It's not because CNY is coming. I'm just in a red mood! Lancome nail polish - It takes very few coat... - read more

This is done at Jean Yip Beauty Hub.

My first attempt at nail art!

This is the Leprechaun Lynch shade from Scotch Naturals, which is super gorgeous, but it's very wate... - read more

The photo doesn't do justice to how this nail polish glisten. It's Pure Diamond by Mavala.

Neon pink! A happy color that cheers people up :)

Have you tried Minx nails? The design I'm wearing is the same as one that Rihanna has worn. Minx is... - read more

From Mavala's Delicious Colors collection. From pinky to thumb: Lemon Cream, Candy Floss, Blue Mint,... - read more

From Mavala's Delicious Colors collection. This is in Pistachio.

A friend did this for me that reminds me of Katy Perry's beautifully outrageous hair colours.

Tangerine Dream and Peach Melba from Exposed. Colours like these never fail to cheer up my day!

Black Diamond from Mavala Diamond Collection!