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Local graduate. Believes in working hard and Maybeline is very into fashion & beauty. You can find her on her blog and instagram as well. Instagram @maybelinesim | Blog:... - read more

Decked in Uniqlo. Today is the official opening of their flagship store!

In Julian Hakes. It is certainly more comfortable than how it looks!

🍙Sushi for breakfast🍙 Isn't this press kit too cute to be used?! Tried their Aqua X... - read more

I have a thing for pastel colours recently. #wiwt #ootd

Congrats Mac on the opening of 313 Somersef! Can't wait for the colour on my lips to be out!

Athleisure - that's rhe IN thing right now!

Ootd for anniversary dinner


Rest & Relax and The Quincy Hotel. Review up on blog!

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Guess who worked with #小凯老师 for 3 straight days?!

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