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Ed. by day・Fashion enthusiast by night・Lifestyle chaser by might
Not exactly gala night-appropriate but I guess I’m not a stickler for dress codes... #Clozette
Courage above fear. #Clozette
This is us on an almost daily basis. It is as stressful as it is fun and dynamic. But we do it because we love what we do. #Clozette
Always dreaming of easier access to tailored pieces for women. ‘Bout time, #benjaminbarker. #Clozette 📷: @mykemotus
Happiness is when you‘re with someone who shares the same kind of passion. #Clozette
Officially one month of moving in. #Clozette
Is looking down my new signature pose? #Clozette
When you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. #Clozette
Another day, another spot. #Clozette
My kind of smart suiting. #Clozette
Glad to be supporting local as part of Team #Clozette this evening 👏🏼 In @weekendsundries kimono jacket from the Spotlight: #SingaporeStories Capsule Collection that features 13 local brands. #Taffsg #UnboreMeFunan
Daily dose of ☕️. #Clozette
“She’s planted in the mud and yet she blooms. | 📷: @mykemotus #Clozette
Where dreams come through. #Clozette
I wanted the whole world or nothing.#Clozette
Can you spot The Great Wave off Kanagawa? #Clozette #kenzolovessingapore
When in #Bali, you lose the concept of time. And that was the best feeling ever. #Clozette
When in #Bali, wear bikinis in your short dresses and never worry about exposing yourself. Life’s a beach; people don’t care. #Clozette
Damn, I think I can really get used to this island life. #Bali #Clozette
Exploring the rice terraces of Tegalalang in Ubud. Glad I wore red today. #Clozette