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Instagram: hannatantoco Blog: Every18thofJune.blogspot.com Email: [email protected]

Mind, body and heart took a reset. Filled my entire week with things I only love and enjoy — s... - read more

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Glad I was able to soak up some sun because the rest of the week turn led out to be gloomy 😑

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I’ve got the Friday feeling ❤️

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This @casetify mirror customised phone case is both functional and pretty! 😍😍㈴... - read more

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Perfect weekend weather for frolicking and exploring ❤️ #lockdownsilverlining

Such a busy first week of August 😔 Finally had a quiet morning, so I picked up an unfinished... - read more

Went for a much needed career conversation over a much needed cup of coffee ☕️

I’ve always been a fan of Korean skincare brand Huxley and I’m so happy that their best... - read more

Weekend hangout! ✌🏾🐕

GBTB! Long weekend (almost) over ✌🏾Happy Sunday! ❤️

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My propensity to snack has increased two-fold now that I’m spending my every day at home. I wo... - read more

My skin especially my hands are now extra-dry because of excessive use of hand sanitisers 😟... - read more

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Back when weekends were spent exploring alleyways 😜 #newnormal

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