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My favorite part of the day. #clozette

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Skinny dipping. ☀️ #clozette

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Today's fashion weapon. 👠#clozette

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Next on blog! Dare to wear pants on formal occasion. #clozette #clozetteambassador

I'm on the top of the world! 👣 #clozette #clozetteambassador #cagayanvalleyblogger


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3 Beneficial Beauty DIY Using Lemons - How to Natural Deodorant / Acne Mask by ANNEORSHINE - YouTube

#BadHairDay .. Tell me about it! // #Clozette #style #Hair #Selfie //

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Thank you @clozetteco for my Kate Spade wallet.. // #clozette #MakeItHappen #KateSpade #blogger //

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