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A 19-year-old lifestyle and fashion blogger blogging her heart out at https://myrrazenkate.com/
Absolutely missing London because it offers a variety of food (especially this bubble tea I've been craving for so long already!). Italy's espresso and cappuccino are irreplaceable but it's making my acidity worse 😬 Any other suggestions on a healthy drink recipe that I could try (without using blenders), loves? Share them below! ● #YoursTrulyMyrra #London #bloggoph #bloggerbandfam
Just casually chilling in the Notting Hill neighborhood πŸ€— Who has seen the Notting Hill film featuring Hugh Grant? It's my Mom favorite movie! πŸ˜… ● Another new post up on the blog, loves! Read more about my weekend in Venice and my first ever experience of running for and being left by a train! Laugh over this experience at www.myrrazenkate.com! πŸ˜‚ ● #YoursTrulyMyrra #TheExchange #bloggoph #bloggerbandfam
Now that my exams are done and I only have one more paper to finish, I'm having all the nostalgic feels! Trento has been home for the past few months and in less than two months, I'm going back to my REAL home. It's been a surreal experience indeed! ● Are you planning to go on exchange or travel while studying? Check out the link in my bio for some of my personal tips on how to enjoy it! 😘 ● #YoursTrulyMyrra #TheExchange #bloggoph #bloggerbandfam
Studying while traveling seems like a great idea. But the truth is, it isn't as easy as it sounds. That's why, in my new blog post, I've listed and talked about some tips on surviving as a student traveler. Trust me, I've learned most of them the hard way. Check it out, loves! Link is in my bio! πŸ˜‰ ● What are some of the things you've learned the hard way while traveling? Share them in the comments below! ● #YoursTrulyMyrra #TheExchange #bloggerbandfam #bloggoph
View from the second floor of Eiffel Tower ✨ Stay tuned for a new blog post tomorrow at 7 PM, GMT +8 in www.myrrazenkate.com! I've listed some tips for all the student travelers out there! Yay, turn on your notifications now! 😘 #YoursTrulyMyrra #TheExchange #bloggerbandfam #bloggoph
Two exams this week and one more paper to finish until my semester ends. Repeat this with me: "I CAN DO THIS! I can and I will!" ● Two new blog posts were up on www.myrrazenkate.com, loves! Leave some love, maybe? ● #YoursTrulyMyrra #theexchange #bloggerbandfam #bloggoph
I guess the perfect time to wander around Europe is during spring or summer season, where trees and the environment are so much more alive. On the other hand, winter is still great because there are less tourists and you get some places all to yourself! What's your favorite season, loves (sans the fact that there are no four seasons in PH)? #YoursTrulyMyrra #bloggoph
"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I know I'm not the only one" - John Lennon●This wall in Prague may seem like a normal graffiti wall but it isn't. Through its history of communism, people of Czech Republic considered John Lennon as their pacifist hero. Amidst all the attempts to whitewash it, it still is here now with images of the singer, peace quotes, lyrics, and tourist graffiti. You see, more than personally seeing the places we go to, I think it's more beautiful for us to learn what made it the way it is.●#YoursTrulyMyrra #theexchange #bloggerbandfam #bloggocommunity
I realized that I haven't spoken/posted that much about my London trip. I guess, it's because 70% of my time there, I was just riding their buses and metro and/or sleeping in @cllarakim's comfy bed (thanks for temporarily adopting me, Clara! πŸ˜‚). But the thing is, I loved every single thing about this city - the diversity, hustle, and accents of the people, the beautiful chaos of the central and suburban streets, the structures of churches, bridges, and attractions. Well, uhm, except for one thing: London is one helluva expensive city. I didn't regret a single thing though and I wish I could have that original full English breakfast again soon! 😁 #YoursTrulyMyrra #TheExchange #bloggerbandfam #bloggocommunity
Wanderlust coming through! Check out www.myrrazenkate.com for a new blog post with a list of all the countries I visited last year. I hope you get inspired by it, loves! Comment ✈ and your favorite travel experience when you're done reading! :) #YoursTrulyMyrra #theexchange #bloggerbandfam #bloggocommunity
Stuck in the library today but still daydreaming about the places I've been to. Comment ✈ and the place you dream of going to below! #YoursTrulyMyrra #bloggerbandfam #bloggocommunity
How did you spend your second day of 2018, loves? I just had some chill time blasting @dualipa's songs here in Prague but tomorrow, I'll be back to Trento, Italy. Luckily, I can finally catch up on all the acads and work I have. 2018 is for productivity. Instagram people, hold me to this! 😁 ● #YoursTrulyMyrra #bloggerbandfam #bloggocommunity
2017 was the year of going beyond my horizons. I started it full of hope and determination, yearning that it was going to be the year I finally get ahold of my dreams. Months after, I travelled to 10 countries, met lots of new friends, learned and adapted with various cultures, studied with internationally-recognized professors, and worked with a bunch of brands. I still think everything has been surreal. But now that 2018 is here, I'm going to keep on moving forward. There's no more looking back to all the mistakes and regrets of the past. The moments are only waiting for us to seize them. ● Happy New Year, loves! I hope that this year is going to be the year you feel you're most alive, the year you realize how worth it you are, and the year you don't let anything stop you from reaching your dreams. Somehow, we only need someone to believe in us - so yes, I do believe in you! Carpe diem! ● What's your new year's resolution this 2018? Share them below! I might pick the best answer and I'll give you something from Italy! πŸ€— #bloggerbandfam #bloggocommunity #MakeYourDreamsHappen #YoursTrulyMyrra
"This 2017, I will be bare. I will pour out my heart and my soul to everything I do... No more holding back. Enough of standing just on the edge of the cliff. This 2017, I will let myself fall from it. And I will soar. I will fly and reach the heights I never thought I could." ● When 2017 started, I wrote this post (swipe right for a screenshot) and made it a promise to myself that this year, I will finally start acting upon my dreams. I knew that I am a dreamer and that nothing will happen to my dreams if I didn't start moving from the point I was in before. For 2018, I won't stop moving. I hope you do, too, loves. I hope you will finally get the courage to move forward and hold on to your dreams. Please know that I'm here believing in you - whether we know each other or not - and I thank you for supporting me here and in my blog! ● Will be posting a year-end blog post as well so stay tuned! Comment your favorite emoji if you're gonna read it! πŸ’• ● #bloggerbandfam #bloggocommunity #theexchange #YoursTrulyMyrra
Can't help but imagine myself living in these houses in the Nottinghill neighborhood. Everything's just so nice and quiet. Raise your hand if you've seen the Nottinghill film, too! πŸ’• #bloggerbandfam #bloggocommunity
Guess who's more obsessed with his IG feed than me now? I think I'm slowly being outdone as a blogger. Lol. Posting this just to support @timothycastillon in his hashtag #TimGoesToEurope. Y'all know I'm such a supportive friend, right? πŸ˜‚
It's almost Christmas in the Philippines so I want to greet everyone a very Merry Christmas! I'm not spending it with my family this year but I hope that you do, loves. Let's all be thankful for the blessings that we have and those that are yet to come - one of those being the Savior is born. Gloria in excelsis Deo! All the love, Myrra. #yourstrulymyrra #bloggerbandfam #bloggocommunity
A lot has already happened over the past week of traveling. Sometimes, I have to stop for a second, get ahold of myself, and remind myself that all these are real - that I will not wake up one day just to realize that it's all just a dream. But if this is indeed a dream, I ask you one favor: do not ever pinch me. #theexchange #yourstrulymyrra #bloggerbandfam #bloggocommunity
And what does it mean now that my semester has ended? More time to travel! Will upload more photos in the next few days so turn on your notifications. Happy weekend, loves! #theexchange #YoursTrulyMyrra #bloggocommunity #bloggerbandfam
Appreciation post for the most special woman in my life πŸ’– This was our last twinning ootd shot before I left for Italy. I miss my Mom so much and I'm just so blessed to have her in my life. Every day I wake up knowing she's in a different part of the world as I am makes me wish she was here traveling with me! Love you, Mommy! β€’ Tag the most special people in your life in the comments below! Let's share the love! πŸ’• #bloggerbandfam #bloggocommunity #yourstrulymyrra