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A STYLE BLOGGER BASED IN MANILA | cessmirandilla@gmail.com
posting this in advance since it's your birthday in 2 days πŸ’“
Eyeliner and eyebrows on fleek with @skinpotions' Meow Liner and Brow Cush ⚑️
ooo look what you made me do πŸ’ ps i do not like this song photo by @jjpunzalan
My @lucyintheskymanila package came in with the ~cutest~ stickers πŸ’Ž Can't wait to style these πŸ’“
[ today with jj ]
I found peace in your violence πŸ¦‹ // eyeliner - @skinpotions // highlight - @skinpotions // lip tint - @sooperbeaute (darling)
///// friday ///// My Sweet Peach makeup routine is out! Link's on my bio yay πŸ‘
What's better than a box of @sooperbeaute goodies? 😍 #SooperBabe #NaturallyForKeeps
BUS STOP 🚏 / πŸ“·@jjpunzalan
What's good, makeup hoarders? @skinpotions will be launching its GLOWBOMB Highlighter & Bronzer Palette this Saturday! ✨ By the way, I was using this palette on my previous post, look how pigmented it is 😍
Who says my pep shoes can't be fashown? πŸ˜‚ / πŸ“·@jjpunzalan (I didn't know my friend is a photographer)
Why, hello there, beautiful. πŸ‘ So in love with @colourette.cosmetics' #PeachPurrfect collection 😍
Good night #clozette
Today's street chic vibess for #SupraParty #colouretteclique πŸ“· @glennkrish #clozette
Good vibess mondayyπŸ’
Good vibes monday πŸ’
Cause I'd really like to See your lightning shining brightly through a haze ⚑️
On the way 🍭 #clozette
Me & my undying love for pictures taken at the kitchen counter 🍸