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issa happy monday because i’m gna collect ma free shoes later 🙃 #cheapthrills #clozett... - read more

Mind: Can I eat now 🤤 #clozette

99% of my clothes r from taobao now so i got nthg else to tag 🤷🏻‍♀️... - read more

Feeling 22 😐✌🏻

Mi in my retarded state of self 🙂

Pls stop raining 😭 the view was da bomb tho 👌🏻 #cyntravelogue #melbourne #cl... - read more

Fat cheeks gtg 😾 #clozette

初二 🌸💮 #clozette

Wishing everybody a happy CNY!!!! ㊗️🍊 #clozette

Nails ready for CNY!!!! 💅🏻 #clozette #knittednails

Sun-kissed 🌚 #clozette

Consumed by the sea 🌊 #clozette

Here's to a year full of hope and happiness ✨ #clozette

Comfy outfits 💯✅ #clozette

One thing I really dislike about most mascaras is how clumpy it looks after applying it. However, wi... - read more

Happy girl because finally bidding goodbye to ugly and dirty nails✨‼️ Thank you... - read more

School's out 🎊🎉 (for this week) #clozette

Advanced birthday dinner with the girls 😚💖 #clozette

Haven't been taking pictures for awhile and I'm feeling pretty awkward infront of the camera now ... - read more

The wind just decided to be a bitch - but yay finally out off my cave!!! 😙✨ #clozette... - read more

Qns: If you could tell your future self anything, what would it be? - "Dare to take chances; for the... - read more

Falling asleep in class right now.... 😵 Only into the 2nd day of school and I can feel it's... - read more

Still tryna embrace my new hairstyle 💇🏻 | ft. my kind of comfy outfit #clozette #sty... - read more

Yay my bag of beauty samples from @prelootofficial is finally here! Can't wait to try them out and d... - read more

Vainpot in action | Wearing the Forest Neoprene Cut In Crop c/o @girlxboss 🌴 They offer qual... - read more

• Monochrome • 📷: @maggiejmq #clozette #stylexstyle #ootdcampaign

New set of face brushes from @13rushes 💄 - (Left to Right) Angled Blush, Oval Blush, Angled... - read more

Fresh new set of curls done by @thecombsg 💇🏻 What i did here was the S-Curl done by... - read more

Totally irrelevant caption here but currently working on a new hairstyle and I'm hoping it all goes... - read more