❤️
The beauty community stopped when #FentyBeauty launched & here is my humble loot... ❤️Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in 🦄 Confetti & Starstruck... ❤️Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Girl Next Door / Chic Phreak... 🙆🏻Did you get anything from the launch?
[NEW] To always use a proper sunscreen lotion is as valuable an advise as to cleanse your face before you sleep... 🚩I've been a long term user of Sunplay sunscreens especially for their waterproof ones & I'm excited to share that this month, they have newly launched multi-tasking sunscreens for daily use!... ❗️Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Gel SPF30 PA+++ is infused with hydrating ingredients such as Nano Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acid & Collagen that provides long lasting hydration while protecting the skin from urban pollution... 👉🏻Based on a lab tests conducted in Japan, the Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Gel was able to block PM2.5 fine particles from passing the skin as compared to applying nothing at all... ❗️Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Essence SPF50+ PA++++ launched a new technology called Light Endurance Technology that elongates the longevity of the UV absorbing function, making the sunscreen last longer! This is useful so we don't have to worry about reapplying too often... 👉🏻Besides having the 3 hydrating ingredients from Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Gel, it also included Super Hyaluronic Acid, ensuring minimal moisture loss under sun.... ♥️What I love most about these two is that given times where I'm in office all day, my skin doesn't feel tight.. Also, both have a water-like texture that spreads easily & doesn't leave any white cast. They are retailing for SGD18.90 each & are found in Guardian & Watsons stores!
❤️Madly in love with this red hugging asymmetrical dress from Elliatt. 🙆🏻 Happy Saturday!
Not so fun nursing a bad cold so bringing out these babies to play today! ❤️#BurberryBeauty Fresh Glow Highlighters give a nice subtle highlight & these shades are great for various occasions! Love the intricate designs so a picture before they're gone 🙆🏻. Happy Friday!
Urgh the flu bug 😪🤧is here! I neglect my skin most when I'm unwell & I feel like my blackheads are having an awesome party 💃🏻right now... ❤️So I'm all set to use Garnier Pure Active Matcha Deep Clean Blackhead & Pore Purifying Clay Mask tonight to get rid of them pesty little things!.... ‼️In just 3 minutes, the Clay Mask is dermatologically tested to use the strong absorbency properties of Kaolin Clay (that also dissolves oil & removes dirt) & Matcha Extract to decrease inflammation & irritation to acne-prone skin... 👍🏼Also, I'm looking forward to trying out its onsen warming effect on the skin the mask sets to have. This aids in opening up the pores for deeper & more effective purification.... 🚩Each Masks come in 2 x 6ml doses, meant to detox twice weekly and are retailing for only SGD$2. They are available at Watsons, Guardian, Unity & selected hyper & supermarkets now!
Today's agenda 💭 - Relaxation game strong 💪🏻 with Crabtree & Evelyn's New Natural Derived Range.. 💆🏻The scents of each are divine & I love how they invigorate the senses while being free from harmful ingredients.. Can't tell you how much I love love love the new range of Superfood for the skin! ❤️❤️
Mixing my old but still lovin' #Becca Sunchaser palette with new & loved SU:M 37's WATERFULL CC cushion Perfect Finish alongside Le Stylo Smoky Duo-Ended Shadow Sticks from L'Oréal & 💄.... ❗️In depth review of the SU:M 37's cushion soon! 😉
👑Welcoming Guerlain's 2015 LE Spring palette, the Les Precieux Eyeshadow Quad with open arms. Shall try out the green this long weekend! 🙆🏻
❤️My kind of merry-go-round 🙆🏻❤️.. Here's a midweek boost! 💪🏻
[NEW] L'Oréal Le Stylo Smoky Duo-Ended Shadow Sticks are absolutely 👌🏻perfection. Creamy smooth application with smudge-proof, waterproof, long lasting impression.. 👉🏻Each stick comes with a Kabuki Brush at the other end making it great for travel & gym! There's no need to bring an additional eyeshadow brush to blend the colors (YAY to lighter bags)... ‼️A tip! Not only can you use it as a eye shadow.. But because of how pigmented the Shadow Sticks are, you can use an eyeliner brush to pick up some color & draw the eyelids... Get creative!.. 🚩They are out at Watsons, Guardian, SASA, major supermarkets & hypermarkets & are retailing for SGD21.90 each... ❤️#TeamMetallic or #TeamMatte? Well, I'm team #BOTH. 😏
💪🏻#TeamMetallic or #TeamMatte?... [NEW] L'Oréal Paris introduces the very FIRST Duo-Ended Shadow Stick with Kabuki Brush that comes in 5 different shades of Metallic & 3 shades in Matte... Which side are you on? 😏 Stay here for swatches to come!
A bright beautiful 💐start to the week! Thanks @abetterflorist for bringing me back to my wedding day. Read more about them on mywebsite ❤️
[NEW] Give your lips some TLC from the latest Premium Rich Moist range from Mentholatum Lip Care... Retailing for only SGD7.90 each, these lippies not only contain sun protection of SPF 23 PA+++, they also provide the lips with a protective cera-barrier that shields the lips from environment aggressors (main contributor of dry chapped lips).. ❤️The thing I love most about the range is that it doesn't feel greasy or stick on the lips.. & it keeps my lips well hydrated.... ‼️There are 8 moisturizing goodness infused in each Lip Care.. Olive oil, Moringa Butter, Honey, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Royal Jelly Extract, Argan Oil & Jojoba Seed Oil... 🚩Available in 2 scents & a fragrant free, Natural Honey & Chardonnay Rose.. I'm using the Chardonnay Rose currently & the fragrance free one is for the Hubs! Available at all Watsons & Guardian stores now!
When there's 1001 things do, even on weekends, you rely on makeup that works best. No fuss, no rush. 💪🏻...