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Not-so-secret beauty junkie!

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Not-so-secret beauty junkie!

Wish we were still enjoying the cool weather instead of battling the flu bug this Christmas. Here&rs... - read more

Not looking forward to going back to reality, but feeling incredibly blessed at the same time. ... - read more

🖤 #ClozetteTeaParty2019 #Clozette

The last time I stepped into a nail salon was 2+ years ago, but these festive nail wraps from @beemm... - read more

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I strongly believe in the saying "Do what you love, love what you do". It's not hard when I'm workin... - read more

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful." - Sophia Loren - Dear... - read more

Twinning with the office wife. #clozette

When the work lunch venue has a chio #ootd spot. 😎 #clozette // 📷: @miin_er

I call this the 没脸见人 shot when the boss insists on taking your #ootd in... - read more

🎉 WE WON GOLD!!! 🎉 Thanks to all our awesome partners, ambassadors and friends of #C... - read more

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I tend to neglect my body whenever I'm swamped with work, which is like, most of the time?! 😳... - read more

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Feeling recharged from enjoying my favourite activities over the weekend! I went for Zumba, cooked d... - read more

▪️ #SLATEbyTACT // #clozette #ootd 📷: @loveforskincare

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I may not have a zai Instagram husband but the bestie would do just fine for this trip! 😂 Of... - read more

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Matching the #manicure to my new fav watch. #clozette

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