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for picture purposes only... aware that others are annoyed when someone wears sunnies indoors ԅ... - read more

leaning towards light scents lately but musky scents with pretty packaging are always welcome Ϫ... - read more

not wearing my sunnies for a change

weight gained in Tokyo is worth it

ready to send my ooo reply

starting to hide from Monday as early as now

you caught me staring but i caught you staring back #lbxitscamilleco

exploring the other side of the city

are you ready for Monday? coz i'm not and will always be on vacation vibes

i've got designer bags under my eyes

defenitely my fave corner in our room...move over priyanka 🤭

timeless piece that will be ruined in no time

i love sexy shoes but i keep wearing the same old dirty white sneakers

check your invisible watch and not others #throwback

always a yes for pearl earrings

can’t stop. won’t stop! #clozette

new member of the gang

the tita is out to get some samgyeopsal

love yourself and proceed to checkout!

new chopping board from ikea makes first appearance with my faves