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Siti Nur Habibah 💋 Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle | Makeup | Missy 📩 [email protected]

Member since 28 Aug 2016

Siti Nur Habibah 💋 Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle | Makeup | Missy 📩 [email protected]

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Missing that Satur-date vibes and these bunch of peeps 🌿

All that you are is all that I’ll ever need, pinky promise 💕

So much loves for my 2 precious gems 💎

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I could be your heartbreaker or your wallflower girl ✨

Don't need those other numbers when I got my number one 💕

Assalammualaikum Cinta ✨

Well, he’s the “she” in my “nanigans” 🤙🏼

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You can be kind to the one that you love 💕// spot anything different on me 🤭

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Savage love, did somebody break your heart?

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