a very sunny day☀️

La lumière de l’hiver

Start of a new week, the countdown starts!💪🏻

Revisited the pretty Dior Cafe for the delicious desserts by Pierre Hermè❤️

The day I had a wardrobe malfunction cos the weather turned out to be colder than expected!🥶... - read more

everything is just so cute in this cafe!💕

Le soleil de l’hiver

Enjoying the winter sun ☀️ cos it was 🥶

chic industrial style interiors are 😍

Coffee☕️ x Fashion❤️

•Textures• Looking thru pics from last year’s trip and thanking @elysialim for bein... - read more

our version of fall🍃🍂☔️

The countdown starts tomorrow!😁😌

dreaming of fall weather😌🍂

Seeing all the stunning colours of autumn all around the world is making me want to travel too!€... - read more

Finally visited the Grand Palace after many trips to Bangkok. Glad that we decided to add sightseein... - read more

Never knew I liked green that much💚🌿

Today was a good day, let’s hope the rest of the week is too!💪🏻😊

Je vais à l’école pour étudier ou prendre un café?📚☕... - read more

green is a calming colour🌿🍃

an interesting place to 走走看看

circa 2015. how time flies.. I miss my red hair.

Celebrated @elysialim ‘s birthday with family💕