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Sometimes gothy, sometimes rockabilly, and sometimes just a tea-drinking crazy cat lady. Cheerio!

Member since 21 Aug 2014

Sometimes gothy, sometimes rockabilly, and sometimes just a tea-drinking crazy cat lady. Cheerio!

I'm personally a slouchy socks kind of girl. Check out the article here: http://www.thewonderforest.... - read more

Another beautiful eye look by Madam Noire for Red and Black week. Check out the list of products on... - read more

Here's a photoshoot outfit by Karoliina from the Bones and Lilies blog. I love the texture of her dr... - read more

Stunning Alice in Wonderland eye makeup by Madam Noire. Check out her blog and list of products here... - read more

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A Wednesday-Addams-esque outfit by Moth. Her hat is almost as wide as the hat I wore for Halloween.... - read more

I know some of you are already celebrating Halloween (thanks to different timezones) so please accep... - read more

Stunning... Credit to: MISSynthetic

Basically my favourite alternative model out there. Credit to: MISSynthetic

I don't usually like summer colours but I really fell for this makeup look done by Keiko Lynn. Check... - read more

Simple but well-drawn sugar skull makeup.

Casual and cozy fall outfit. Style by Sonja Erzabet.

Modern wicked witch makeup from Pinterest. I love the mouth detail.

Stunning Corpse Bride cosplay by Rei-Doll on deviantART. I just love that her makeup doesn't feature... - read more

Murderous mermaid or deadly sea witch? This photograph is actually Acqua by Alchemic Illusion on dev... - read more

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A stunning and romantic witch look. Photograph by Dominique Wessen.

I adore the way she paired the brooches with the vintage-style dress. Just looks so effortlessly gla... - read more

A so-called "last minute" Halloween outfit from 2010 by Keiko Lynn as Alice in Wonderland. Check out... - read more

I love her trench coat dress. Style by Moth. Check out her blog here:

Floral 50s halter dress.

50s rockabilly fashion. I love the strapless top and hair flower.

Geometric nail art using just a black nail art pen and clear gloss. I especially love the Deathly Ha... - read more

40s winter fashion meets big Gothic boots. Style by the lovely Moth. Visit her blog here: http://mot... - read more

Full 40s winter outfit by Idda van Munster. Looks cozy and glam at the same time!

40s winter fashion portrait by Idda van Munster.

Stephanie from FAIIINT wearing an outfit inspired by American Horror Story: Coven. I also have a new... - read more

Fashion blogger Stephanie Brown of FAIIINT wearing a not-quite-maxi dress, boots, and floppy hat. Ph... - read more

50s style halter dress paired with a witchy floppy hat. Photo by the gorgeous Moth.

All black with a pop of plaid. Style by Sonja Erzabet.