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🌺 #Clozette
Suitable for the palette βšͺ️ #Clozette
This pretty little thing, so tempting yet so high maintenance πŸ™ƒ #Clozette
Always been in achromatic palettes recently, but I think I’ll go back to wearing neutrals πŸ’› #Clozette
Finely knitted with minimalist stripes on the side, please πŸ˜‹ #details #Clozette
Took a chance with this netted-sleeve crop top but still kept it classy with colossal sunnies, bandana tie and pearl earrings 🎩 I hope it’s more of a β€˜yay’ than a β€˜nay’! #Clozette
Channeling the Thinker in this laidback go-to outfit πŸ’¬ #Clozette | In other news, mom would totally disapprove of my posture here πŸ™Š
πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ #Clozette
Hi βš“οΈ #Clozette
Them: We’re taking a walk at the river trail. Wear something comfortable. Me: *wearing crop top, pencil skirt, sling bag and sunnies with rubber shoes* I am comfortable. πŸ˜› #Clozette
If the L in LBD stood for β€˜long’ 🏴 Not so little black dress, huh? #Clozette
Pseudo-sleeves for no good reason #Clozette
What do you think of these sleeves, yay or nay? 😬 #Clozette
My kind of scene 🌀 #Clozette
🎩 #Clozette
Biggest mask ever 🎭 #Clozette
MAC baby ❣️ #Clozette
Smize shmize #Clozette