I have on the Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in the shade Keep Crying For You (what... - read more

I look quite gangsta when I talk

Thanks Lystra for coming down to KL! Had a good time catching up with the Malaysian Ambassadors too!... - read more

My driving license expired, so my sister drove me around yesterday. What to do in the car when you'r... - read more

Lol pardon my jakun-ness! Was impressed by how pretty Empire Damansara was

First #SELFIE with my fresh new glasses!

Can't. Open. Eyes.

Awkward ootd lalala

Tied up my hair in 2 buns when it was 50% dry, left it that way for a day and VOILA! Wavy hair <3

Last night's girly affair <3

One with the lovely Clozette ambassadors and bloggers from Malaysia!

With them ladies at KLFW last night

With Uekie @ KL FASHION WEEK for Farah Khan's show

Amy's bridal shower last weekend <3