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I’m Rusty and am a beauty/lifestyle blogger. I'm also a Business enthusiast and loves being inspired by life-changing stories. :)
About missrustydotnet
I’m Rusty and am a beauty/lifestyle blogger. I'm also a Business enthusiast and loves being inspired by life-changing stories. :)
A backpack that looks good yet practical? CHECK! ✔️ @gastonluga Praper Backpack has the perfect mix, with unique features such as a hidden passport back pocket! 🎒 Get Free Shipping + 20% Tax Rebate + additional 15% off on the blog! 😄 #clozette #GastonLuga #GLwashere
annefermano: love the design
My go to combination for applying my foundation recently. 👍🏻 @revlonsg Colorstay foundation has been my staple; this is my 2nd bottle in a row! It's lightweight and stays on my skin the whole day. Pairing with Heme Q silicone sponge makes application a breeze. 😍 #clozette
My post on Beauty Recipe Korean 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery is now up! I now wake up with beautiful groomed brows every morning and I love them so much. So thank you @singaporenails! ❤Get yours now at a promotional price of S$488 (U.P. S$1288) so call or Whatsapp 9859 3982 for an appointment now. #clozette
M I R A C L E G E L 💅 // @watsonssg is having a 50% off 2nd item sale and I had to get something! So I chose @sallyhansensg Miracle Gel nail polish that promises up to 14 days of wear! Not only that, no base coat is needed. My first impression is already up on Dayre! #clozette
S N I P S N I P 💇 // Just went back to Charles from Headlines Hairdressing to trim my hair. Loving this length because it's just much easier to manage. #clozette
L U M I N E J A P A N // Remember the other time I mentioned about the skincare line from Japan that has loads of awesome ingredients? Well, I've tried it and the review is now on the blog. 😊 #clozette #luminejapan #lumine3dskincare
3 D S K I N P E R F E C T I O N // I can't wait to use Lumine's 3D skincare that uses great ingredients like royal jelly, organic pearl coix and coenzyme Q10! Will be trying this regime out for a month before I write about my thoughts on the blog. Anyone heard or tried Lumine before? 😊 #clozette #luminejapan #lumine3dskincare
// Sometimes, a little contouring makes a whole lot of difference. 😊 #clozette
6 D M A G I C // Almost reaching 2 weeks since I tried my 1st #6deyebrowembroidery at #beautyrecipe and am loving how it looks like after peeling! Gone were the days when I had to try drawing my brows and am super glad to wake up to gorgeous brows now every morning. Will be writing a post dedicated for this after I'm done with my touch up. In the meantime, Beauty Recipe is offering a promotional price of S$488 (U.P. S$1288) so call or Whatsapp 9859 3982 for an appointment now! 👍 www.beautyrecipe.com.sg #clozette
D A R K // Just 2 more days to Halloween so here's my last look. I LOVE THIS! Moving away from the gore, cuts and bruises, I decided to try my hands on some full faced looks instead. Step by step and more pictures are already up on the blog! #clozette
B R O W  G A M E  O N 👀 // Brows have always been a huge problem for me and I think it's one of the hardest things to master. So I'm extremely happy to have tried my very first eyebrow embroidery! 😁 Thanks to @singaporenails, Jessie, owner of Beauty Recipe, my days of worrying about my brows are over. I went to their store at Marine Parade and had their new 6D brow embroidery done that has extremely thin strokes which makes the whole look more realistic after. Just take a look at my before/after. I'm obsessed! It's amazing how brows make such a huge difference and the whole process only took me around 1 and a half hour. Scabbing will happen and takes around a week to reveal more natural looking brows. If you're interested, they are offering a promotional price of S$488 (U.P. S$1288) so call or Whatsapp 9859 3982 for an appointment now! 😊 #clozette
M I S S I N G A N E Y E // Yes, it's another Halloween look! This time, I tried the Missing Eye tutorial that can be found online quite easily. 😂 I honestly can't stop trying out these sfx looks. They are just so oddly satisfying! More pictures and step by steps on how I did it on live on the blog! ❤ #clozette
G R A C E F U L & E L E G A N C E // Got 1 of these babies on my hands now! Thanks @esteelauder! 😁 If you haven't heard, Estee Lauder has introduced their latest Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact (S$68) that claims to be non settling and has a color true formulation. The foundation comes in 11 wearable shades for all skin tones and skin types. 👗 And that gorgeous illustration on the cover? It's a collaboration between EL and @grace_ciao, a popular Singapore fashion illustrator whose works have graced (hehe, punny!) international stages! ⏰ 50 limited edition will be available for pre-order from 15 Oct to 28 Oct 2016 so head on to Estee Lauder Facebook page to get some now! ❤ #clozette
E X P O S E D 👻 // It's the month of #Halloween once again and I'm back to try out more #sfx makeup. I'm not a fan of horror and gore but such wounds, bruises and cuts done by makeup intrigues me! 😂 I recreated this exposed hand with bone look that I chanced upon from @biancajaymakeup. Hers is much more realistic but I had so much fun! I didn't have her stage makeup (like scar wax or liquid latex) but I used alternatives like gelatin and body paints from Daiso! 😁 Post now LIVE on the blog!!! #clozette
D O T T E D // Decked in polka dots to check out @honeyzcube new space! Super gorgeous area with so many cute deco! More pictures on my Dayre! #clozette
P E E K A B O O // #ootd to 2 different interesting events today! 1st was The Face Shop that happened on a moving bus. SO COOL! 🚌 Go to my Dayre for more pictures. And followed by an educational session with @clozetteco and @thebloggerbabes. 📷 thanks to @samanthajoyloh. Tap once for details on my outfit! ❤ #clozette
S T R E E T C H I C // Kinda am obsessed with Depend Gellack right now. It takes a bit of time but I rather spend time curing these gel nails rather than waiting for normal ones to dry. 💅 Still working on the review and will be up on the blog soon! Meanwhile, here's a sneak shot of a color I just bought! #clozette
G I V E A W A Y // My review on Philosophy's new Microdelivery Overnight Anti-Aging Peel is now on the blog. Also, I have a giveaway going on where not 1, but 5 winners will each be winning a set of Purity Made Simple cleanser and Renewed Hope in the Jar moisturiser (worth S$96)! 🎉 There's only 2 days left so head over to take part! #clozette
K I S S K I S S // Guerlain's latest Rose range includes these gorgeous blushes and tinted lip balms. Bearing 6 matchy-matchy shades and names, you can pair them up accordingly or be a rebel and mix things up! I personally love both of them and have been wearing them daily. 😁 Before/ after watches on the lips (even an updated lip swatch after 2 hours!) and more pictures up on the blog! #clozette
B E P R O T E C T I V E // @officialannasui has jumped onto the bandwagon and produced 2 kinds of BB Creams; Protective and Illuminating. There are 2 shades for each of them and has Anna Sui's signature Rose scent. Check out the blog to see what I think of it! 😊 #clozette