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A Lifestyle Blogger blogging about food, my travels, random news and fashion - updated daily for your reading pleasure : www.mitsueki.wordpress.com // Follow me on IG & Twitter @mitsueki!
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A Lifestyle Blogger blogging about food, my travels, random news and fashion - updated daily for your reading pleasure : www.mitsueki.wordpress.com // Follow me on IG & Twitter @mitsueki!
Let's just learn to be happy with simple things 😊 P.s looking serene but was sweating like mad in this photo 🤣 Bored at work? Read the blog: http://mitsueki.sg #clozette
Once a KC girl, forever a KC girl. But I came here for the milo truck #clozette #kcgirls #katongconvent #kchomecoming #onceakcgirlalwaysakcgirl
The strongest friendship bonds were formed here during our secondary school times - just missing a few of us from the usual group but this bond will never be lost ❤ #foreverakcgirl #clozette #friendship #kchomecoming2017 #katongconvent
Morning brunch at The Pup Up Cafe (1 day pop up cafe) at the Bosch Experience Centre! So happy to have pancakes and other yummy food - worth it to wake up this morning! It's only a pity I didn't get to stay around to see the SOSD dogs but there's always next time~ Bonus: all proceeds from the cafe goes to the SOSD shelter! 😊😊 #clozette #burpple #pupupcafe #pancakes #mitsuekicafehopping
GOOD MORNING Thursday! Reposting the same pic from my daily IG stories cos I love how I look here. Good lord, super thick skin no? HAHAHAHA! Have a great Thursday everyone! ❤ #clozette #goodmorning #mitsuekismile
GOOD MORNING SUNDAY! First picture fresh off the race with no makeup except a face drenched with a mix of sweat and rain - but even so, I had a big fat smile on my face throughout my run from the start till the very end.傻笑? Nope, genuinely happy from the bottom of my heart and am not afraid to show it on my face! This is my very first medal in my life achieved with my own 2 feet, sweat and countless hours of training. Doing a 5k maybe a small a feat but this is from a girl who struggled to do her 2.4km in her sec school all the way, took up running in Jul 2017 and challenged herself to do a 5km run. So proud to have achieved it! Started off slow with 2k, 3k, 4k and recently just hit 6k. Today I smashed my own personal best at 8k during the run! Next up is my goal of 10k! Am also so proud to have been part of the hundreds of women in Singapore today who woke up early to do this run together; esp the ladies who did the 10k and 21k - I'll be there one day, great job ladies! And woah to the men/bf/hubbies waiting at the side supporting/snapping photos of their women doing their thing - this is love! Anyway, it's not about the timing, the competition or the speed - just do it at your pace, the goal you set and do it for yourself! Consistency and self motivation is the key - the mind can be a powerful tool if you set your mind to doing it. The sky is the limit~ I only do what I like; and when I find my love/passion - I make sure I give it my all and achieve it no matter how many times I fail, or how many tries it takes. I'm a fighter and I don't give up! There's nothing holding me back~ ✌ For now, I am savouring the sweet sweet taste of victory; time is fleeting so enjoy every moment! I MADE IT! ♥ P.s thank you to the people who told me they knew I could do it, you all know who you are! So much love guys! #clozette #selfmotivation #mituekiruns #gewr2017 #greateasternwomensrun #sgrunners #runnerlife #letsdothis #livegreat #livegreatrun2017 #girlpower #womenpower #mitsuekismile #mituekifirstmedal #mitsuekimedals #theskyisthelimit
Good morning ootd from the Great Eastern Women's Run! Judging from my big fat smile, I think you can tell how eggcited I am for the race! Hahahha, actually woke up late (despite morning calls/setting alarms 😜) and was so worried that I would be late cos no drivers would pick me but finally someone did! Road closures everywhere but my very nice Uber driver made sure to find a route to drop me off at the spot! Made a new friend at the run as well - I'm so happy! 🌞🌞 #clozette #greateasternsg #greateasternwomensrun #gewr2017
TGIF everyone! This photo is filtered like crazy so don't trust what you see, HAHAHHA! Anyway, don't forget to read my daily blog ➡ http://mitsueki.sg! ♥ #clozette #mitsuekismile
New dress + wedges + colleagues around to snap photos = ootd time 😂 Happy Thursday everyone! . . Daily blog updated: http://mitsueki.sg! #clozette
Happy girl at tonight's ramen tasting over at @ramennagisingapore for dinner! Stay tuned for the review coming up soon on: http://mitsueki.sg! 🍲♥ #burpple #clozette #ramennagi #ramennagisingapore
Smile everyday even if its a Monday! Life is too short to be sad! Oh and if you are bored at work? Read my daily blog updates ➡ http://mitsueki.sg! 😊 #clozette #floralgaragesg
Bet you didn't know Monster Curry has salad on their menu! Was trying to eat healthy as I literally almost devoured half a box of large popcorn myself during my movie earlier LOL! However, fried pork katsu with salad wasn't the best choice in the end 😂😂 #clozette #burpple #monstercurry #monstercurrysg
Throwback when I had pretty nails from @myntefingers before I had itchy fingers and plucked them off instead of going back for a proper soakoff. Please don't learn from me HAHHAHA! Can't wait to be back again for my Dec gelish! . . Anyway, November slots for Myntefingers (based in Yishun, yeah I go all the way there to do my nails and chat with Mynt HAHHA) are out now, ladies - go book now! Quote my name "MITSUEKI" for $5 off! ❤ . . #clozette #mitsuekinails #myntefingers #gelishnails #homenailsalon
Recently dropped by @beijing101 at NEX for my follow up scalp treatment and to experience the Beijing 101 Meridian Herbal Treatment once again! Read all about my experience and learn how you can redeem a FREE Scalp & Hair Analysis on the blog now ▶ http://mitsueki.sg/2017/11/03/2nd-trip-beijing-101-bonus-free-scalp-hair-analysis/ . . #clozette #beijing101 #beijing101sg #sp
Happy Thursday vibes with my new dress from @fairebelle! It's a 1 piece dress in case you were wondering! New clothes so must take ootd - rare cos I usually recycle or mix and match my old/new clothes! Luckily I have patient colleagues willing to help snap my ootd - am not paisay to ask~ 🙊 . . Daily blog updated btw: http://mitsueki.sg . . #clozette #mitsuekiootd #fairebelle #officeootd
Good morning NOVEMBER! Took so many IG worthy shots all around @parcsovereign last weekend - slowly posting #throwback photos this week to remind me of the happy times @crystalfishball and I enjoyed together during our staycation! Happy Wednesday everyone! ❤ #clozette #mitsuekistaycations #parcsovereign
Happy morning selfie this Tuesday, yay for good lighting and awesome camera filters (wish I could be this fair but my original skintone is more brown, don't be fooled lol)! . . Hehe, anw - there are always things to smile about despite a hectic and busy day: today's cooling weather, my yummy brekkie, wearing a new top and many more! Appreciate all the little moments and just SMILE! ❤ . . Oh and bored at work? Don't forget to read my daily posts at: http://mitsueki.sg! #clozette #mitsuekismile
To my amazing and beautiful best friend - you deserve nothing but the best for your birthday! ❤ . . Had a wonderful and super fun staycation with you this weekend c/o Parc Sovereign Hotel - Tyrwhitt (@parcsovereign)! Check out our staycation experience on my IG stories! . . Hope you love your practical vegetable bouquet c/o @floralgaragesg as well! . . Meanwhile, will be sharing more about my staycation review on the blog soon, stay tuned ▶ http://mitsueki.sg! . . #clozette #bestfriends #mitsuekistaycation #floralgaragesg #parcsovereign
There's nothing holding me back ❤ #clozette
Oh Thor, you are an idiot sometimes but you make my heart flutter~ Sorry ladies, Thor > Loki for me! 😍..Thanks @cathaycineplexes and @thegoodfolks for the tickets to watch Thor: Ragnarok last night! It was so good - a MUST WATCH guys!..#clozette #thorragnarok #cathaycineplex #thegoodfolks