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A 19-year-old lifestyle and fashion blogger blogging her heart out at https://myrrazenkate.com/
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A 19-year-old lifestyle and fashion blogger blogging her heart out at https://myrrazenkate.com/
Traveling the world is almost everyone's dream. But when you do it for a purpose, venturing the world on your own makes the experience so much more meaningful. To escape the harsh reality and in search of answers to her questions, this sheltered, small-town girl sets out on a strange, beautiful journey to find Federico Fellini only to discover far more than she expected. "In Search of Fellini" is now showing in theaters, loves! Watch it now and click the link in my bio. Also, tag someone you want to see this film with! @insearchoffellini @Nancy_Cartwright #InSearchOf #InSearchOfFellini #hbtsponsored #hbtfellini
Up and about to go somewhere with the other international students today! If you missed it, check out my previous posts about the giveaway I have for you, guys! 💕 #bloggerbandfam #gfrgiveaway #myrragiveaways
My blog post about my first week in Trento, Italy is now up on the blog! Check out www.myrrazenkate.com and read about the helluva ride I've had in my first few days here. My goal is to inspire you guys to get out of your own comfort zones and know that there is a world out there waiting to be explored. Enjoy reading, loves! [link is in my bio!] #TheExchange #bloggerbandfam
I've always believed that dreams are meant to be chased - that you don't just sit somewhere and wait for them to magically appear in front of you. No. I believe you have to follow them, act upon them, and do everything until you can finally grasp them on your hands. And I believe you have to do it now. You never know when it's too late, right? • Hi, loves! The past few days have been a blast for me. But today, I'm spending the afternoon chilling in my bed as I draft a blog post for you. Stay tuned for it, okay? • #bloggerbandfam
We all just need to feel like royalties sometimes. So that's why *drumroll*, @gownforent and I am having a GIVEAWAY, guys! You can rent this gown (the one I'm wearing) for free!! Just follow the mechanics below. ✨ GIVEAWAY MECHANICS ✨ 1. Comment and tag two of your friends, then repost this photo with #gfrgiveaway & #myrragiveaways 2. Follow me and @gownforent on Instagram 3. Enter the raffle on IG or Blog 4. Open to PH residents only. 5. Giveaway runs from September 4, 2017 to October 5, 2017 6. The winner will be announced on the October 9, 2017 Goodluck, loves! And may the odds be ever in your favor! 😘💕
Everyday is gelato day 😜🍦
"Oh Romeo, Romeo, where art thou, Romeo?" • Got nothing more to ask from yesterday's wandering around Verona. It's all still so surreal. What's your favorite Romeo and Juliet quote, by the way? Comment them below! #bloggerbandfam
Celebrate life with Sola Iced Tea. My fave flavor is Lemon. How about you? Also, it's now available in 250ml aluminum can at all branches of 7/11 nationwide, Lawsons, All Day, Landmark, Cash & Carry, Hi-Top, Makati Supermarket, San Mig Avenue, Unimart, and Robinsons Supermarket in Metro Manila. #solaicedtea #mkcollabs
Wearing the top I got from @stylegenieofficial's Express-Me Box. I loved that they made my neutrals and basics wish come true. Keep your head held high with your own curated box by purchasing one and using my code "MYRRAXSG" for a 10% discount! 🤗💕 #StyleGenie #StyleMeGenie #bloggerbandfam
Last blogging event (for now) before I head out the country for a few months. Thank you and happy 1st anniversary, @stylegenieofficial! Kudos, too, for such a successful and insightful event where I learned way beyond what I expected - most important of them all is that, in fashion or not, it's important to stay true to yourself and never compare yourself to others. To everyone I met today - the beautiful bloggers and SG team, you are all amazing and it was so nice meeting you! Till the next event! 💕 #StyleAcademy2017 #YourStyleCanDoMagic #StyleGenie #StyleMeGenie
Having braces is quite a struggle in terms of maintaining and cleaning it well. I've also always been conscious about my teeth - I want it white, fresh, and clean everyday. With Burst, a new toothbrush brand I've discovered, I'm ready to throw away my old toothbrush. It has binchotan charcoal bristles that remove more stains than regular bristles, two-minute timer with quadpacer, and incredible battery life. Want one, too? Use code "HRTBT" for a 10% discount on your order! Check the link in my bio for more details 😊 @burstoralcare #brushBURST #hbtsponsored #hbtburst #mkcollabs
Tea, stories, lunch, makeup sesh, hugs, and reminders from my thesis adviser -- just some of things I enjoyed today and memories I will bring with me throughout my 6-month adventure. UPLB, you'll always be home! (Swipe to see some of my favorite persons in the world!) 💖 #bloggerbandfam
Lemonades make me happy and bubbly everyday! @stellinaslemonade is always the perfect squeeze. Stellina's in can is available at all branches of 7/11 nationwide, Lawsons, All Day, San Mig Avenue, Cash & Carry, Makati Supermarket, Unimart, Landmark and Robinsons Supermarket in Metro Manila. 🍋🍋🍋 #bloggerbandfam
Finally got my @stylegenieofficial Express-Me Box curated especially for me! I'm so excited to wear these. Thank you to my Genies who granted my wishes! If you guys want an outfit that's chosen by your favorite celebrity stylists, purchase a box and use my code "MYRRAXSG" for 10% discount! You won't regret it, I swear! 🤗💖 #StyleGeniePH #StyleMeGenie #YourClosetWishesGranted #bloggerbandfam
xStiffi: Yey fellow style genie ambassadress 💕
Hiatus is real, guys. 😂 I've been spending time with the family here in Bicol and because of the wifi struggle and family events, I haven't been able to post for a while. (Sorry for that!) Also, I think I'm gaining weight here. Food is life and I am blessed with relatives who just. cook. so. well. (Ugh, let's hussle back to diet and exercise next week 😂). How about you? Have you spent time with your family as well? • I've also got a new blog post for you! Link is on my bio! 💖 I'm experimenting on what day it is best to post a blog. What do you think? What day/s do you usually read blogs? Comment down below please! 😊 #bloggerbandfam
Found the perfect snacks for my movie marathon moments with my little cousins! Thanks for sending these in, @californiacrunch! 😊 #CaliforniaCrunch #CaliCrunch #PerfectCrunch #bloggerbandfam
Twinning with the original mumshie 😁💖 #clozette #bloggerbandfam
Totally missing Bora's fine sand right now 🙁 But sad thoughts aren't welcome because guess what, loves? I've got two new posts for you! If you haven't checked the blog yet, the posts are a review of @beautynstyleseoul's sheet masks and a double denim ootd! Comment your fave emoji/s if you're heading to the blog now! 🤗
To all aspiring models and bloggers out there who want to experience an outdoor photoshoot, join us in our first modelling workshop on the 10th of September! First come, first serve basis! For more details contact 09175201516 along with your Instagram username. Also, don't forget to follow @blogger.band in IG! #bloggerbandteamph P.S. Won't be able to attend since I won't be in the Philippines by then but my fellow Filipino bloggers will surely make your time worth it! ✨
Honored and happy to announce that I am officially @stylegenieofficial's style ambassadress. Get your real fashion Genie and purchase a surprise-me box from them! All you have to do is sign up and fill up a form about yourself and your personal style and then voila! Just wait while StyleGenie's celebrity stylists curate your own box of clothes especially for you! Also, use my code "MYRRAXSG" to avail of the 10% discount on your purchase! Super cool, right? Now you can enjoy your own Aladdin story in the world of fashion, loves! • 📸: @josammfelices • #StyleGeniePH #StyleMeGenie #YourClosetWishesGranted #StyleAmbassadress