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Beauty, fashion and travel on www.biancamagsino.com
Disneysea for my 2nd day in Japan ✌️ Just posted a new vlog πŸ’“
I can eat this every time. ❀️ I love chicken but my skin hates it. πŸ˜‚
Japan Vlog 1 is up on my channel 😊 Went to Ueno Zoo with Maria 🐼 There were so many panda items!!! πŸ’–
Went to Ueno Zoo with Maria on my Japan Vlog 1! 😊 Make sure you watch it πŸ€—
Latest video is about my makeup collection πŸ’“ It’s actually my vlog anniversary last January 6. πŸ€— Enjoy watching!
Breathtaking Mt. Fuji πŸ€—
The best. ✨Thanks for 2017, cant wait to spend more years with you πŸ’š
NYE πŸŽ† Hi, 2018! πŸ€—
Welcoming 2018 in less than an hour. May everyone of us have a better year ahead. ✨
In awe of the beauty of Mt. Fuji ✨
Arabian coast in Disneysea πŸ•Œ (On a side note, I have a new video with @miikhaael uploaded for Vlogmas! πŸŽ„)
My 4th Disney park✨
Matcha ice cream from Tokyo Tower πŸ’š @matcharapph
Norwegian salmon with Kamut salad πŸ˜‹
The millennials of the fam πŸ€— (medj πŸ˜‚)
Join my #BiatifulChristmasGiveaway 🎁 Check out my latest video (link in bio) to know how to win these and more! πŸ€— There would be 2 winners, 1 on instagram & 1 on youtube. πŸ’“ Have a Biatiful Christmas!
Happy Holidays πŸ’– How I wish instagram supports longer portraits πŸ˜©πŸ˜…