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Instagram: hannatantoco
Blog: Every18thofJune.blogspot.com
Email: hannatantoco@gmail.com
Out and about around the East in my @matterprints Sideswept Dhoti in geometric Trikora pattern. Inspired by the Indian dhoti, it's made of 100% cotton which is super comfortable to wear in the hot and humid Singapore ❤️ #hypeandseeksg #clozette #hannaadverts
Back to street art in Bangkok #clozette
Bath houses so colourful ❤️ It entices me to use it ❤️ #clozette
Take me back to this yellow heaven! 🌼🌼🌼 #clozette
Life is a balancing act, and I'm rather clumsy 😅#clozette
Sunday, before it became ridiculously gloomy ❤️ #clozette
Mad love for these trio tassel earrings that I got it in two colours! 😍😍😍 Cart out with the code hanna15 to get 15% off discount sitewide! ❤️ #clozette #hannaadverts
Stepping into the weekend (finally!) If you don't have any F1 plans, join me @fleawhere Flea Party at Lucky Plaza tomorrow starting at 1pm ❤️Receive $10 off (for Saturday booths only) when you enter the PROMO code - "VROOM10" this September!(Limited redemptions) #clozette
Travel far enough, you meet yourself x #clozette
Old x new. You decide.#clozette
A more accurate depiction of that moment 😂 Down with the flu and I miss my mom 😢#clozette
Light(house) at the end of the tunnel(road) 🌥 #clozette
Head space #clozette
I'm not a fan of the cold, but if that means experiencing secluded beaches like this one - sign me up 😊 #clozette
Bones, sinking like stones, All that we fought for, Homes, places we've grown, All of us are done for. And we live in a beautiful world 🌼 #clozette #lovebonito #lbootd
Bridge please 😬 #clozette
Wild child 🌾🌾🌾#clozette
Peace out 😋 #clozette
Long weekends are for brief respites ❤️ A meaningful Hari Raya Haji to all my friends who celebrate ❤️ #clozette
Quaint spaces like this one. ❤️ #clozette