My outfit for CNY Day 2.

What I wore for CNY Day 3.

My weekend getup! Featuring my new #shoes! #ootd #fashion

This bib necklace dresses up any plain outfits!

Nude open-toe heels with pink details.

The cotton candy cart charm is super adorable. The wheels can move :)

I fell in love with the houndstooth prints. This is my favourite work bag.

The siren red shade of this MK clutch looks perfect with my red lipstick.

I've always wanted a pair of classic Ferragamo flats but I'm greedy, so I want something funky too.... - read more

My leather drawstring bag. I like this for its outstanding colour and shape. From Tocco Tenero.

Handmade rings that my reader gave to me and my friend. Can you believe that this is made with nail... - read more

#Santa is real! He saw my letters and said I can have it even though I've been naughty. #victoriasse... - read more

Leather band bracelet from Swarovski. Love how it's glam and rugged at the same time.

Got this pair of shoes from a Thai designer I met at Chatuchak.

This flowy polka-dotted skirt makes me feel super playful and feminine.