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Beauty + Travel + Style Blogger at www.hkristine.com | Youtuber @ Hazel Quing | instagram: @hazelquing
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Beauty + Travel + Style Blogger at www.hkristine.com | Youtuber @ Hazel Quing | instagram: @hazelquing
My main girl 💕 Hi, mom! 😘 #hkristinetravels #clozette
As I've mentioned, I'm going to sell some of my preloved clothes at @shophkristine including this wraparound dress at a cheap price! 😁 Stay tuned? 😘 #hkristinetravels #clozette
Lace situation 🍃 #hkristinetravels #clozette
Hi from Beijing! 💗 Have you watched my latest video? If not, the link is in my bio! 😘 #hkristinetravels #clozette
Live for the moments you can't put into words 💕 #hkristinetravels #clozette
H for Hangganda ni Hazel 😂 jk! (mema-caption hahaha) #hkristinetravels #clozette
Standing at the tip of a big ship made me realize one thing: life is short to be stuck in one place. Explore 🌊 #hkristinetravels #clozette
How I miss that perfect blue sky... 😞😁 Oh well, hello rainy season! 😅 #hkristinetravels #clozette
I'm baaaack! ❤️ New videos and blog posts this week!!! 😁 #hkristinetravels #clozette #lovestarcruises
You are so beautiful, SSV. ✨ #lovestarcruises #hkristinetravels #clozette
Back in my favorite shopping haven for the second time this year 💞 | No mirror + Hands only makeup challenge now on my outune channel ✨ #hkristinetravels #clozette
Hey guys! Have you watched my latest video? I'm giving away this @stylegenieofficial surprise me box to one of our lucky follower! Head on now to my channel to know how. Link on my bio! ✨💗 btw, use my code #HKRISTINEXSG to get 10% off at any surprise me box! 😘 #clozette
About last saturday: Attended the SM Style Series ft. @lofficielmanila ❤️ First time to witness a #liveshoot, and learned a lot from the amazing @shairaluna & @pamquinones 💗 | Longer lashes thanks to @browhausmanila and photo by: @carlvxclusive #clozette #smstyleseriesxlofficiel
Good morning ✨ Please do tag me if you see me on a Star Cruises feature on TV! I haven't seen it yet but some of my friends did already 💕😓️ #hkristinetravels #clozette
Hello guys! Sorry, I can't upload the video tonight. I accidentally deleted it on my sd card 😭😭😭 hay. #hkristinetravels #clozette
Thank you @chloemnl_ for my top. Check out their shop 💕 #hkristinetravels #clozette
We were planning to stay and relax inside the ship on our day two but @starcruisesasia reserved a VIP shore excursion for us. ❤️✨ It's their last sail at 50% off, last hoorah for the summer? Book now. 💗 #hkristinetravels #clozette
Good morning from Taiwan 😁 it's Saturday! What are your plans? :) #hkristinetravels #clozette
When traveling: pause, sit, and appreciate. 💗 #hkristinetravels #clozette
Happy 800 subs, and have a good night loves! ❤️😘 #hkristinetravels #clozette