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📍 Singapore • 👻 @audreytiah • 📚 NUS • ✉️ [email protected]

Member since 10 May 2016

📍 Singapore • 👻 @audreytiah • 📚 NUS • ✉️ [email protected]

Be a #beautifulyou by making a #beautifulworld in joining Plaza Singapura’s first campaign #pu... - read more

23% off everything 💸

Happy Sunday 🙃

Entrusting my hair with @jeanyipsg since 2015 💕 • Apart from getting a new hair colour,... - read more

I have sensitive skin and so I try to avoid products with ingredients that would irritate my skin. &... - read more

🌸 Embrace the bad days & Appreciate the good days

adiós my friends 👋

C A R N I V A L 🎡 Mission Accomplished!!!! After what seems like forever...

㊗️ 心 想 事 成

新 年 快 乐 🐷

Thank you @jeanyipsg for getting my hair ready for Chinese New Year! 💇🏻‍♀&... - read more

I’ll be sure to pay more attention to my skin needs this year! 🤭 • Apart from the... - read more

S U N D A Y 🥰 Looking at the littles ones who are so pure, innocent and easily amazed by thi... - read more

Out hunting for Christmas Presents 🎁 #igsg #wiwt #ootd #potd #clozette

Bubble Tea All Day Errday #igsg #bubbletea #taiwan #taipei #clozette

You have been amazing so far 🇹🇼 #taiwan #taipei #clozette

D E P A R T U R E My shopping spree starts now!! 🤭 #igsg #potd #lotd #holiday #clozette

Last evening with all things nice🍹

Once upon a time, long long ago.. 👸🏻

Shanghai Disneyland ✔️

I really wanna buy this hanbok back home☝️

Day 8 - Lotte World 🦊

In the loveliest hanbok today 😍 The “ribbon” was loosen along the way and I was... - read more

The temperature is finally rising although it’s still pretty chilly when night falls 🌬

Living the 한국 사람 Life 🇰🇷

No Monday’s Blue; only Clear Blue Sky 🌾