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Wearing my invisible mermaid tail! 🐟🐠🐡
I felt like living in the middle of a carnival. It never stopped. And there's always something excitinf about it! 🎡🎠🎪
Hello Papa Bear it's me Baby Bear! 🐻
Follow your ♥️
Feeling anonymous in a big city! ✨🏙️
My mind says Victoria Secret Model, but my heart saysssss Pizza!!!🍕🍕( pizzaaaa is loifeeee!😂)
My heart sleeps by the Sea! Oh Mornings like this! 🌊Gooddddd Morning! ☀️ 📸: @karlefrancisco
Coffee + Coffee + More Coffee! ☕
Too hard to handle. 🌵 📸: @imkimsantiago
Seaaaahabilitating! 🌊🌊
And suddenly you knowwww... It's time to to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.
Hiding my post "Holiday" belly 🐷 with the newest @habito.ph babe: "Aimee" ! ✨ : : Winner of my Christmas Giveaway will be announced in a bit! Make sure you're following @skinniestjean / @habito.ph ✨ Goodluck!!! 📸: @imteejaay
Dreaming of a sandyyyyy Christmas! 🎄
My every day Bag! ✨ ( no bias, srsly!!🤣). I can toss all my important belongings in as I move throughout your day. : : : To all those who purchase my bummies. Thank youuuuuuuu so much! Next collection will be up next weeeeek! 📸: @karlefrancisco
Stand up for something! ✨ 📸: @karlefrancisco
Thinking of my Oppa! 😍 This place is tickling my inner Korean girl hearrrrrt! ❤️ (Annyeong) 📸: @karlefrancisco
Feeling a bit vintage newspaper girl! (me: magkano na ba benta ko? 😂) : : : 📸: @karlefrancisco
Lately, I've been thinking about high-waisted tousers, and what it means that they're still in style. ✨ : : : The sishyyyy @iradeniseoyco let me borrow her bag & belt. 😂 Sharing-- all for the gram!
Grabbing my dreams tighter and tighter each daaaay! ✨ : : : I'll be @dgrazon 's skinny tindera in B.U this Saturday! ✨ 📸: @karlefrancisco
I will love you until the salt leaves the sea.