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A 19-year-old lifestyle and fashion blogger blogging her heart out at https://myrrazenkate.com/
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A 19-year-old lifestyle and fashion blogger blogging her heart out at https://myrrazenkate.com/
Smiling like I have zero worries in life. Let's all have an amazing new week, loves! Any tips on how to be productive? (Save my lazy ass from procrastination please 🤣) #bloggerbandfam #YoursTrulyMyrra
Craving for these nutella buns that we had in last year's @blogapaloozaph. Too bad I missed this year's event. Swipe left for a throwback of my photos there last year! (I miss my short hair, too, though! 😂) •• New blog post about my Rome #ootd is now up on the blog! If you still haven't read it, go check out the link in my bio! Thanks, loves! 😘 •• #bloggerbandfam #YoursTrulyMyrra #blogapalooza
Tag someone who makes you happy 🤗 •• All smiles because a new style post will be up in the blog in about two hours! Don't forget to check www.myrrazenkate.com, loves! Happy reading! •• #bloggerbandfam #clozette
Wanting to travel but I've got academic responsibilities for now. I'm still a student, after all. 😂 How was your week, loves? #bloggerbandfam #theexchange
Denims have always been my favorite fashion statement. How about you? ✨ New blog post about my #ootd in Rome will be coming your way on Saturday, 7pm, PH time! 😘 #bloggerbandfam
Hey you! Yes, you. What do you want me to blog about next? Comment down below! 😘💕 #bloggerbandfam #theexchange
Definitely missing the heat and this thirst-quenching drink from @solaicedtea! (P.S. Those specs were also my fave but I lost them in NAIA airport on my way here 😥) #bloggerbandfam #solaicedtea #myrracollabs
I love that you can pair this adorable watch from @zaful with any outfit. Check out the link in my bio to read my honest review about their site. Also, new post will be up in a few minutes! See you on the blog! 😉
Sometimes, a minimal style goes a long way. ✨ I seriously miss wearing shorts and sleeveless tops! The temperature here is gradually decreasing now and I found myself unprepared. Anyway, thank God it's Friday, loves! What are your plans this weekend? 💕 • #bloggerbandfam #clozette
Raise your hand if you're a bookworm! Also, do you have book recommendations that I could read? (Definitely in need of some distraction from all these acads) Anyway, this new John Green book is wayyyy too beautiful -- heartbreaking, touching, and so raw that I did somehow thought I was Aza in some parts of the book. Go grab yourself a copy and let's fangirl for @johngreenwritesbooks together! 😅✨ #bloggerbandfam #turtlesallthewaydown
Tag someone you'd like to travel with ✨ Catching up with all the papers and readings I have to finish although I think I left my heart in Rome. But then again, we all leave traces of ourselves in every place we go to, right? Check out www.myrrazenkate.com for some of my travel posts, loves! #bloggerbandfam #theexchange #fujifilm #fujifilmph
Got some new items added to my travel essentials, which I got from my @zaful haul! Check out my new blog post about the haul and my review of their online shop! Link is in my bio, loves! 💖 #bloggerbandfam
Because I'm miles away from home, it's a must that I should take care of my health with all my best. I'm now glad though because I've got @go_harvey to make the job easier for me. Curious? Go Harvey is a platform for holistic health which focuses on good nutrition and aims to give you the best lifestyle. Click the link in my bio to know more about them! Also, use code HEARTBEAT to get $25 off your first consultation! #hbtgoharvey #hbtsp #goharvey #holistichealth #naturalmedicine
Rome will always have a special place in my heart. 💖 Happy Halloween, everyone! What are your plans to celebrate it tonight? #bloggerbandfam #theexchange
It's such an overwhelming feeling to travel to your dream destinations one by one. Right now, I am in Rome. I remember writing an itinerary for this city when I was 10 years old. Since then, I never stopped believing that I will get here someday. Godwillingly, someday is now and I couldn't be more grateful. #theexchange #makeyourdreamshappen #bloggerbandfam
Have you seen my recent blog post? If not then go ahead and check out www.myrrazenkate.com, loves! It's all about our Day 2 in Verona, Italy! Also, I'm sorry for being MIA here. I just realized that I haven't posted here for so long! Wishing you all a lovely day! #theexchange #bloggerbandfam
These views almost literally took my breath away. Also, I will catch up in the blog soon so stay tuned for my posts about my recent trips around Italy and Munich, Germany! 💖 #TheExchange #bloggerbandfam #fujifilm #fujifilmph #fujifilmlifestyle
I have never felt so free and alive as I was in this moment. There are still so many moments like these that is yet to come but this one's something I'll remember for the rest of my life. Dolomiti, you are majestic. #TheExchange #bloggerbandfam • P.S. Stay tuned for blog posts in www.myrrazenkate.com! 😉 P.P.S. I didn't know what I was doing with my hands 😂
I am currently in Trento but my heart's still in Venice. Everything about this place (well, except maybe the crowd) is absolutely wonderful. Anyway, I have some great news! Www.myrrazenkate.com is back in the game! It's now up again after the long process of migrating from one hosting site to another. Stay tuned for my future blog posts, loves! • Also, despite of this, I've also heard about a saddening news from UPLB. I don't have to further talk about the incident but I would just like all of you to know that I am always here to listen for you, guys. If you need someone to talk to, my inbox/email is always open. Please know that you are NOT alone and that you are LOVED. The world wouldn't be a lovely place to live in without you in it. And for my Filipino friends, support the passage of Mental Health Act now! • #theexchange #bloggerbandfam
When in Venice ✨(PS. I'm announcing the winner of my giveaway in collaboration with @gownforent in my story later. Stay tuned, loves!) #bloggerbandfam #theexchange #StyleGeniePH #StyleGenieAmbassadress