Into the woods, the path is straight, and I know it well. 😁

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Almost summer. 😊🌞

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Stumbled upon the store with humongous stickers while strolling around Asakusa. 🇯🇵

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Loving my new pair from @concept.merakiph ❤️ . And yes, I love white 😁

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Smultroställe (n) a special place discovered for solace and relaxation. 🏝🥥 . ve... - read more

You can find me where the sky meets the sea. 🏝 Carpe diem ✨

These are the golden days. ✨ . Traveling isnt about running at all. It’s about experien... - read more

I love over the weekend trips. 😅 . My mind at ease. ✨☺️

Helloo guys! Im working on something ❤️, so watch out on the coming months! YAY! . Any... - read more

Currently addicted to neutrals ✨ so imagine how my wardrobe looks like. 😅

Wednesday mood. ✨ . Top : @lazylucyph Shorts: @trendsetterteam

Simple, neat and beautiful façade. ✨

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Dear you, you scared the hell out of me. I worried too much.😩 Buti na lang. Wew! All is well... - read more