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Hi I'm Vinna , God's beloved . Nonya , Daughter , Wife & Mother to Alyssa Instagram all things from Lifestyle to Beauty @Vinvola. Blogs at www.vinvola.blogspot.com
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Hi I'm Vinna ,
God's beloved .
Nonya , Daughter , Wife & Mother to Alyssa
Instagram all things from Lifestyle to Beauty @Vinvola.
Blogs at www.vinvola.blogspot.com
What I’hv been busy with 👧🏻👶🏻 All done with confinement without a nanny , I survive it but I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go without ! It’s so tiring 🐼 Anw here’s my hashtag that I’ll be using to show my #MumsmakeupbyV that’s quick and works for me as a mum of 2 ! Taps got deets 👌🏻 #clozette
The start of my breastfeeding Journey for Dayvian’s wasn’t as easy as Alyssa’s. It started with high supply but drop dip down Low 2weeks back and I’hv been trying all sorts of booster to help but it didn’t help till I took Chicken Essence ( I have it once or twice a week during pregnancy too and now twice a week with empty stomach and Beet root Essence after meal. It helps to recuperate pre/post natal and promote and aid as a Milk 🍼booster for me as i’hv notice a increase with each pump session. ☝🏻💪🏻 They will be @ from 13-15th April 2018, Singapore Expo 5, Booth F21 . There will be sampling & exclusive deal you could purchase there or get yours at www.so-well.com.sg ❤️ #clozette
Happy 1 month old Dayvian! ❤️ Thank you everyone that came to he’s our celebration last weekend! He’s Looking angsty as soon as I put him down for less then a min 😂 been really clinging to me and I have been latching him every 2hr or less 🤱🏻🐼 #clozette #sgkids #sgmummy
[Swipe] My Love for Flower & all things Beauty .🌷🌹 (Hint: Papa Ong ) Got the both best of both world for this Mother’s Day collaboration from @Gaiaskin_sg X @flowerstorysg , with fresh Box of florals ,Natural therapeutic Lavender body care with facial care for mummies of all skin type & starter kit set that helps soothen babies delicate skin 🤰🏻👶🏻 Have been using their baby care that suits my newborn Dayvian and Rose Otto refreshing toner that’s calming for me . 😍 Head over to www.flowerstory.com.sg to get your Wife or love once a Bespoke gift box now till 13 May, and do remember to quote “vinna10”to enjoy the special discount! Link on Bio 🔝 #clozette #gaiaskin_sg #flowerstorysg #sgmummy
He Is Risen 🙌🏻 Happy Blessed Easter Sunday everyone 🥚 #clozette
The craziest physical pain and happiest moment in life ❤️ So I was suppose to go for c-sect on this week and to cut story short I started having labour pain at 9am yst, and not knowing how it feels like since Alyssa was a C-sect as she was a breech baby . The pain get really intense , and at 2pm I went to take a shower n include a hair scrub n conditioner even! Make sure I get everything done , pack my hospital bag in 15min and off we rush to the Admission . My Gynae , doc & Nurses ask why I didn’t admit earlier and was almost fully dilated and with the E c-sect my Gynae said it a thin line and could have rupture or tear ! 😂 #sgmummy #clozette
Capturing every moment 📷 Got @vtechtoys camera , to let Alyssa photo & video what she likes with just 2Mega pixel 😜 📷@studiopetitesg #clozette #35weekspregnant
andreaferma: So cute!
Baby bump VS food bump? 💞 📷@studiopetitesg #clozette #dueinmarch #36weekspregnant
Mama can’t wait to meet you 👶🏻 #dueinmarch #36weekspregnant . . Ps. My fluttery Eyelash is done by @carragheen , they’re having a promo Of 1-1 between 1-3pm on weekdays for eyelash extensions . Bring a Friend to enjoy it!❤️ #clozette
andreaferma: Beautiful!
Alyssa is going to be a Big Sister this month 👶🏻 She love the book so much that she read it every single night before she sleep and keep on her bedside 😘 Quote 10% off your personalise book ✌🏻 📷@studio #clozette
GIVEAWAY! 🎁🛍 Together with PHYTO & LIERAC PHYTODENSIA range that restructure & fortifying action for thinning hair that i'hv been using for the past 3 weeks! I could see less hair fall = No clog on the drainage . It's anti-aging hair care line that's is safe for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding mummies too. My hair gets stronger with every wash! Not to forget the scents that I really like too! It's Formulated with amazing active ingredients like Hyaluronic acid ,Acacia collagen & etc. LIERAC launched its new skin care, LUMILOGIE that targeted on dark spots that I'm sure is the concern of many and myself tooThe first double day & night concentrate for round-the-clock correction of 3 types of stubborn dark spots. 1. Follow @phyto.sg , @lierac.sg & @vinvola 2. Like & tag 3 friends in your comment . 3. only open to readers in Singapore Ends on 4th March 2018 5pm Winner will be out at 6pm✌🏼 Prizes worth $300 abv 😱❤️ Follow PHYTO's , LIERAC's Facebook & Instagram for more updates ✌🏻 FB: www.facebook.com/pg/Phyto.SG FB: www.facebook.com/Lierac.SG #PHYTOSG # PHYTODENSIA #PHYTOBOTANICAL #LIERACSG #LUMILOGIE #clozette
Japanese cherry blossom strawberry kiss 🍒🍓 Dipped into the body cream and fall in love with the scents & texture ! My mum is the biggest fan of @thebodyshopsg Body cream. Which explain why I get it for her as a gift every occasion with different scent 😘 Not to forget Matte Lip Liquid that has a smooth velvet & Long lasting finish 👍🏻 #thebodyshopsg #clozette
@beautyblender X @toofaced 💞 Fake your beauty sleep 💫 Looking forward to try Too Faced Hangover primer & Makeup primer and setting spray that many Friend has been raving ! Together with beautyblender bubble and micro.mini to create a flawless look ( I have use more then 10Beauty blenders and it’s the best for use with any type of foundation 👍🏻👍🏻 Avail @beautyblendersg & @sephorasg ☝🏻 #clozette
Received my set of @mamondesingapore Lotus Micro range & Mask set! ( I love wash off mask and posted an IG story on rose petal mask too!) 😍 -Lotus Micro Eye and Lip Remover to remove makeup for the eyes and lip - Lotus Micro Cleansing Foam to double cleanse - Petal Purifying Bubble Mask (Rose) to brighten the skin, wash-off after 1 minute 🌹 - Calming hydro sleeping mask, Calendula to nourish and soothe the skin overnight - Pore Clean Clay Mask (Eoseong cho) - Enriched Nutrient Sleeping Mask (Evening Primrose) to deeply nourish the skin overnight Available via @lazada_sg Too! #mamondesg #clozette
Morning ☀️ Skin care regime @esteelauder ANR serum for Face & Eye ( limited ed red bottle for this festive season, I have emptied a few bottles and I swear by it!❤️) @laneigesg Fresh calming Morning mask ( mousse like texture that works to help adhere Makeup for longer time✌🏻) @biooilusa that I apply on my body and especially more on hands for the past few days and it works in reducing the peeling 👍🏻) @mmerciencore Jade roller that instantly cool’s e skin , I also like to use it during and after a mask session to help penetrate the Essence ) ☝🏻 #clozette
Makeup picks I have been using and rotating around for CNY ! 🍊🍊 Base: @orbis_sg UV Cut @rodialbeauty Skin tint (medium ) Blush : @laneigesg Duo blush (no.3Juicy rose) for a lovely natural glowing cheeks and as a light wash on eye socket❤️ Eyes : @mamondesingapore natural auto Brow pencil 03 & @canmakesg GOKUBUTO Mascara ( doesn’t smudge n gives volume !) Lips : #freioil Lip balm @esteelauder Pure Color envy balm ,comes in 39 shades , I own 5 of it which are a mix of Matte . metallic . Vinyl ( been wearing diff Color ea day!) For a quick touch up thru out the day I’ll use #laneigesg BB cushion ( whitening ) and my trusty @cloversoft Baby wipes that I use to refresh myself before I get started with touch-up ❤️ #clozette
Found a New spot at Aunt’s place , and we couldn’t resist to take picture of the beautiful landscape ⛅️ I’m loving the makeup☝🏻 picks I have been using for the past few days too ! Base: @orbis_sg UV Cut @rodialbeauty Skin tint Blush : @laneigesg Duo blush (no.3Juicy rose) for a lovely natural glow❤️ Eyes : @mamondesingapore Brow pencil & @canmakesg GOKUBUTO Mascara ( doesn’t smudge n five volume !) Lips : #freioil Lip balm @esteelauder Pure Color envy Liquid metallic 310 neon fuse( been wearing diff Color ea day!) #clozette
2nd Day of Chinese New Year 🐶 👧🏻 @guesskids @pazzionofficial 🤰🏻@jumpeatcry @charleskeithofficial 💋 #Esteesg Pure Colour envy (Lava Flow ) #jecmummies #clozette #sgmummy
1st Day of 🐶 year Happy Chinese New Year Everyone ❤️ #王家Home #clozette
Thought someone totally forgotten about Valentine’s Day , but got surprise by Hub & Alyssa thats in booth😍 #clozette