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Blog: www.bstyledbyjeandalida.wordpress.com
My Skinny corner! (ahh! Lovin myzooooilf so muchie! πŸ˜‚) Got a new vlog, link is in my bio. Watch my: #GGSS Vlog Backdrop! β™₯️ #SkinniestJean #thevillagersph
and suddenly sad songs are not sad enough... : : : #TheVillagersPH (Help me grow our village 🏘️, @thevillagersph - use the hashtag #TheVillagersPH to be featured in our future articles 🏘️)
Tell me no lies. #ZafulGirl
Currently obsessing with highwaist slacks, belts & metal rings! 😍 #Clozette #TheVillagersPH
Don't just be another brick in the wall. #clozette #TheVillagersPH
Sleek and timeless - Call it, retro-futurism! #clozette
Deets of my retro vibin' ootd! β™₯️ : : Gingham top is from @rhipesbackyard by @iradeniseoyco . Support LOKAL, support mah sisssht! πŸ˜‚ Belt & trousers: I got it from ukay for only 20php for the trousers, 120 for the belt ( New arrival ehhh! 😫 ) Sling bag from @smaccessories for 399.75! (Almost 1k sa Forever21. Good deal sa SM! β™₯️) I have a thing for gold metal rings lately! #clozette
"She dreams more often than she sleeps. " #Clozette #TheVillagersPH
If it is not black, put it back! Lovin this @rhipesbackyard dress. 😍 So comfy and classy, perfect for the hot temp lately. #clozette
A little ray of pitch black. #clozette #thevillagersph #VillagePipol
The most complicated skill is to be simple. #clozette #TheVillagersPH
@23.5official skincare products that are freshly extracted from Taiwan's local farms are now within our grasp in any @beautybarph nationwide. Lovin the simplicity and back-to-basics philosophy of this brand. : : : @iradeniseoyco and I went gaga over the event's setup! β™₯️ Fruits, plants and flowerrrrrs!
My job as a fashion stylist is to exude the KILLER CONFIDENCE that my clients didn't even know they had! (This wazzzzz me in between takes earlier at the prenup shoot of my Doctor clients. Huhu Sobrang humble nila! β™₯️ I was able to film it so please expect nyo na that I will shamlessly plug it once the vlog is up. ) **If you're an aspiring "Fashion Stylist" that video is for you! Labyu ** #skinnystyles #SkinnyStylistOnDuty #Clozette
Oh, Nah! #clozette
I'm coming for everything they said I couldn't have. I'm hustlin haaaard, Grrrrrl! #clozette #plainsandprints #plainsandprintsxvaniaromoff
My plaid and gingham love affair! β™₯️ (My @habito.ph handbag prototype! It will be out very sooooon. I'm doing some changes pa. Starting up your own brand is not that eassssssy! 😫 Sakit sa ulo! ) #HabitoPH #Clozette
Stay classy and caffeinated! β˜•#clozette
Dancing in the street with this vintage silhoutte floral poppin dress! 😍 Drop by to the nearest @plainsandprints store for more of @vaniaromoff retro silhouttes designed pieces that look as good now as they did back then! #plainsandprintsxvaniaromoff #plainsandprintsexperience
There's just something about Siargao. A certain energy that my heart and soul connected to.Β It's a place I dream of having a piece of it to own one day. If only I could stay a bit longer! πŸ˜₯ Hayyy! Siargao! Siargao! Siargao! #SiargaoIsland #Clozette #TheVillagersPH