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@misstessg - ig username
can’t stop. won’t stop! #clozette
new member of the gang
the tita is out to get some samgyeopsal
love yourself and proceed to checkout!
new chopping board from ikea makes first appearance with my faves
exploring touristy sites with this one
new earrings from @2oakstudios
i need a haircut and a new handbag #clozette
preparing for warmer days #clozette
Monday, promise me you’ll be kind #teamnosleep
always ready to have a picnic
crisp white for summer
incredible four ✨
major throwback coz I don’t have new photo to upload #shinchaneyebrows
new scent to abuse
andreaferma: ❤️
tita vibes
andreaferma: ❤️
prettiest bouquet and my chubby face