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Local graduate. Believes in working hard and Maybeline is very into fashion & beauty. You can find her on her blog and instagram as well. Instagram @maybelinesim | Blog: http://blog.myfatpocket.com/maybelinesim too!
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Local graduate. Believes in working hard and Maybeline is very into fashion & beauty. You can find her on her blog and instagram as well. Instagram @maybelinesim | Blog: http://blog.myfatpocket.com/maybelinesim too!
Agave Crystal and Gem from @ashleighandsage.co πŸ’‹ So versatile that I can match it with almost all my outfits! Quote "MAYBELINE15" for 15% off.
Sleeve details πŸ’•πŸ˜ πŸ‘—: @joopboutique #maybelineootd
How important is a table to you? Maybe you don't even know it's importance. A table is a basic neccesity of each household, where families bond together over meals. Today, A Gift of Love, a project under the #CommunityYOUthCareFestival went to houses in Pasir Ris and Punggol to give 70 needy families who either do not have tables, or have very old or worn ones a brand new custom-made table. These tables also double up as writing desks for children. On top of the tables, the volunteers presented other useful household items. Are you touched by their actions? I am. This will go on from now to 2nd April. In fact... I hope it will go on forever as it lends a helping hand to someone in need.. #PAYM #PAYMyouths #CYF2017 #CaringCommunity #EmpowerYOUth #HelpTheCommunities
Saturday is meant for spending quality time with you πŸ’• It's staycation at @lemeridiensgsentosa this weekend! 😍 #maybelinexhotels #lemeridiensgsentosa
Watched Power Rangers in @cathaycineplexes Platinum Movie Suites last night and I can't wait to go back again..... those cushiony chair & sofaaaaaaaa. I can always do it again! #cathaylifestyle #cathaycineplex
New favourite denim skirt OMG 😍 Quote "Maybeline" for 10% off at @anticlockwisesg! #maybelineootd
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Don't worry. I've got your back πŸ‘ŠπŸ» Top: @carrislabelle #maybelineootd
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Because girls are made of gold - worthy & classy. πŸ‘œ Here's a peak of my #ModeGold916 Sassy IT bag and that speaks me. What is your identity? Thank you @goldheartjewelry for the gold necklace and pendant. I will be showing you I match it to my daily ootd so stay tuned! πŸ’• #goldheart #goldheartjewelry #gold
A little pink to kick the blues away! Full outfit from @iorasg #maybelineootd
Throwback to a very comfortable outfit for a very busy weekday. Quote "Maybeline" for a 10% off at @anticlockwisesg! πŸ’• #maybelineootd
Ever wondered how will you spend your life moments from now till the end? This morning, students from NUS Medical Society shared about palliative care to the seniors in the Ayer Rajah area as part of the YOUthCare @ Ayer Rajah event that took place today. It is very important to start Advanced Care Planning so that your family knows your wishes. This project is organized as part of the #CommunityYOUthCareFestival. Join these youth in creating a more caring community and society! Find out more at your nearest CC or visit www.paymyyouths.sg for more information. #PAYM #PAYMyouths #CYF2017#CaringCommunity #EmpowerYOUth #HelpTheCommunities
Yayyyy! Wore my new eye candy from @policelifestyle out to flaunt! If you are keen in getting one, this pair is called HALO from Police 2017 Sunglass Collection! Love the double bridge and DUO LENS rims which gives off a futuristic feel. I picked silver at the top and black at the bottom over the other colors to match it with my everyday outfit. Know what makes it even special? The material used for the lens and the front piece are the same. Thank you @eyetrendysg for making me feel like a super model! #eyetrendysg #policelifestyle
This afternoon. So many eye candies at #PANDORASG Spring Summer 2017 collection! Check out my IG stories for more πŸ’• πŸ“·: @happyfan10 #DoPANDORA #DoPANDORASG #pandora
I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me πŸ’ͺ🏻 πŸ‘—: @joopboutique #maybelineootd
But a cute limited edition Luckycon Plush Toy at $3.90 on top of any purchase at @7elevensg! #plushies #7eleven #7elevensg
Can you believe that I have 4 full set of outfits in this bag? The usual me would have whined like mad due to the weight but luckily @lesportsac's bag felt close to nothing so it made everything felt light!! I can even stuff more clothes in without worrying about breakage because it is one of the most durable bags around! Love the prints for this season too!!! #lesportsac #ion #ionorchard #bluebellsg
I am a huge animal lover so I will not hesitate to do my part to help animals - especially dogs. I am also more than willing to help for a good cause and I have been volunteering at dog shelters. I love bathing the dogs and smelling them after that. Some people may say that it is a waste of time, but hey, I'd rather make the dogs feel loved and happy than to be strolling in town doing nothing. Dogs are vulnerable animals who can't protect or express themselves when they are in pain. A lot of dogs are abandoned or ill-treated and the numbers of dogs at the shelters are increasing every year. The shelters rely greatly on donations so please do not hesitate to do your part for them too. If you do not have the money, you can spare the dogs your love and time too :) You can also put a smile to the volunteers' face too! . As part of the #DaretoCare movement, I challenge @immelda_aug, @jiawei87 and @pq_lim to step out of their comfort zone and show us how you care for the people around you. It could be any simple act of care and once you are done, tag 3 friends to pass on the challenge to make Singapore a more caring place to live in! #SGcares #DaretoCare.
Wore matchy matchy colours to @etudehousesingapore Wonder Fun Park πŸ’•What a good way to end my #TGIF!! πŸ‘—: @hollyhoque #etudehousesg #etudexcanonsg #hhootd
I miss weekends. I miss spending the entire day with you ❀️ #jamesnmaybel
#OOTD from yesterday. I spent more than 13 hours outside with my new pumps from @repettoparis. My first thought was "I have so many errands to run, what if it bites?". Obviously my worries were uncalled for. The shoes are so comfy thanks to the in-house stitch and return technique that I can even chase after a bus with them on! No blisters, no redness on my first wear! #repetto #repettoparis #bluebellsg
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