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First flight: MANILA 🛫 TAIPEI. Take my picture, please! Right here. I'll stand there and smile at people. Also, this EVA Air sticker is so goofy. #lystravels #clozette
Hey, sister. Stop growing. You're making me look shorter. #clozette #zaloraph
Last night, outside the acoustic stage of #fetedelamusique, my face achieve full confusion: "why am I standing by myself here?" #clozette
Missing my summer shade cause my tan is fading. On the plus side, my foundations are close to matching my skin again. So I can't use my tanned skin as an excuse to buy makeup. Fun fact: I'm on a makeup buying ban this year. I've been good because I've actually managed to not buy any makeup since the start of the year. Amazing! #clozette #lystravels #wearetravelgirls
Today's agenda: play. Too Faced Sketch Markers from @sephoraph & IG photo board prints from @storytellprints. Will post more about these soon. #clozette
Today's agenda: play. Too Faced Sketch Markers from @sephoraph & IG photo board prints from @storytellprints. Will post more about these soon. #clozette
"so I'll stand there and you take a picture of me, okay?" / "okay" / "I want to look like I'm the only person here." / "okay." #lystravels #clozette
One of the things I'm good at: the side-eye. Or looking like I'm half-asleep and ready for nap time. #clozette #lystravels #amazingthailand
annefermano: love this basic dress
Taking a breather from my day with a note and a gift from my favourite boss ever, @glammama.sg.A ring from Pandora to wish me luck in love, and fun lippies from Moonshot (a K-beauty brand I've been meaning to try to a while now). So sweet!Her note also serves as a wonderful reminder of my time at @clozetteco. Seriously the best job ever -- working with some of the most hardworking, creative, and inspiring people. I'm always so proud whenever I drop by the site and see all the amazing things they've done with #MyNewClozette. Congrats to my #Clozette family! Once a Clozeteer. Always a Clozeteer.Fun fact: She sent this all the way from Singapore back in December and we had feared it got lost in the mail. Finally received it in March, just before I left for Thailand. So it was just chilling at the post office for 3 months!
GlamMama: oh that ring :)
Back in Manila and spent the night with @zaloraph for their #ZALORAstyleawards. Thanks for the invite! Watch my Instagram stories to see more snaps from the event. #clozette #zaloraicon
Patong Beach. Phuket, Thailand. Spent the afternoon burning by the beach. Just because. Also: we're heading to Phi Phi island today. And the question we've been asking ourselves is: "is tonight the night we're actually going to party?!" We've had so many failed attempts at partying throughout this trip - mostly cause we're old and tired all the time. #clozette #lystravels #amazingthailand
Bangkok: day two. We stumbled into this eatery along a side street as we waited for a rooftop jazz bar to open near the Victory Monument. The entire menu's in Thai and they barely spoke English. It was an experience trying to explain to them that we wanted to eat whatever everyone else was ordering: a meat dish cooked with chillies and herbs served over rice. The dish is one of the spiciest we've had here so far; and they really didn't hold back on the spice - something most restaurants seem to do with tourists. I like that mid-way through, the lady who ran the place kept checking up on us and was all "are you okay?" Good meal. We like spicy food. #clozette #lystravels #amazingthailand
Hi, kuya guard. #clozette #lystravels #amazingthailand
Burning at Wat Pho. #clozette #lystravels
Bangkok: day one. Burned by the pool before heading out to explore Wat Pho. The reclining Buddha is way more impressive in person; and the pictures I've seen of it definitely doesn't do it justice. Didn't expect to be all "woahhhh" when I saw it. #clozette #lystravels
New travel diary up on my YouTube channel. www.youtube.com/lystraaaa. Went to Singapore in February with @t.w.cole and this more or less sums up the stuff we did while in Singapore for 2 days. Played tourist. Ate loads. Drank even more. Note to self: I need to remember to film more when I travel. #lystravels #clozette #visitSingapore #YourSingapore @visit_singapore
Take me home. #clozette #lystravels
Hobby: sleeping in cafes. #lystravels #clozette
At my home away from home. I always feel more settled and in touch with myself whenever I go back to Singapore on vacation. #lystravels #clozette
Posting my books&beauty reviews on my @lystrareads account again. Or at least trying to.Follow if you like beauty stuff. Or books. 📖 #clozette