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Rainy Friday 🌧️ | #WearHabito
Wearing the latest from @rhipesbackyard / 📸: @josephtaborr
When life gives you 🍋 ... Oops! (Just insert all the Lemon quotes you have in mind here. 🤣) | 🍋 : @johnnlemonjuicebar #JohnnLemon #LemonadeDay :: :: 📸: @jpbdeleon
“You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.” —Diana Ross | HAPPY MONDAAAAAAY! ✨ :: :: (PS: It's always a "Yes" to Head-to-toe Men's wear 🤘) 📸: @dpocholo
*insert obligatory caption about "Rain" ☔🌧️* 😝 Keep safe and dry everyone! 😘 : : 📸: @iradeniseoyco ( #iphonograpy🤘)
Because when you stop and look around Life is pretty amazing. ✨ #ThankfulThursday 📸: @imteejaay
I'm not really into flatlays but this one is an exception coz I'm craving for the authentic Nasi Goreng of Bali. | @cassavabali
Casual Mondays. 📸: @imteejaay
Pink Drink for two, please. Taste atleast one of those drink from the @starbucksph Barista customized secret menu. (Madami pa guys, not just these two). @iradeniseoyco & I tried out the the "Pink Drink" & "Black Pink" cue in " Du du ddu" bwhahaha😂... : : : 1. Pink Drink - Order milk then add raspberry and vanilla syrup. Don't forget the Caramel Drizzle. : : 2. Black Pink - It's Iced Caramel Macchiato but have the vanilla syrup replaced with raspberry. : : Both taste really good, but the Pink Drink is not advisable for those Lactose Intolerant. 😝
Please... Please... Take meeee to the beach or else I'll keep on wearing all my Kinis here in the city! 😂 Calling all my beach babe friends. we
Reality called so... I hung up! Bye. 📸: @iradeniseoyco
Heal - Recover- Rise Again (Repeat) | 📸: @josephtaborr
Just another rainy day... ☔
Finally Beaaaaach day! 🌊 If you're looking for best vacation ideas and travel deas. Go book with @stripadventures. | @josephtaborr
Rain🌧️, coffee☕ & uhmmm... YOU! ❤️
Got nothing new to post, so here's a not so throwback from our Bali trip last April.
I feel like I have been using my lip balms so much lately! 😂 (Please don't compare it to my previous post!🤣) | 📷: @jpbdeleon
Find the comfort in chaos! 🔥 | @thesantaiumalas
🍒 Cherry Kinis, Crystal skies! @cesaph
I can't get wait to be at the beach again! 🌊 (promise last for today! 😂💋)